I reckon it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of bloggers out there would love to increase their blog’s earning capacity.  Some choose to do paid posts while others will promote their affiliates . Almost all bloggers use Google Adsense but I bet there are also a whole heap of bloggers who would love to sell some advertising space on their blogs.

I know this to be true because I’ve seen so many blogs doing it. The only problem is that I believe most of them are going about it all wrong. I’m pretty sure that most visitors that happen on their blog don’t even know that their are ad space available.

I thought that seeing how I now have a PR4 blog, now would be a great time to promote my own ad spaces, and this is how I plan to do it.

  1. Advertise Page: I think this is essential part of your sales plan as it will tell prospective clients why they should spend their hard earned cash to purchase an ad space on your blog. This page can be likened to a squeeze or sales page. Apart from blatantly promoting the positive aspects of your blog, it would also be a great idea to inform them of the cost of doing business with you.
  2. Contact Page: This is also essential in case someone wants to ask you a specific question.
  3. Customer Service: As you can not physically be there you will need something that will automate the whole process of selling the ad space to your customer. This can be considered customer service. Without this, it can be likened to a shop full of customers with not a single salesman to make the sale. If a customer can’t find what he wants they will simply leave and you will lose the sale. I’ve found the ideal product to fulfill this important function. It’s called OIOpublisher.

Although OIOpublisher is not free it is worth every cent as it gives you complete control and you get to keep all the revenue raised. You can even use it to display your own affiliate ads with the knowledge that it will displace those ads whenever someone pays to place an ad on your blog. Whilst it can be placed on any site that uses PHP and for those of us who are smart enough to use WordPress, you get a handy plugin that is loaded with features.

Rather that rehash all it’s features it’s probably best to visit OIOpublisher website.  As to the cost, it is a low $47, but once it is up and running it shouldn’t take you long to recoup the money. Actually they are running a little promotion during the month of November. If you buy one this month and quote the following coupon code: FAWKES-WASSUP, you will receive $10 off the price, bringing it down to an affordable $37.

While I haven’t made a fortune with OIOpublisher I can safely say that until this post and my Advertising Here page, I haven’t really tried. Even so, I’ve made enough to cover it’s cost. so everything from here on is profit.


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