Three Things The Probloggers Have That We Don’t

Have you ever wondered why you’re lagging behind the pro bloggers of this world? What is it that they have that you haven’t?  I’ve been thinking about this a whole lot and I’ve decided it all boils down to three main factors.


Yep, credibility is a big part of it, and I’m not just talking about the ones that boast about their income or have a photo of a huge check posted on their blog. These guys are successful because people believe in what they say. This didn’t happen overnight either, it took a lot of time and hard work.

Over time as their popularity increased so did their credibility because other people were spreading the word via their blogs and as the word got out more people believed. It’s no wonder then that so many people were willing to buy the products that these ‘gurus’ were selling.


One of the things that you need to make money, whether it’s a store in the real world or a site in the online world, is traffic. The more people you get in the door the more chances of making a sale. The question is how do they get all this traffic? I would hazard a guess that a lot of it is from those same bloggers that are promoting them via all their posts.

Every time someone writes about them a new link is created and every time a link is created Google pricks up his pointy ears, takes notice and sends more traffic to them because he thinks that people wouldn’t point to them if there wasn’t something of interest there.


They say content is king and they would be right because without good content their popularity would be short lived. These guys must know what they are talking about because if they didn’t they would have been found out long before now.

One must wonder though if they’re making as much now as they used to. You would have to admit that there’s a lot more competition out there now than when they first started. Shit, every Tom Dick and Harry has a blog about making money and more are starting up every day. Most of them don’t have the credibility and so they post crap or rehash what they’ve read with false statistics trying to prove to others that they know what they’re talking about, when in fact they don’t.

So where does that leave the rest of us? All I can say is that I believe it’s going to be harder for us than it was for the original pro bloggers because we have so much more competition than they had to go up against in the beginning. We can still succeed though, we just have to do things better than them.

I reckon a lot of these guys are getting complacent and they aren’t spending the time on their blogs that they used to. They don’t give their commentators the respect they deserve by replying to their comments. They’re getting more and more guest bloggers to provide material that they used to provide themselves. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with guest bloggers, but they shouldn’t be providing more content than the host blogger.

We have to write factual posts that do not lead people astray. We don’t want to be promoting something that we would not use ourselves. We need to provide interesting material on a constant basis if we want people to keep returning. This last point is a must. I know that as a fact because of late the amount of posts I’ve been writing has decreased which has lead to a downturn in traffic and consequently a decrease in my earnings.

So, keep your spirits up, keep your content flowing and keep your readers and commentators happy by interacting with them. Above all make sure that you’re enjoying what you’re doing because if your not enjoying it, then what’s the bloody point.

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  1. Apart from credibility, traffic and content, probloggers also have the gift of writing articles that are properly constructed and make sense in a very short amount of time.

    1. Very true. But as their blogs grow to the status they are now, and as their number of blogs grow to un-manageable numbers, maybe they also have the business sense(and money) to know it’s time for them to outsource or to accept choice guest bloggers.

      In this case (where a pro-blogger no longer has that much time), I think allowing guest bloggers is a more honest way of presenting content compared to outsourcing and presenting the content as your own work.

      1. James, you would think that Probloggers would have more time rather than less as most of them have left their full time jobs because their blogs now provided enough income for them. Unlike the rest of us who have to work as well as maintain our blogs.
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  2. The most frustrating aspect for most beginners, is the fact that none of them can be rushed…all three and more take time; considerable time usually.

    1. Totally agree! Which is why encouraging yet realistic posts like this are invaluable to a newbie.

      1. Exactly right Jaqueline, and knowing that the road is somewhat longer for us should prepare us for the journey. Perhaps if we were to consider it to be an easy path discovering it to be the opposite would only discourage us from continuing.
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  3. Yes it does take a lot of hard work to build up to the pro blogger status. It was likely much easier if you started years ago when blogging was in its early stages. Of course, you can focus your blog on a very specific niche to get an edge over the more general topic blogs. Also keep in mind that you can still make a lot of money with your blog regardless if you can become one of the elite bloggers.

    There’s a couple other things you could’ve mentioned: money and connections. The pro bloggers are making enough money to be able to afford things like paid traffic and custom designs. When you start out, you likely cannot afford such things. Also pro bloggers are usually well connected with other pro bloggers. These connections are often scratching each other’s backs in one way or another.

    1. Jeremy, there are probably a myriad of other things that I could have mentioned, but if I did that there would be less for you guys to add to the post. :wink_ee:

      Yes they are connected and they usually promote one another. Perhaps we could also do that, and in fact many of us do and although the ripples from that are only small ones at the moment, they could grow with time and greater collaboration.
      Sire recently posted…Of Australia Zoo- Steve Irwin & A Magical ExperienceMy Profile

      1. Yes that is true, we definitely can network with other bloggers to get an extra advantage. If we establish a connection with the current probloggers, that is sure to help your own efforts. They might teach you some good tips or they might give you a plug on their own site.

  4. There are a lot more things that accompanies what we call “pro bloggers”. One of them is the endorsement and acquaintances from other pro bloggers. One can be problogger if he writes interesting topics intended for a wide range of market like teenagers, adults, mothers, fathers and many more. In this way, he covers bigger market that is like to visit his blog.

    1. Anne, it’s not the articles that make a Problogger, although that is a major factor,it’s also the credentials he/she has obtained over time because of all the hard work they have put into it in the beginning.
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  5. I’ve seen lots of posts about famous bloggers putting their blog aside (what I mean, they don’t care for it as they once were, they now treat it like a product rather then their baby), and many other posts that tell people to treat their blog as a business and don’t get personal, and although many say that this two things come hand in hand I see it as contradictory.

    If they started making lots of money from it, then they made it. They can now really look at their blog as a business and start managing it, hiring writers, etc and detaching from it. If they would still be working 12h a day writing/answering comments/building links etc. what would that make it different from a full time job (the reason they started the blog in the first place), nothing, actually it will make it worse.

    Ok, I might have derailed a bit there, lets get back to the subject.
    Credibility seems the most precious asset for a blogger. If we read your post carefully the other two things result directly from having a high credibility.
    Soo, building a high credibility and networking can push you to the (near) top but from their you have to add something that will differentiate you from other, that will make you stand out.
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    1. Credibility is important because without that they wouldn’t make as many sales by promoting whatever they are promoting, as they are doing now.

      Perhaps the fact that they now see their blogs as a business and not as a means of communicating with their commentators, and perhaps future customers, gives us a slight edge that we can use to our advantage.
      Sire recently posted…Men And Women Are Just Born That WayMy Profile

      1. Maybe it is because everyone is doing it now. I would like to see the growth of people and businesses getting a blog. A few years ago it was easy to get regular traffic as less people doing it. You have to have amazing content or be a celebrity now.

        Affiliate marketing is getting old as well. Yeah some people can make money from it but I will stop reading a blog if every other blog post is about a certain product.

        1. True, but I reckon it’s still a good idea for businesses to get a blog. Even if they don’t need it for the traffic it’s the easiest way to keep their customers updated with up an coming products. It’s also a good way to get customer feedback.
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  6. Hi Sire
    Always enjoy when you post. I agree with what you have shared about the probloggers. A lot of the big hitters started out a long time ago with less competition. Now they all promote each others products and have the tons of traffic to be successful.
    I’m glad I’m not in those niche that have so much competition! Like you; I believe I should comment on my visitors blogs when they take the time to comment on mine and also respond to my commenters.
    Next week I am starting to have products I will review and recommend so I will be treating my customers as I would want to be treated too. Thanks for sharing.
    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Glad you like it Patricia. You know though, I have a feeling that even the Probloggers are finding it harder to maintain their income levels which is why you see so many of them promoting other ventures and pushing their lists so much.
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  7. Twitter:
    Good stuff Sire, and when you see my post coming tomorrow you’ll know that once again we’re kind of on the same road. I think out of the 3 things you mentioned traffic is the biggie, and it’s amazing trying to figure out how they got all that traffic to begin with. It’s the main thing I strive for with my blogging; one of these days I’m going to have it as well.

    1. They didn’t always have all that traffic Mitch. Heck, most of them didn’t even have many commentators, but now that they do most of them don’t even take the time to acknowledge them. Something we can use to our advantage. :thumbup_tb:

      Will have to pop over to see that post of yours.
      Sire recently posted…5 Killer Tips for Your Discount Marketing StrategyMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        I know they didn’t always have traffic but they do now, and that’s where we all would like to get. Of course, our traffic is higher than it was when we started as well.

        By the way, are you using an older version of CommentLuv? I suddenly notice it doesn’t let you choose which post you want to show, if it shows one at all since it didn’t with my last comment.

        1. Nope, as far as I know it’s the latest one, seeing as how I always update my plugins when available.

          I got to choose a post, maybe it just wasn’t working when you commented?
          Sire recently posted…Men And Women Are Just Born That WayMy Profile

          1. It hasn’t worked for me the last couple of days, including today; sniff! :cry_wp:

            Well then, let’s see if it works for me from a different blog. Doesn’t seem to be.

  8. Pro bloggers succeed because they follow certain rules to the letter. and some of those rules you have successfully explained in your post.

  9. I think that the most important thing that these probloggers have that we don’t is credibility. People who are just learning to blog have to build credibility with there followers and other bloggers. Once you build trust with other bloggers your credit goes up.

  10. Yup, you are right..those three things are the main reasons why probloggers succeed. All these pro bloggers are creditable, have good relations with other bloggers, take time to comment back even though they are very busy.

  11. It all takes time and patience. To become credible, you need to demonstrate that you are an authority in your field who is here to stay.

    1. Sure thing Barbara, and their huge networks is another advantage that they have. Also their credibility means that one tweet from the would cause a whole heap of traffic.
      Sire recently posted…Men And Women Are Just Born That WayMy Profile

  12. I could not agree more Sire. You have nailed the three pillars that many probloggers have and others don’t. Like you said though, it takes time and a lot of effort and unless you have those three things in mind, if will be almost certain that your blog is going nowhere. Nonetheless, I think that despite all the competition it can still be done. There is always room for people that are actually serious in providing good content and that knows that blogging is no longer a single players game.
    DiTesco recently posted…AdSense Checklist Is Perfect For Beginners And Existing UsersMy Profile

    1. Of course it can be done Ditesco, otherwise what’s the point of even trying. The thing to remember is to enjoy the journey so that you don’t give up along the way.
      Sire recently posted…There IS Life After Google Adsense!My Profile

  13. It becomes more difficult for us beginner bloggers because we are the followers of the probloggers, and we have more competitors. If we find something creative, it will be easier.
    Peter recently posted…SQL LEFT JOINMy Profile

    1. Actually I don’t follow them Peter. I decide long ago that I wouldn’t follow them, you’ll find a link to that post in my most popular posts in the footer, because I feel that I can find all I need from other bloggers who are just beginning to tread the road to fame and fortune, just as I am.
      Sire recently posted…Of Australia Zoo- Steve Irwin & A Magical ExperienceMy Profile

  14. Those ones that boast about their blog income are often them who not do any big money. Just maybe temporary over a couple of months. The guys who really do the money is those who work days and nights with there articles, control article facts, answer comments, often are specialist in a niche, are a good writer, ect. They are or be the Probloggers.

    1. Actually Lennart, I can’t say this of all Probloggers because I haven’t read all their blogs, but of the ones that I did read very few of them bothered to interact with their commentators.

  15. I’ve bookmarked this post to come back to on the days when I wonder why the hell I’m still doing this?
    The days between the exhilarated energy of the newbie and the satisfied competency of the pro-blogger.
    When you’re just a middle sized fish in a shoal of other middle sized fish.

    That’s when I’ll reread this post and remember that it does take work, and time, and more work and more time.

    But mostly I’ll dwell on the final sentence.
    Because it IS fun.
    Which is why I do it.

    Thanks again, Sire.
    This goddess thinks you Rock!

    1. Ah Jacqueline, I always love it when you drop by because you always say the right things. I know you enjoy what you do, just as many of the other commentators whose blogs I frequent, because it shows in your posts.

      Keep slugging away and we will get there and we’ll have a ball along the way.
      Sire recently posted…What You Post Could Cause Google To Disable Your Account!My Profile

  16. Just like anything that has become easier to get into, it will always be harder to be effective with a mass of competition. I think the the high level of garbage out there makes websites that have the passion of an enthusiastic blogger stand out even more, especially ones with a high level of knowledge. One thing I would suggest for new bloggers is going to sound a bit crazy but leave the ads off your site until you get some good traffic. If your website is purely informative it lends to your credibility to a new reader imho.

    1. Actually, that’s not all that crazy Jeff. Besides, what’s the point of ads if you haven’t the traffic?

    2. Twitter:
      You know Jeff, I’ve heard this old saw many times over the years, and I’m just not sure I totally agree with it. I think if someone has a product that they should pop it on right from the start; it lends credibility to the topic they’re going to be writing about, at least one hopes.

  17. This all ties into the central theme with Google rankings which is user experience and the fact that content is and will always be king. If you abide by those simple rules, you and your blog will please all you masters being your audience and Google. And I also have many sites which I leave ads off of until traffic becomes respectable as well.

    1. Actually I don’t believe in Google ranking as I’ve seen some sites with a high ranking that has little to be desired. Those sites didn’t get there on content but on knowing how to manipulate the system.

  18. I find the “problogger” website a bit cold these days. Maybe there is just a point where they cannot be as engaging, or don’t want to be. Or they have enough traffic so they don’t have to try so much anymore…. I’m not sure.

    Actually, in regards to your mention about it being harder now for bloggers than before… I’m not sure this is true. First thing I say is – there is always room for the best – in an industry. And especially online.
    Also, some of these great bloggers have shared their wisdom about how they did it, and their successes and failures. They really paved the way for efficient and effective blogging that didn’t exist in their day.

    Really great discussion – it got me thinking :)

    1. I find the “problogger” website a bit cold these days. Maybe there is just a point where they cannot be as engaging, or don’t want to be. Or they have enough traffic so they don’t have to try so much anymore

      I think it’s a little of all three Fiona. Some of them have even become arrogant in believing that they serve there readers better by providing good content than by engaging them in the comment section. Too bad their content doesn’t always do this idea justice.

      And yet they always get multitude retweets, but I think this is more to do with others retweeting a post to get recognition than anything else, that and because they have a good social network.

      Actually, in regards to your mention about it being harder now for bloggers than before… I’m not sure this is true. First thing I say is – there is always room for the best – in an industry. And especially online.

      OK, let’s say it’s true when considering competition. It’s always harder to be heard when there are more people saying the same thing. It’s also been my experience that a company who produces a particular product first, as long as that product is a good one, always has the advantage over someone making a similar product.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and adding to the discussion. Without you guys blogs would be lifeless.

      1. Yes, you’re right. A lot of bloggers like to tweet out a famous blogger, just to be “associated”. And I made a little mistake in my comment, I meant to say “problogger websiteS” – plural – as there is more than one famous blogger doing this.

        I think, just like when they started, you need to be unique. You need a USP as a blogger – something that makes you stand out. But I truly don’t think it’s harder, I think it’s about the same :)

        1. Reckon I’m going to have to keep an eye on you Fiona, with an attitude like that I’d say you’re definitely going places. :thumbup_tb:

  19. Great tips. And it takes time to build credibility, but I find having offline credibility or achievements help too. Take Tim Ferriss, I think he turned into an expert with credibility in just a year or so after he released his book the 4 Hour Work Week.

    1. Yep, offline and online it all counts.

  20. Twitter:
    Well, I tested it on a different post of yours and everything came up fine; only this post for some reason isn’t working. Man, stuff’s always picking on me!

  21. hey there , im starting a blog of my own but its to do with product reviews on cool products . im starting to be discouraged that traffic is not building up as fast as i would like it . Reading your post just tells me to keep my spirits up ! Im so envious that you got so many comments in just after a few days! Rock on!

    1. That’s the way, don’t give up because you’ll never know when things will turn around.

      Just a hint about when you leave a comment on other people’s blogs, use a name instead of a keyword otherwise they may delete your comment.

  22. Nice blog Sire. Pretty interesting topics you cover and I like how you practice what you preach by responding to comments. Couldn’t agree more with the information you presented in this post. I would say developing great, fresh content is the best thing someone can do to generate traffic and establish credibility. Keep the info coming!

    1. Glad you liked it Karissa and I do try to put into practice what I discuss on this blog. One other thing builds credibility and that is accurate and honest information.

  23. Agreed. Credibility comes from informative, trusted content. It’s important to remember to use your unique voice when developing your content though. If you say the same thing 1000 people have said, in a new or unique way, its yours. Traffic will come in time, just do your best work!

    1. Thanks Carlton, adding your own personal voice to anything you write is very important.

  24. Well Sire I guess I better get cracking. I agree with your statements and with great content you gain credibility and attract traffic. Or as you gain traffic from your content, you gain credibility. Did I just say the same thing? One thing I have that Problogger doesn’t is a great pair of legs in 5 inch heels :)

    1. Now that is something that I would love to see :devil_tb:

  25. I totally agree with you on all points, but I think the biggest things that probloggers have that we don’t is what you mentioned first, credibility. Don’t get me wrong, of course they know how to get massive traffic to their blog and they definitely know enough to write some intriguing content.

    However, anybody can learn how to drive huge traffic to their site and anybody can write great content for their blog. But not anybody can have the credibility or credentials because it isn’t something you can learn or buy. It is something that is earned and acquired for being consistent over a long time period.

    1. Yes but if you work hard and do all the right things then I believe that anybody can attain that credibility.

  26. Yea interesting posts is one thing that will def help you. Those interesting posts also take time to build… Some people just believe add more content..content…content.. and people add junk .. but in reality it just takes a few good article to get some friction I believe….
    Brian P recently posted…Best Cheap Promotional T-Shirts For Your Business – ReviewMy Profile

  27. Before I get into what “they” have and I don’t.

    Define “they” for me, what makes a blogger a PROblogger? Are you one, am I?

    1. Looks like there’s traffic here on your site – how much traffic qualifies me to be a PROblogger?
    2. You’re credible with me; if I prove my integrity, will that change my rank to PRO?
    3. Your content is always banging when I read it and not to brag but the things I’ve written and enjoyed, some readers have confirmed.

    Is PRO the same as experienced?


    1. I’m not about to drop any names because I’ve been accused of doing that as a form of link baiting or some such nonsense.

      I suppose you can consider a Pro Blogger as being someone who does it professionally, thereby making it their major source of income. That pretty well leaves me out. :smoke_tb:

      1. Well I have my own definition of a ProBlogger and you’re one of them

        Thanks for your response even though you answered it via the post! :-) That’s why you’re the real pro.

  28. I thought that by covering a bunch of topics, casting a wider net so to speak, that I would attract more people to my blog. The problem with that strategy is that when you do attract new visitors, you throw them off if your content isn’t consistent. They’ll wind up leaving and you’ll have to recruit new readers for every single post.

    1. Yes, your content has to be consistent. One good post may get you some traffic but they won’t come back if they notice the rest of your posts lack substance.

  29. Probloggers have a major head start really. That is truly the only thing they have that many newer blogs don’t. I can’t count the number of problogs that have less quality content than some blogs that are so wet behind the ears that they aren’t even indexed in Google yet. Basically, probloggers with the high traffic blogs have been doing it for YEARS, and that traffic is a part of residual momentum.

    1. A head start? Perhaps, but they had to work very hard to get to where they are, and because of there are so much more blogs in existence today, we have to work that much harder.

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