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There Are Consequences To Being An Ass

Whether you treat your blog as a business or as a way to express your thoughts the most important aspect of your blog is your reader. The way to keep your readers returning is to make sure that your blog is continually updated with new material, whether it be thought provoking or merely for entertainments sake.

A blog’s success can be determined by the comments that people leave and replying to them in such a fashion that shows you are interested in what they say is another important aspect of blogging. It is important that you treat all commentators with the same respect that you would treat a visitor to your home. This can sometimes be a little difficult especially when you have those obnoxious commentators,  but treating them civilly will only improve the way others think of you.

Actually this is no different than the way you should act when you are in the real world and there can be serious consequences when you forget this, especially if you are in the position of some power. I want to share a story with you that I feel should punctuate the importance of treating others the way you would like to be treated. It all began when;

A Missouri Sheriff stopped at a ranch in rural MO to talk with an old farmer. Rather abruptly he tells the farmer, ‘I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown drugs.’

The old farmer says, ‘Okay, as long as you don’t go into that field over there.’

The Sheriif verbally explodes saying,  ‘Mister, I have the authority of the Sheriffs Department with me.’ Reaching into his rear pant pocket and removing his badge. The officer proudly displays it to the farmer.  ‘See this badge? This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I wish..on any land. No questions asked or answers given. Have I made myself clear? Do you understand?’

The old farmer nods politely and goes about his chores.

Later, the old farmer hears loud screams and spies the Sheriff running for his life and close behind is the farmer’s bull.With every step the bull is gaining ground on the officer. The Sheriff is clearly terrified.

The old farmer immediately throws down his tools, runs to the fence and yells at the top of his lungs….. ‘Your badge! Show him your badge Smartass!’

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  1. Lol hilarious story! It’s true though one kind word would get you further in a situation then being abrasive.

    On a side not sire I have been trying to send cash to your paypal, but it doesn’t seem to be going though, it just bounces back after a week or so. If you could email me your Paypal add again would be sweet.

    – The Nexus – Feed Your Brain

    Donace | TheNexus´s Last blog post..Feedburner steals your Comment luv

    1. I’m glad you liked the joke Donace, and the email is on the way.

  2. Hmmmm…sage advice, even if I make an ass of myself sometimes.

    1. :rolleyes_tb: Greg I’m sure that is all in the past. :cheese1_ee:

  3. LOL, OMG that is funny. He did tell the cop not to go over there. People never listen.

    KushMoney´s Last blog post..My First Time Building TV Site

    1. Yep, some people never learn, and it usually bites em in the butt.

      1. That is so true.

        On a side note: I wonder how it would feel to get hit by a bull.

        KushMoney´s Last blog post..My First Time Building TV Site

        1. Well, I reckon that it would be quite awhile before you would be able to sit down, that’s for sure.

          1. Yeah, I wouldn’t try to sit down for at least a week.

            KushMoney´s Last blog post..My First Time Building TV Site

    1. Hi Barbara, I do believe this is the first time to Wassup? Welcome, I’m glad you liked the post. I thought the joke on it’s own wasn’t enough so I just had to add a bit more content to the post. I’m glad you liked it, and that you took the time to comment.

  4. Being polite, even in the face of rudeness, gives you the karmic satisfaction that you were good, and that the other ass will get theirs in the end. Like the sheriff and the bull. :)

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..Blogging, Goals, and 101 Things

    1. Yep, something that I learned from my parents and it has always held me in good stead. Oh, I’m glad you liked the joke, it’s all part of the entertainment factor.

  5. A keen example of passive-aggressive done to a “T”. ;)

    Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Understanding The New Rules Of SEO

    1. Yeah, you got to admit some of these country folk are pretty smart.

  6. Lessons learned. Having a badge is not the answer to all of your needs, lolz.


    Ron´s Last blog post..Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

    1. Nope, but being polite and civil is a great start.

      1. Yeah, I agree with you. Its very basic and a common thing for this kind of situation, but persons like the said “officer” missed it. Cheers!

  7. LOL!! Funny joke :)

    One thing I must say I have found is the older I get the more mellow I become. I like that about myself too, that I know when to pick a fight and when it’s right just to be the bigger person and be nice in the face of an absolute turd!!!

    Great post :)

    Prizetastic´s Last blog post..Australian Mail In Competition Secrets

    1. The fact that your an Aussie wouldn’t have anything to do with that now would it Prizetastic?

  8. Great story. When someone is self important or arrogant like that its kind of satisfying to see them come a cropper and certainly helps to bring them down a peg or 2 on the ego scale.

    1. Hey Khaled, I must admit the joke got me laughing out loud and I just had to incorporate it into a post somehow. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

  9. Sire, very brief yet entertaining reading, and so true.
    We all face this kind of people from time to time.

    I myself just got one like that who tried to download my ebook. Falling victim of a temporary server overload problem, this person immediately made a public comment on my blog, accusing me of trying to simply collect emails!

    I first thought of deleting the comment and reply to the person, but after second though, I decided to leave the comment there for everyone to see, and replied publicly too, in a very polite manner.

    No matter how much good you do to others, you’ll always come across somebody like that, don’t let them ruin the day or your hard work.

    For those people, the worst thing you can do is being polite and respectful to them.

    Nicolas Prudhon´s Last blog post..Implementing Tactical SEO

  10. Hi Nicolas, welcome to Wassupblog and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. You will probably find that a lot of my posts are fairly brief, I reckon it has something to do with my personality or something.

    In my blogging career I have also come across certain abusive commentators and I have always found it best to treat them civilly, much to their disgust. As bloggers we do have the luxury to sit back and formulate our thoughts, something that we can not do in real life which may on occasion result in foot in mouth syndrome.

    BTW, I visited your blog and I have found it very informative. I plan to spend some more time there when I get the chance.

  11. I use moderation for the first comment. That usually weeds out the “I have nothing better to do but troll” commenters. Who has time for the drama? No problem with criticism of a post or point-of-view, but that can be done civilly. If not, delete.

    Gennaro´s Last blog post..United To Charge Large Fliers Double

    1. Gee we think alike Gennaro, as I have the same setting on my blog, must be something to do with our heritage.

  12. Great story Sire! My brothers wife is from Missouri, and I wouldn’t be shocked is this story contains nuggets of truth. The cops are hardcore there. I almost got a speeding ticket for going 6 miles per hour over the limit!

    The Almost Millionaire´s Last blog post..Blog Income Report

    1. Gee, they must be pretty slack in your neck of the wood mate because, depending on the cop, we can get booked for doing under 5k’s over the speed limit.

  13. I really really enjoyed the story sire… This reminds me of another joke:

    a blond is in a bus and wants to get down. she starts shouting at the driver “driver! stop here! make a stop here! DRIVER STOP!” so the driver get’s pissed off and he replies “use the stop button ma’am”. she hits the button and then she replies “can you hear me better now?”

    don’t know but it kinda reminded me this story… anyway nice read :)

    1. Not bad Stratos, I can just see her talking into the button as she presses it.

  14. Thanks for that great post, and the story at the end. That made my day!

    Prue´s Last blog post..Pinecone Research Canada is Growing – Invites available!

    1. No worries Prue, it was my pleasure.

  15. I view it like a business and your commentators are like customers. You need to treat them correctly as you would in the real business world, EVEN if they are an ass. Love the story, people don’t take the time to think. Shoot first ask questions later.

    Michael´s Last blog post..What Should I Blog About? – Choosing A Blog Niche

    1. I’ve always viewed commentators as guests to my home, but the customer business relationship is another good analogy except that you have to concede that the ‘customer is always right’ :wink_ee:

      1. The home is good but think of this, would you be ok with someone disrespecting you in your own home?

        Michael´s Last blog post..What Should I Blog About? – Choosing A Blog Niche

        1. Whether you get disrespected in your home or business it all adds up to the same thing. I’ve been in the retail business for many years and I have thrown out customers for being disrespectful and didn’t think twice about it.

          Whether business or private there are levels of tolerance. Because someone is being disrespectful doesn’t mean you should reply in kind, but it also does not mean that you have to sit back and take it. People of that ilk are bad for business and it is better to lose them than have them come back and continually disrupt your daily life.

  16. I sometimes find it difficult to not express what is on my mind and especially if people are making idiotic comments. What has worked for me is to not reply at all and come back in a few hours (or days) when I’m in another mood.


    Mikael´s Last blog post..How to Make Money from Adsense

    1. Great idea and having the ability to step back and compose your thoughts is on of the advantages of being a blogger. Too bad in real life we tend to speak first and regret it later.

      1. That is why I never go out (just kidding) :)

        Mikael´s Last blog post..How to Make Money from Adsense

  17. Hi..
    LOL, OMG that is funny…thanks

  18. I think it’s very important to treat others the way that you would like to be treated. I think, with blogging especially, it’s necessary to repect other peoples’ work and act accordingly.

    1. That is so true Lena, it’s good to see that there are a lot of people out there who have the right attitude. Now if the rest of them can lift their game it would be such a better place to live an work in.

  19. Twitter:
    Nicely done, Sire, mixing the joke in with the point. Course, now I have to pick on you, since I think it’s my turn, and tell you that you misspelled “civilly”. But that’s okay; maybe it’s how it’s spelled in Australia! :rasberry_ee:

    By the way, you talk about positions of power. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have one, but I have noticed that, if someone is seeing me in person, they’re less apt to be rude to my face than they might be online. I’m just saying,… :guns_tb:

    Mitch´s Last blog post..A Look At Page Views

    1. Mitch, people who are rude to people whether online or offline are just asses and a good gore by a bull would do them the wealth of good.

      Good to see that you are still finding those little errors I leave for you. :tongue1_tb:

  20. Saw this on a comment you made on another site and I couldn’t help but check it out. Very funny.

    1. Just goes to show you three things, Commentluv rocks, it pays to comment and catchy titles work. :D

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