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The Women Behind Sire, Art, Sport, Drowning And Other Things

I am very fortunate to have two Heathers in my life, I’ll call them Heather I and Heather II. Naturally Heather I was the first, a most delectable woman who has a wonderful blog called Happymaking, her last post Fiction Or Bust, all about her aspirations of writing her first novel. This post is partly due to her as she once commented on one of my posts;

Sire, it was wonderful to read more about you. I love finding out what makes people tick, why they do the things they do. Especially people I know.

Then there is Heather II. I must be totally honest here in admitting that at first I thought that Heather II was Heather I, I just thought that she had changed her avatar. :doh_tb: Being the dumb ox that I am it took me quite awhile before I realized that I wasn’t talking to Heather I at all and that another totally new, and much younger Heather II had come into my life. Nothing like a change of pace, wouldn’t you say? :devil_tb:

But I digress. You see, whilst leaving a comment oh Heather II’s blog The 3D Student I mentioned how I failed art and had a self portrait that I once painted, and she said how she would like to see it. She also graciously included me in a meme called Sunshine Awards and as I don’t partake in them I’m hoping that this link will suffice.

So you see, this post aims to please both Heather I and heather II, Heather I because she will learn a little more about me and Heather II because she will finally get to see some of my artwork.

One thing you must all know is that I am not the same person that I was when I was much younger. I was always trying to find the path of least resistance. During PE when we were supposed to run a mile around the school, Malcolm, my best friend, and I found a short cut so that we could walk most of the way.

Actually thinking of Malcolm I remember a time when our PE teacher, Bazza, got Malcolm to swim out to the center of the pool and I was supposed to swim out and saved him.I tried to tell Bazza that I couldn’t swim but he made me go out anyway and as it turned out I started drowning and my mate saved me instead. Stupid dumb Bazza, you should have seen the look on his face.

But once again I digress. You see, to save time I used to borrow ideas from other sources, usually novels, for my school artwork. That one of the skull you see above was adapted from a John Wyndham novel, and happens to be my favorite piece.

This next one had pretty well the same background but the subject matter, as you can see was a city in flask. I reckon I must of thought that was what the world was heading for, and it was way before global warming and probably had more to do with Russians and nukes.

This background for this next painting was pinched from another novel, yeah I know I was a bad boy, but you have to remember that at that particular time I had shit for brains. Anyway, it was supposed to depict the fight of good over evil.

One of the artists that I admired was Wassily Kadinski, a Russian painter, and this next one was a painting that I tried painting in his style. Nope, this time it was part of the Art course as we had to do something in the style of a famous artist.

Next we have a painting of the Stonehenge, don’t know how this one came about but it did.

That was pretty well it for school. Some years later I decided to do another painting and seeing as how I liked Wassily Kadinski so much I decided to do another one using his style, only this time I used oil paint as a medium.

That same year, 1984, I decided to do my final painting, a self portrait and  once again in oil. I found working in oil was a whole lot better than acrylic.

And so my dear Heather I, Heather II and readers, I hope you enjoyed learning a little more of what lies behind Sire the blogger.

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  1. They are actually really good! How did you fail with those paintings? I really like the city in the flask painting!
    .-= Tom@Market Samurai Discount´s last blog ..Niche Suggestions Please…For Free Keyword Analysis =-.

    1. It was all to do with failing the theory and not the paintings on their own Tom. I hated theory, still do, but it is a necessary evil.

      1. I can definitely relate to that. Theory is the whole reason I decided that university wasn’t for me. But now a little bit older, I can understand the importance.
        .-= Tom@Market Samurai Discount´s last blog ..Niche Suggestions Please…For Free Keyword Analysis =-.

        1. Yeah, older but wiser huh mate?

          1. I would definitely say wiser. I would be disappointed if I didn’t get wiser as I got older.
            .-= Tom@Market Samurai Discount´s last blog ..Niche Suggestions Please…For Free Keyword Analysis =-.

      2. Theory in painting is the professors’ way of putting limits on art, of trying to tell people which art to appreciate and which to stay away from. It’s like the learned ones long ago who told Galileo to stop talking about a round earth because it is flat.

        I hope it didn’t stifle the creative spark in there Sire. I don’t know art theory but what I know is I like what I’m seeing here. That self portrait shouldn’t be your ‘final’ painting.
        .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Photo Light Box: February =-.

        1. Heck James, I reckon I just channeled my creativity into other avenues, like learning to stay out of trouble :laugh_tb:

  2. Didn’t know you were so talented. Congrats on the award.

    1. Funny enough Rose I don’t think of myself as being talented at all, but thanks for the compliment.

      As to the award, congratulations to you also for making the list.

  3. Congratulations on the prestigious award Sire and Rose.
    Sorry you weren’t quite good enough to get an award Mitch.
    Keep trying you may get one next year..Oh wait, you did get a different one.
    I’m the only one lacking recognition..

    I like the paintings. Why did you stop?
    .-= Glen´s last blog ..Embrace Change =-.

    1. Mitch doesn’t need an award Glen, he has his cleavage post to fall back on. :wink_ee:

      1. Now I have a sudden and unexplainable desire to visit his site..
        .-= Glen´s last blog ..Embrace Change =-.

  4. Wow! Those paintings are pretty good. Do you still paint?
    .-= Selurus´s last blog ..Switch to Wapple Architect =-.

    1. Nope, not any more. Too many other things to do.

  5. I hope both Heather I and Heather II are impressed more than us. You just unfold a wonderful painter in front of us. From now, you are not just a good poet but from now you are a wonderful painter for me. I really love your second painting. You take a whole city into a flask. Hope that flask is full of happiness and joy. :)
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..7 top social website for sport’s fans and addicts =-.

    1. They’ll either be impressed or mad as hell for my unfaithfulness :laugh_tb:

      I kinda liked Flask City as well. The blue pristine air of the bottle is a stark contrast to the burning, polluted, radioactive air that awaits man on the outside.

  6. Twitter:
    Goodness, I’m really glad to know this Sire as opposed to the dark Sire from the old days. I’d have had to really keep my eye on you!
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..It Takes Guts To Have An Opinion =-.

    1. You better Mitch, you never know when the dark side will resurface. Damn, forgot the self portrait. Better go back an pop it in.

  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that you were FAR too modest about your artwork Sire!

    Some really cool stuff there; I’d agree that the skull was probably the best piece (from an emotional point of view) but you’ve a definite style there…

    Why did you stop again?

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this post – was nice learning more about you as well. :)

    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Something This Blog Always Needed =-.

    1. I stopped because they failed me and I thought it wasn’t worth while to continue. Those last two I did several years later but then I went into business and didn’t have the time anymore.

      1. That’s kind of a shame… ever think about going back to it?

        1. No time right now Heather I :smoke_tb: but if my latest online venture works I’ll definitely be giving it another go.

          1. Good luck then! Let me know when/if you start up again :)
            .-= Heather´s last blog ..Something This Blog Always Needed =-.

    1. No mate, I haven’t worked out how to paint on the monitor yet so that it saves it on the hard drive.

  8. I liked those. I have always wished that I could paint.I can see the image in my head but it gets lost in the translation from brain to canvas.
    .-= Jack´s last blog ..A Valentine’s Day Fable =-.

    1. Well I wouldn’t worry about it Jack, I don’t think I could do it anymore than you. Thanks for the comment mate.

      1. I don’t know about that. It appears you have already done a fine job of it. :)
        .-= Jack´s last blog ..A Valentine’s Day Fable =-.

        1. Past tense old mate, past tense.

  9. A man of many hats. I’d say those two Heather’s are empowered by your creativity. An award indeed…

    Thank you for sharing, Sire. Nice to “meet” you:)
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..It’s Inventors’ Day: Let’s Play a Game! =-.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Louise, and it’s nice to meet you also :)

      I know, I know we’ve already met lol

  10. Bazza sounds like a truly irresponsible PE teacher to me! I bet he listens a little more closley these days. Some great work here, in particular your second oil painting from Wassily Kadinski. Do you sell online?

    1. He was also my Maths teacher, and I reckon he honestly thought I was pulling his leg. I was fine with the whole thing.

      Never thought to sell any of my works. Reckon once I go the kids will chuck em out :smile1_tb:

  11. Love the first Kadinski! Not that I don’t love the second, but I LOVE the first one. And the Stonehenge! And of course, the city in a bottle — brill. My Jim can hammer, saw and such but he cannot sketch (Neither can I.)

    Did you know Happymaker Heather when she was The High Desert Hooker?? That was quite the trip. She was just as fun and kooky-cool then as she is now.

    The Sunshine Award! Fitting for you.

    Well, I reckon this comment has drawn to a close.

    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..The Sweetest Bloom =-.

    1. Glad you liked it Jannie, and I reckon your Jim has more than enough talents.

      Didn’t know Heather then, and I’m sure it was quite the trip.

  12. All very cool looking pieces of art Sire. I’m absolutely terrible at art and the best I can muster are cartoon characters (at least my daughter loves them :) ).

    I’m with you on your choice of favourite, I like that one the most.

    .-= Karl Foxley´s last blog ..Google Page Rank Score Too Low? Keep Your Links Thank You =-.

    1. Must be a guy thing I reckon Karl. :wink_ee: My favorite cartoon character that I can draw from memory is Fred Flintstone and I liked to see the smile on the kid’s faces when I drew it for them.

    1. Yes, there was a time when I had in interest in painting, but at the moment that interest lies elsewhere.

  13. Sire,
    We need to hear more about the Bruce Willis movie investments…please come back to TAM when you can and tell us more.
    Thanks brother!!!
    .-= The Almost Millionaire´s last blog ..Top Financial Tips for 2010 =-.

    1. Sure mate, I’ll be over soon.

  14. I feel I’m far away from art. But I see a sence in you picturer! They are really good! Even for me, who like Louvre and D’Orsay mostly

  15. I wish that I got some sort of artistic talent but no, all of it went to my sister. I don’t think I can even draw a proper stick figure. LOL I think your artwork is good and it’s all in the eye of the beholder.
    .-= Tiff @ online passive income´s last blog ..Is it Possible to Create Online Passive Income with No Start-Up Money? =-.

    1. No worries Tiff, as long as someone in the family has it. I’m sure you have other talents that I would be highly jealous of.

  16. Hi Sire
    Mixing up Heather I and Heather II!
    Sounds like an excuse to me LOL

    Came over to say that since you left me a comment, I have installed CommentLuv.
    Allows me to return the favour to other bloggers.

    If you have time and want a link back… come on over.
    .-= Keith Davis@public speaking´s last blog ..Practice, practice, practice… =-.

  17. Very interesting art… do You have any exhibition site?

    1. No, why would I, that’s all I’ve produced, certainly not enough for any exhibition.

  18. Hi Sire,
    It’s been a while since I commented. Had a pretty rough 2 months with my cousin dying, my dad having to do surgery, and other not so fun “stuff” which I won’t go into. Anyways – I enjoyed very much reading this post as I got to tap into your mind a bit – ooooo (LOL).
    No but seriously, I know why I enjoy interacting with you as with some other cool bloggers. It’s because you’re an artist. It takes an artist to understand another one. Many people come online thinking mostly about marketing but I prefer to focus on conveying the feelings because that’s who I am. So I completely “get” your artwork.
    I admit that the first 3 pieces are dark and bring out a very sad and depressing feeling in me.
    I much rather like the last 4 pieces as they give me a lot more feeling of abstract beauty and peace.
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..How to deal with grief and loss =-.

    1. Eren, I am so sorry to here about your loss and that you’ve hit a pretty rough patch. I know that your faith is helping you through this and can only offer my prayers and consolations.

      As to the artwork, I thought it best to finish on a bright note which is why they are presented in the order they are.

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