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The Truth About Blogging For Money

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How many times have you come across a blog that promised to show you how to make money blogging? Quite a few times I bet! How many of them have actually shown you how to make money online? Not all that many, right? The honest truth about blogging for money is a lot of the bloggers out there spouting about how much money they’re making from their blogs are probably exaggerating a little. Some are exaggerating a hell of a lot! They see this as a necessary evil because of their need for building their brand.

I’ve been blogging for 10 years now and while I’m making some money online it’s nowhere near enough for me to tell my boss to shove his job up his arse.

So, read on as I reveal the truth about Blogging For Money.

Honest Truth About Blogging For Money

Truth About Blogging For Money
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The question is, can you handle the truth about blogging for money? I say this because the honest to goodness, non refutable, truth about blogging for money is that it’s not easy. In fact it’s bloody hard. That’s why so many people give up.

You sure as hell can’t just start up a blog, do a whole lot of posts with affiliate links in them and then sit back waiting for the money to roll in.

I written before how blog commenting on other blogs can bring you traffic. The trouble is that type of traffic is next to useless. Why? Because that’s not the sort of traffic that generates an income. The one good thing about leaving great informative comments on blogs is that it helps to build your personal brand. People will get to see you around the place and in time get to trust you. The problem is, these are not the people who will normally buy from you. That is unless those blogs are all related to your niche blog. Then you have more of a chance of generating an income.

Quick Word About A List

They say that the money is in the list. They’re probably right. I used to have a list but just couldn’t bring myself to spam my subscribers. I no longer have a list.

Traffic Is Key To Making Money

The one truth about blogging for money is you need a shit load of traffic. Not just any traffic either. You need targeted traffic. That means the traffic you’re aiming for has to be related to your blogs subject matter. Failing to do that means you’re just writing to the wrong crowd. Whatever traffic you get is a total waste because you haven’t got anything that will interest them. Sort of like a shopfront having huge signs advertising the latest LCD TV’s only to find all they have are ironing boards!

The problem is you need a huge amount traffic to make it worthwhile. I’m getting about 3000 a month on my Online Sports Betting Site. Unfortunately that’s nowhere near enough. I reckon I would need at least 100 times that amount to get things to tick over. I can’t see that happening unless some big shot notices it and then brings it to the attention of his mates. Can’t see that happening anytime soon.

Promoting The Right Affiliate Is Important

Like most bloggers trying to make money online I don’t have a product to sell, That means I’m limited to promoting other peoples products as an affiliate. The problem with that is that sales are few and far between.

That was when I decided to become a lottery affiliate and started to promote them on my lottery sites, Buy Online Lottery Tickets and Get Online Lottery Tickets. The main difference is that every time I signup someone they become my customer for life. Every time they buy a ticket I get my commission from the sale. You’ll find a list of the Lottery Affiliates I represent here.

Once I got those off the ground I decided to start my EZeSportsBetting site to see if I could repeat the process. This post lists some of the sites I represent as an affiliate.

It’s a slow process but I take comfort in the knowledge that every time someone signs up I’m building my customer base.

My Blogging For Money Tip

I only wish that I had started promoting these sites right at the beginning. Had I done so I would be in a much better position today. My blogging for money tip to you is to pick a niche that you are comfortable with, One that you know a lot about. This is important because you will need to do regular updates if you expect the search engines to send you traffic. Also having that knowledge will show people you know what you’re talking about which in turn will build confidence. Confidence that will in turn lead to sales.

Just remember blogging for money will not happen overnight!


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Peter Pelliccia

I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. Twitter:
    Hey Peter,

    I agree with you, most that preach about how much money they’re making aren’t really doing all that well.

    I’ve written about this before because I think a lot of people are just confused about what a blog does and doesn’t do. The blog itself won’t make you money, it’s just the marketing tool you use to get your content in front of your audience. You make the money from your affiliate products if you don’t have your own business like consulting, coaching, membership site, your own product, etc.

    You are right though, the comments you get can give you social proof that can help you in the long run but if you’re not targeting the right audience then they’ll more than likely never buy from you. What they will do for you though is spread the word about what you do if they like what you share enough.

    I’ve been online for eight years now and have only been blogging for six and I make a full-time income working from home. Once again it depends on your business model because it can very well be done within a few years if you work hard enough at it. No one should ever say it’s easy though! ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this..


    1. Twitter:
      Hey Adrienne,

      I’ve done several of these post because I think it’s important future blogging for money bloggers know what they’re up against. If they get into it with their eyes open they’re more likely to stick it out. Because the majority of them will, like myself, not have a product or service/business of their own they’re going to have to rely heavily on promoting stuff as an affiliate. Not an easy task at all.

      So nice to see you again Adrienne.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Is There An Alternative To ClickBank?My Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Hi Peter, picking a niche that you’re comfortable with is such powerful advice. I’m dieting, I’m always dieting, I thought I’d start a diet blog… 3 years later I’ve pulled the plug on a site with 3 blog posts. Why? Because I’m just not that comfortable with dieting!
    Good luck with your promotion, you have some tough niches and although lucrative, it can be hard to connect with an audience there x
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…10 WordPress Plugins for Coaches and LifechangersMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Sarah,

      Welcome to Wassupblog! In my opinion niches are pretty important when it comes to blogging for money. Unfortunately for me no-one really explained why this is so.

      While my niche’s are pretty hard to crack as there is a lot of competition search engine wise the positive is that every visitor who signs up under me is a customer for life. That means every time they purchase something I get my cut. So much better than continually having to sell them different products.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Wait what? You mean it is not just simply putting up a two page wordpress site about mousepads and watching the money roll in, getting an American Express black card and flying off to Fiji and watch your bank account get fatter everyday? And if it works on one site why not two or five or ten? What? That does not work like that?

  4. Twitter:
    Telling it like it is; we have to pound this one all the time don’t we? Heck, I have products but it’s harder than pulling teeth because with that one if you have the nerve to get physical with someone you can get that tooth out of there. When it comes to making money online it really is the traffic and trust that helps to get it done… along with the right niche.

    Good stuff Pete; totally true! :-)
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Are You As Popular As You Think You Are?My Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Thanks Mitch. What makes it really difficult these days is probably the economy and having that person who is actually in the buying frame of mind clicking on that link. I get a whole lot of people clicking on links but very few actually going through the process of joining or buying the product. Take Amazon for example. This month I have received 536 clicks but no sales!

      Come on people, stop window shopping and start buying. :wink_ee:
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Why I Love WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        I’m not as sure it’s the economy as it might be that we haven’t really “sold” it to our visitors enough to tantalize them into buying. Looking doesn’t cost them anything… just makes us wonder why.

        Okay, doing our usual thing, look at the very first line one more time… :-)
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Scheduling Posts On Twitter Via Tweetdeck; My ProcessMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    You need to work hard to get something big.Anything in life.Its not just blogging.
    Most people think that earning online is very easy, and when they try to start out on their own, they give up because it’s very frustrating for them and they don’t have the patience and the passion for it.
    This is by far the most thought-provoking post I have read today. Thank you very much!

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