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The SEO Importance Of Permalinks

When people first start up a WordPress blog they usually go for the default settings as this is by far the easier option. Unfortunately in certain cases it is the worst thing that you can do. This is especially so when configuring your permalink settings. I had completely forgotten about this until I read some of the comments on Understanding The New Rules Of SEO.

The problem arises in the fact that the default setting is which shows the search engines that you have posted post # whatever but not much else. It makes more SEO sense to present to the search engines a lot more information such as the title of the post. While you can change the value midstream this can have disastrous results because all your pages that were previously indexed by the search engines become invalid. Not only that, if you are in the habit of linking to pages within your own blog, a good habit I might add, these also become invalid which would mean you going through all your posts and fixing up the links manually. A very boring and time consuming task, as can be attested by some of the commentators on the above post that I mentioned.

There is an easier solution, a plugin by Dean Lee called Permalinks Migration Plugin.  As the author states;

There is a way to tell the search engines (and browsers) that the page has permanently moved, and that the old address should be replaced by the new one . It’s called a “301 Redirect”, also known as a Permanent Redirect.When you do this, Search engines will update their indexes quickly and you won’t lose your will continue to receive traffic as though nothing had changed. This works for search engines, bookmarks, and links from other sites.

So, if you are having permalink problems or changing your permalink structure I  think you will find this plugin very useful.

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  1. I could have used that plugin when I created my first WP blog. Luckily I have learned how to do it right the first time since. I’m sure the plugin will be beneficial to a lot of people starting out.


    Mikael´s Last blog post..How to Make Money from Adsense

    1. I wish I could say the same thing Mikael, because I did the same mistake on another blog I started after realizing the mistake from the first blog. :doh_tb:

  2. Thanks for the link buddy, even if I didn’t write it. ;)

    Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Scamming Top Commenter Lists With Threaded Comments

  3. Twitter:
    I’m really glad you shared this one with me, Sire. I would like to add, since I messed it up the first time, that when you upload the new plugin, it’s possibly already defaulted to what you’ve been using, and if that’s the case, then leave it alone. If not, then change it, but make the change before you actually make the change to the permalink structure. I ended up having to do it three times to get it right.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..Top Three Do’s And Don’ts

    1. Yeah, I probably did the same thing when I first used it. That’s what happens when you don’t read the docs. :doh_tb:

        1. Yep, that’s out problem, we like doing the hard way :wallbash_tb:

  4. I always change the default settings using the “Custom Settings” option. The permalink setting I use is /%postname%/ However, often times I manually change the url to reflect an additional keyword or two I’m trying to garner traffic for.

    Colleen´s Last blog post..Tri Cities Goal In Zoning | Promote Well-Being and Protect The Environment

  5. I’ve got several blogs with this problem, and have had no idea how to fix it. Where in wordpress admin area do I make the switch?
    Thanks for the help, this is very valuable info brother!

    The Almost Millionaire´s Last blog post..Blog Income Report

    1. I agree I as well don’t use wordpress so it doesn’t bother me since I have an isolated blogging platform

      article drip robot´s Last blog post..Review Of “The One And Only” Atomic Blogging 3.0

  6. Messing around with permalinks can be tricky business. Fortunately, I figured out mine early on, but this is great for people who are just finding out later on in the process. Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..Vacation Proofing Blogs and Social Networks

    1. Yep, and I was one of those people that you are referring to. You know what is crazy though Kristi? I did the very same mistake on another blog :wallbash_tb: At least this time I knew how to fix it.

  7. Yeah, and why didn’t you tell me before I used the ugly non SEO friendly permalinks structure? :laugh_tb:

      1. :grin1_ee: Nice comeback Gennaro, I sure wasn’t expecting that.

  8. Setting up permalinks correctly is essential if bloggers want to increase search engine traffic. It’s also a lot more pleasing aesthetically.

    Gennaro´s Last blog post..National Parks Get $750 Million

  9. thanks for clarifying the importance of seo permalinks i never really knew what they were but i now understand what it is and why its used take care Sire it was fun reading up on this article

    almir´s Last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

    1. Almir, I am glad that you have become a regular commentator by taking part in the discussions. I have visited your blog and I’ve noticed that you are a very articulate and intelligent bloke.

      However, I’ve also noticed on this blog and on other that you do not take the same sort of attention on your comments as you do on your own blog. I think you will find that taking more care with your comments, making them more informative, using the correct punctuation and grammar etc, that they will in turn lead to more people visiting your blog. I hope you don’t mind me pointing this out.

      1. no Sire i don’t mind at all, it was also nice of you to visit my blog. But what I did notice when typing up my comments is that I’m making mistakes typing what I’m trying to say and thus makes my comments seem as if it’s too wordy or not very useful, thanks for the heads up. I should definitely take a second look of what i submit as a comment before I even do so.

        almir´s Last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

        1. Just relax and take your time. There is no rush. Even if you notice that there are errors after you submit the comment there you have a few minutes to go back and edit it.

          1. your comments are always appreciated at my blog and thanks for the feedback their were very helpful and so well written.

            almir´s Last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

  10. This is a very important part of your blog setup process. Not only does it help SEO but it helps visitors and looks better!

    Thankfully I have already been through years of rewrite hell before I started blogging so it’s the first thing I did!!

    Chris´s Last blog post..Adsblacklist and adsense competitive ad filter, does it work?

    1. Yeah, we are lucky enough that we’ve learned from our mistakes, but I reckon that there are many who are starting up a blog, or who have had one for ages, that may find this post of value.

  11. Hi Sire,

    When it comes to permalink I suggest using the custom option with only diplaying the post name after the domain rather than using the category or date and month. If you are one looking to change your permalink and is worried or confused on what to use then relax I recommend you all using “Platinum SEO Pack” which has the inbuilt 301 redirect which automatically redirects for any permalink changes. The good thing is you dont lose your page rank either (At least it didnt in my case). All you need to do is download the Platinum SEO Pack from install it and then go to the permalink setting section in your wordpress and use the custom.. My blog is the best example of this and I did only few days back successfully :clap_tb:


    1. Hey Krish, I actually do have thins plugin and I concur that it is brilliant. I don’t use it as often as I should but when I do it actually presents to permalinks to the search engines and so I can get more exposure for a greater range of keywords.

  12. I think Permalink is a really good idea because it means that no one will lose their page rank. Page rank seems to be so important to everyone nowadays, but I think in blogging, it can also be about having followers and the quality of the blog content.

    1. What does the permalink have to do with losing PR?

      Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Who Wants To Sponsor April’s Comment Contest!

      1. I agree with dennis, permalinks don’t have anything to do with losing your page rank, the main reason why page rank is so important is because many advertisers want to work with people that have a high pr as it means just how important that particular website really is, it also means more advertising dollars in your pocket as many base that on your website’s alexa ranking, pr and backlinks.

  13. This could be helpful for me too. My first 2 wordpress blogs are ‘jacked’ up like this so this could be a fix.

  14. Cool Altesino, I’m glad I was of some help.

  15. hey

    that makes a lot of sense, I cannot even imagine going through all the links and changing them on my blog.
    I would probably outsource it.

    have you checked the plugin? Does it work well, I mean in terms of the correctness of the URLs?


  16. hey sire, I have two questions to you,
    1. You are using ComentLuv, both in the visitor window and your own. How do you do it for your own comment? On my blog, I can use it only for the visitors comment?
    2.Do you design your blog? Is it built on Thesis? If yes, would you know how to find the footer.php file?
    The trouble is, that thesis has it different, and a bit complicated

    thanks a lot

    1. Hi Jack,

      I have my comluv details set up in the general settings of the WP dashboard.

      This blog uses the FlexSqueeze theme. I love this theme as it’s so easy to use. I use Thesis on my BS blog. To edit the footer file go to your WP dashboard, on the left in Appearance click on editor. You will see all the files on your right including footer.php.
      Sire recently posted…To Moderate Or Not To Moderate- That Is The QuestionMy Profile

  17. Thanks for this post – it was really useful because though I know to switch to permalinks for new websites I recently had to SEOptimise a friend’s existing website and your 301 redirect tip was perfect for what was needed (though I didn’t use the plugin and used .htaccess directly). Thanks!

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