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The Real Dos And Don’t Of Affiliate Marketing

If you want to find out all about affiliate marketing there is no better place than the net. The only problem is how to sift through all the garbage in order to find the hidden gem that will lead you to your millions. I can tell you one thing, it’s not an easy task and if you come across any site that tells you it is and promises to show you how to make it big time in affiliate marketing, give it a wide berth because it’s total BS.

That is your first lesson, nothing in life is easy when it comes to making money and that includes affiliate marketing so DON’T get sucked in.

You will get as much out of Affiliate marketing as you put into it so the more effort on your part the better the results.

Do not make the mistake of signing up for every single affiliate you come across as this will only diminish the amount of effort that you can focus on each individually.

Pick ones that you are passionate about as you will find those easier to promote.

Check the landing pages of your affiliate links because if they don’t ‘grab’ your attention how do you expect them to encourage those you send there to actually make a purchase or to sign up to whatever they are offering. After all, you can do all the hard work to get people to your site and click on a link but if the landing page absolutely sucks you have just wasted all that effort. So, before you begin promoting any affiliate check to see exactly where you are sending your prospective customers.

Don’t always join the biggest affiliates thinking they will lead to greater profits. Sometimes the smaller affiliates provide better customer service with a higher level of affiliate paraphernalia.

Don’t bullshit your prospective customers. Be honest with them and you will have a greater chance of converting their visit to a prospective click.

Truth be told, I can by no means be called an affiliate marketer. I am a simple Aussie blogger who’s main aim is to blog for fame and fortune. However, I have in my travels stumbled upon a blog that does seem to have a handle on affiliate marketing and this particular post, JR’s Internet Marketing Strategies, is a good place for those who want to get started in this facet of internet marketing.


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I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. Yeah, I get really tired of all of the “make money quick on the net” scams. This is only because so many people do not understand how the internet works and how internet marketing works, or better yet even basic business practices. If you want to make money online, you need to find a unique need (or niche) for your customers, which translates into your product.
    If your product is a sham then so is your business, and that will not translate into success. However, people that fall for these scams probably aren’t reading this blog because they probably were googling something like “make money online fast”, or “work from home online”, or even “get paid lots of money for taking ridiculous surveys and bragging to your friends about how rich you are for only working 2 hours a week just giving your opinion”. Ok, well maybe not the last one . . . I hope!
    Good post, and guidelines!

  2. Are you kidding, I’m sure I saw that last one somewhere, and I’m sure it sucked in a whole heap of people. :wallbash_tb:

    Of course you are right in the assumption that those who need to see this post probably won’t but at least some of my regular readers will and perhaps they will pass on the important message.

  3. Thank you Sire for the link luv and mention, I appreciate it!

    JR´s Last blog post..Happy Halloween!

  4. Don’t mention it JR. I found your site to be pretty well up there is the way you explain the subject and how to obtain a knowledge in it. For me it was a way of bookmarking it for future reference so that when I have the time I can sit down with my beer and sift through all those posts of yours on the subject.

  5. That’s the way to do it and I hope you will!

    JR´s Last blog post..Happy Halloween!

  6. i do agree with a lot of the previous comments as well as the post. there’s a lot of stuff out there, masquerading as useful information, which is pretty much garbage. and there are posts which give the impression that money will start coming in rather quickly and easily. i guess it appeals to the desire of people to want to make money in just a short amount of time, without so much effort.

    this stuff does appear to take work, and it’s good that you point that out.

    kouji´s Last blog power battery chargers, in general

  7. It’s just something that I’ve found out in my worldly travels, that nothing just falls in your lap, not even your wife, without you putting some effort into it. Damn shame really.

    1. Twitter:
      You certainly do have a way with a phrase, Sire. :razz_wp:

      1. It’s what makes me unique and usually gets me into trouble, but then that’s life.

  8. Twitter:
    Good post, Sire, and you’re absolutely right. There’s really a ton of stuff out here, and most of it is repetitive and doesn’t really say much. I download a lot of the free stuff, and every once in awhile will pay for something. The free stuff, most of the time, rehashes over and over the same, tired concepts that everyone is doing, even people who have no idea what they’re doing. The paid stuff rehashes a bunch also, mainly because they have to assume that a big part of their audience is new buyers, but I’ve found that I will usually get a gem out of it that I can use. How useful that gem is depends on how much I spent on the product, obviously. But buying everything; overkill.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..Soundtrack Of Your Life

    1. I’ve gotten a few freebies but I must admit I haven’t actually paid for any yet. As I’ve often stated before I don’t have all that much spare time, and what I do have I spend blogging and so I have never really researched affiliate marketing as such. I have only stated the obvious in this post and I am sure it is really more involved and perhaps in time I will come to learn a lot more.

      1. Twitter:
        Well then, just continue reading my blog, and hopefully I’ll educate you on things you never knew about before. :clap_tb: :drunk_tb: :devil_tb:

        Mitch´s Last blog post..Soundtrack Of Your Life

        1. That is a given Mitch, but you don’t make it easy as you are such a proliferate poster. :tongue_wink_ee:

          1. Twitter:
            That’s why one needs a good feed reader program, so they can follow all those new posts. :-)

            Mitch´s Last blog post..Future WordPress Posting

          2. That is only part of the solution, as you still have to read them all. ;)

          3. Mitch, as I keep telling everyone it all has to do with the time factor. I just wish I had more of it.

          4. How so Mitch? What have you signed up for this time?

  9. Completely agree, the hardest thing about finding a good product is having to sort through all the worthless stuff out there.

    John´s Last blog post..Clarksburg Real Estate

    1. Your not wrong there mate, and it can be so time consuming, not to mention expensive if your the type to get sucked in to all the myriad of schemes that are out there.

  10. Hi Sire,

    Great post mate. It’s difficult as it is in finding the right affiliate program and once you do, you probably have to work your pants off…like you said…”You will get as much out of Affiliate marketing as you put into it so the more effort on your part the better the results.

    PS. Sorry Sire, forgot that you changed the naming convention so I reposted.

  11. It’s truly hard to weed out the crap vs. the legit players to make money online. But once you find your “spice” it works out great!

    Susan´s Last blog post..It’s a Boy

    1. Ah, the “spice”, is that what I am lacking? And what exactly is this “spice” in relation to your efforts at affiliate marketing?

  12. No worries Peter, we all make mistakes mate, I understand and it’s all fixed now. I reckon you would understand the effort needed to put into affiliate marketing to get something out of it.

  13. Probably the hardest thing to do is push the affiliate products without appearing too desperate. It takes a certain degree of skill to do so and it’s something I’m yet to perfect.

    By the way, Sire which affiliate converts the most for you?


    Yan´s Last blog post..It’s Time for Readers’ Appreciation #2

  14. At the moment Yan it would have to be ClixGalore only because it offers a fair few CPC campaigns. As for the others, no matter what affiliate I’m promoting, I’ve noticed that although I get a whole lot of people clicking on links, not many actually go to the final stage that leads to a payment.

  15. Some good advice there! I always felt that when looking for a product to market it’s always good to make sure that the sales pitch makes you want to buy it – as you said. Obviously if you aren’t taken in by the pitch then who’s to say others will! lol

    Dan´s Last blog post..Why Writing Guest Posts Is Good For Beginners

  16. That is so true Dan, and I have found that because there are so many scams on the net people are very wary of trying something new. In a way it’s a good thing but there is always the potential of missing out on something. I’m always into trying the many “free” affiliates that are available on the premise that all I can lose is the time taken to evaluate it.

  17. Well Carliona, I would say that most blogs do in one way or another promote affiliates that they are associated with. It may be in their sidebars or even as a banner at the end of their post. I utilize both, but I also have a category called “Making Money” that I use to show bloggers methods that I use to increase my blogging revenue.

  18. Why doesn’t someone make a list of the good programs that have worked for them or would that be a stupid thing to do……..maybe everyone in the blogging world would jump on the bandwagon and do it I guess. My blog is more about my favourite football team Manchester United so what ways are there to make money from this ? I get a little bit of cash from Google Adsense but not a lot :-(

    Carliona (Carly) Trocina´s Last blog post..Is Arsene Wenger One Of The Best Managers Ever ?

    1. Twitter:
      Well Carliona, not to hijack Sire’s post, but many bloggers that are in our little group, so to speak, write about a lot of different affiliate programs, and the like. Sire has written about these same programs on many of his blogs, and I also write about some of these programs, as well as my experiences, past or current, with them.

      Mitch´s Last blog post..All In One SEO – Testing

  19. I’ll definately be coming here more regularly. This is good stuff.

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