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The Quest For A Blogger’s Favorite Posts

As bloggers we always try to do our best to write a post that will cause our readers to react in one way or another. For many the intention is to encourage them to click on a link but for the majority we hope that the post was good enough to encourage them to leave a comment. The problem is that what we consider to be our best post does not always solicit the response we were looking for.

I have done a hell of a lot of posts but my favorite by far was Sire’s Ice Breaker Pick Up Line. I suppose the reason for this is because the post enabled me to do something that I have never done before, to actually perform on camera and then upload it to YouTube for all to see, that plus the fact that I had a lot of fun.

As many of you know I am always looking for ways to encourage my readers to leave comments, but I still think that there are many of you who have refrained from doing so. I’m not sure why, perhaps you are shy or something, but I want to use this particular post to entice you to come out of your shell and say Hi.

I’ve told you what my favorite post was, and now, I want you to tell me yours. The thing is I don’t want just a link to your post, I want you to tell me why that post is so special to you. Be creative keeping in mind that the more interesting you make your comment the more likely that someone will follow you to your post.

Now for the rules! There are no rules except the obvious, no linking to affiliates, porn, naked women, phallic symbols or any other posts that people may find offensive.  Take note, as I am expecting a lot of comments on this post, I may not reply to all of them and I may not reciprocate with a comment on your blog, which is the normal practice that I follow.

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  1. The post that I am leaving here as my favorite is not because I like the post. It is because it is the hardest post I have ever hit the submit button on. It took 27 days from the time it happened until I could post it.
    My Dearest Cait

    A letter from our little dog Tomarra to her favorite girl Cait. Since Cait was out of state when the events took place Tomarra wanted to leave a message for her. Yes, I wrote the letter for Tomarra trying to make sure I had her feelings put into words just as she would have said them.

    The blog here is written by the best family members we could ask for, our dogs.

    Sheryl Loch´s Last blog post..My Dearest Cait

    1. Twitter:
      What a wonderful tribute, Sheryl. I hope your daughter appreciated it as much as I did.

      Mitch´s Last blog post..Keys To Leadership

    2. @Sheryl Loch What a great, unique, way to use a blog. Has to be one of the best blog posts I ever read, honestly.

      Michael´s Last blog post..Top “Who You Should Follow On Twitter” Lists

  2. I think that my favorite post would be the one I have written first on my blog

    Paul U´s Last blog post..Don’t monetize your site?

  3. I think my favourite is this one: December – A Survival Guide. It’s my favourite because what I was doing actually came off to one extent or another. I have been experimenting from time with taking a rational subject and starting it as if it was rational and then making get more and more absurd. I tried it with the post entitled “Re: The Recent Outrages” and wasn’t totally happy with it (I haven’t linked because you only wanted one link)

    What’s even better with the December post is that from conception to completion was about 20 minutes.

    ray´s Last blog post..Fixing Your RSS Feed Problems in WordPress

  4. Twitter:
    Interesting post, Sire. Me being me, it didn’t take long for me to figure out which post was most important to me. It was one I called Be Responsible For Your Own Life, my true tale of when I’d lost my job back in 1991 and what I went through in trying to get another one. It was personal, and I told some stuff there that very few people ever knew, including my family. And people have responded to it, as one of my most popular posts, and I figure it’s because things like that touch so many people, who might have similar life experiences. You know, the thing I like best about my blog is that I get to have an outlet to say whatever I want to say, and being honest makes sense for me. Thanks for the opportunity to point this one out.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..The Keys

  5. Thanks for linking back to that post… I must have missed it during my online hiatus around the holidays. That was pretty funny! :) It reminds me that I want to make my fiancé a Youtube star by recording him telling one of his favorite jokes.

    I would have to say one of my favorite posts was about how artistic types express themselves. I believe that a lot of artistic people are introverts, and, like myself, only share the depth of thoughts and feelings through their art, like writing, poetry, drawing, etc. The post was meant as an explanation of myself, as well as for others who know people who may have difficulty expressing themselves verbally to find out what method the artist expresses themselves best with, and learn more about them that way.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..Fountain Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona

  6. Well i have no favorite post to add to the list. That is because most of my posts needed some hard research and all of them was fun writing. But i have to say this is a very good idea Sire. I hope more readers share with us and show us around their work……

    stratosg´s Last blog post..Google’s dangerous monopoly

  7. That’s a creative approach for a post. After careful consideration, I’d say that there isn’t one post that defines our site yet. And I have to agree that I’m often surprised at which posts get the most comments. That’s part of the fun though. I think it’s easy to pick a post or two with more time blogging.

    Gennaro´s Last blog post..Road Warriors: Bloggers In Motion

    1. The post doesn’t have to define your blog at all, it just has to be your favorite for whatever reason. I’m sure you can find one that you like above the rest.

        1. Now, that is the sort of thing that makes blogging so worthwhile.

  8. It was back in the WritingUp days when there were many great threads to read.

    I suggested that the actions of suicide bombing Islamics were more akin to the teachings of the Satanic Church. Wow! Some of the comments were incredible. I was accused of hate speech, but quoted a liittle from the Koran to justify my comments. Oh those were the days of real blogging. you dont see them today!!

    1. Well not dwelling to much into it but suicide bombing = against the basic teachings FULL STOP!

      Dying in a war effort and suicide is two incompatible ideologies in my opinion.

      Donace | The Nexus´s Last blog post..Link Power – How to get the best links

  9. Does it have to be a post on our blog, or any blog we read?

    1. Dintz, I prefer a post on your blog, that way you get the most benefit.

  10. On my blog ‘the best work’ is the least popular stuff :p though my favourite (without rereading the stuff I have written) would have to be because it just flowed out! Though just look through my blog if its over 1000 words it means it just flowed and I enjoyed writing / working on it!

  11. On another note, I’ve tagged you in one of those wonderful 7 things about you memes in my 7 things post. I think this will be my new favorite post, because I was able to use it to leverage out some of my older favorite posts. Your post here inspired me to do it with this meme. :)

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..7 Things for New & Dedicated Readers

  12. My favorite post was Promote Your Blog which allowed readers to promote their blog. I got to discover some great new blogs and build some new blogging relations. If memory serves me right that’s where I first learned about this blog and Sire.

    The Blogger Source´s Last blog post..Who You Should Follow On Twitter

  13. What a question. The post I wrote that was most popular was born from the frustration of seeing all the time and assistance I had offered a neighbor go out the window because they obviously didn’t understand anything I ever told them. That post was about what not to do when you redesign your site. Even those who knew better liked it, possibly because they had felt the same frustration.

    My posts are usually about growing blogs and small businesses so they’re rarely entertaining but hopefully always educational. The most important posts I’ve done lately are about making money blogging and explaining Google Analytics in plain English for anyone to understand.

    The post I’d most like to see people read is linked to this comment. I hope every person who has a Web site or a blog will sign up for that free eCourse because sooner or later you’re really going to want to understand more about Web analytics.

    Although the course is about Google Analytics it is applicable to any Web Analytics program because they all have similar features.

    InternetStrategist´s Last blog post..REVIEW: Mastering Google Analytics – Easy to Understand FREE eCourse

    1. Hey IS, you’re missing my point, :doh_tb: must have something to do with belonging to the opposite sex. ;) I’m not asking for your most popular post, I am asking for your favorite which may actually be your least popular post.

  14. It is hard to pick one favorite post, but one that comes to mind is . . .

    How Much Would You Bid On A Cave House

    . . . because it brought together four elements that I strive for in an ideal post:

    1) Tight (hopefully humorous) writing

    2) Interesting design

    3) Good photos

    4) An unusual topic

    Thanks for asking! It is interesting to see people’s answer to this.

    Wil´s Last blog post..3 High Design Hammocks

  15. yes, we all have our own favorite post because it brings the best in us. Though we always give out our best when we right our post there’s always something better. But what is important is that we give quality content that our readers will love.

    Leanie Belle
    How To Earn Your First 100 Dollars Online

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