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The Products You Can Promote On Your Blogs

Out of all the emails I get from my readers the one question that comes up the most is a variation of the following; “Sire, everywhere I go I read that if I want to make money on my blog I really need a product of my own to promote. The problem is I don’t have one and so I really need some advice as to what products I actually can promote.”

Naturally, all the emails were different but that quote portrays the general gist of the emails. Its safe to say that this problem is one that many bloggers struggle with and it is in fact one that I struggled with for a few years myself. The obvious reason is that bloggers, like myself, don’t have our own product to promote and probably never will have. That being the case we join sites like Commission Junction, Clickbank and the like to promote their products by placing links in our post or somewhere else on our blogs. They may get the occasional click but rarely generate a sale and the main reason for this is because there’s usually no relation between the product and what we’re writing about. Even when there is there’s nothing to substantiate our reference to the product unless we’ve shown in some way that we’re actually using the product in question.

The Right Product Will Create Sales

Even though I was making quite a bit of money from doing paid posts it wasn’t until I actually started to invest in my blog that they started to produce income on a more regular basis. How does one invest in their blog? That is a very good question and the answer will be revealed as you continue to read this post. Before I get into the crux of this blog post I need to point out that what follows, for blatantly obvious reasons, will not work  on those free bogging platforms such as Blogger and

Products To promote On Your Blog

  • Promote Your Web Host: This is a product that many blog owners
    Promoting your Web Host

    forget to promote and one that can bring in a fair bit of income. While you can place a link within your sidebar, as I have done, that says ‘Proudly Sponsored On BlueHost‘, the best way to promote your web host is to write several posts telling your readers what makes your web host so special and why it would be in their best interest to host their blog or website with them.

  • Buy A Professional Theme: I would have to say that my biggest earner to date would have to be FlexSqueeze. It could easily have been Thesis as that was the first theme I purchased but it fell so far short of the mark and I wasn’t about to promote something I was unhappy with.

    Promote Your Theme

    Promoting something simply for the reason of recouping your investment is probably the biggest mistake someone could make. I’ve actually written several posts telling others what makes FlexSqueeze such a great theme and I will continue to do so as every new posts brings in more sales. As each new post has it’s own individual SEO they bring in their own potential new customer base.

  • Plugins That Make You Money: I’ve always been an advocate of
    Promoting Your Plugins To Increase Your Revenue Stream

    free plugins but it wasn’t until I started investing in my blog by actually purchasing and promoting those plugins that I’ve found invaluable to my blogging career, that I found a new avenue for making money. The plugin that has been the most profitable would have to be Andy’s CommentLuv Premium and a couple of others include Andy’s IM Graphics plugin and WP Zon Builder. Another great plugin I use which brings in  a regular income is OIOpubliasher because it makes it so easy to advertise on my blogs.

The images you see in this post were only possible because of Andy’s IM Graphics plugin. One of the many things it can do is to allow you to input blank graphics as a background and then fill it with the text of your choice. As you can probably tell that would have a lot of potential for the internet marketer.

As I write this post there are other plugins I’ve purchased that I’m hoping will help me along the blogging for money road. I plan to write a post on them once I’ve completed the testing phase.

Now it’s over to you. What products have you chosen to promote on your blogs?

And now, thanks to WP Zon Builder here are some extra resources to help you make money online.

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B0042RUM50′] 4.5 stars. Read the reviews.

[amzn_product_inline asin=’0470246677′] Also 4.5 stars and over 30 reviews

[amzn_product_inline asin=’1439105006′]


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  1. Thanks for these wonderful tips. Now it is clear to me what we are supposed to do to make money with our blogs. Honestly, I haven’t thought of promoting the themes I use or the hosting plan, but will give it a chance and hope for good results.

    1. Don’t worry Jack, I reckon most people are like you, I know I was. That’s the whole reason I wrote this post.

  2. Hi Sire,

    When someone says they haven’t thought of promoting their web hosting company, the premium theme they use and some books on Amazon, I just go… how hard is it to notice that’s what most people are doing. I learn by looking at what others are doing, I don’t need them to tell me, oh well if they do tell me, it just confirms what I’ve already observed.

    Oh, the most important thing to promote if no one notice: promote your own products and services on your blog.

    Ben Wan.
    Ben Wan recently posted…Beginner Marketing MistakesMy Profile

    1. Oh, the most important thing to promote if no one notice: promote your own products and services on your blog.

      It’s like I said in the post Ben, most of us don’t have a product of our own to sell. Sure I could whip up and eBook but I don’t feel like adding to the drivel out there, at least not until I feel sure I have something of value to offer.

  3. According to my experience theme plays a vital role for the attraction of customers. If a customer will feel attraction in outlook of your blog, he will must stay at your blog.

    1. Yes, that’s true, and if you have such a theme why wouldn’t you promote?

  4. I also use affiliate marketing to help monetize my blog. I have to agree that is about the passion and product; because showing passion for an amazing product will convert better than the best-laid sales plans.

    1. What sort of products do you promote Morgan?

  5. I’ve been looking for a good advertising plugin for my wordpress blog for some time, I’m going to have to try out OIOpubliasher now!

    1. Believe me Rick, you’ll love it. Once installed it completely automates the advertising process on a blog.

      1. Ive never actually heard of this plug-in before Sire! *embarrassed face*…On another note, i could imagine promoting plug-ins which ‘make you money’ to be the biggest hit among visitors.

  6. Twitter:
    Hi Sire, I try to make it a point to promote only things I’ve used and like. I haven’t had great luck with things like Commission Junction and the like but I know many people do very well with them.

    1. Actually Brian, my biggest seller on CJ are the web hosts. :wink:

      I have made other sales through them but nothing flash. Then again I haven’t really looked at all the products they sell.

  7. Clickbank is a good place to start but you need to make sure that the products you promote are not scams. I suggest finding a niche market and then selling educational ebooks on that content . I actually found an excellent book on log homes by a clickbank author and make a 50% profit when I sell it on my website.

    1. Thank you Sire
      It’s always difficult promoting random stuff on a personal blog and how many product specific blogs can a gal make and keep up to date…
      Going to investigate your OIOpublisher as a replacement for infolinks (which I’ve never had much luck with) and I have to say I like that WP Zon Buildier.

      1. Always a pleasure to help a fellow blogger out Alison. As to OIOPublisher, it’s nothing like Infolinks as it allows advertisers to actually purchase ad space on your blog.

    2. You are so right Gracie, a lot of the stuff on Clickbank does look a little suspicious but then they do offer a lot of good stuff as well, so like you said you need to carefully select which one to promote.

  8. I never thought a promoting something like a theme or a web host. These are very good ideas, thank you!

    1. Sometimes its the obvious things that people forget to promote Adrien. It was that way with me and I’m sure I’m not the only one which is why I wrote this post.

  9. Strong recommendations with your first 2 tips. I definitely agree promoting your host and a third party theme are pretty seamless ways to bring in revenue. And those things do not distract from the idea of your site/blog. Having Google ads about any random thing in a format that looks completely different than you page, that acts as nothing but a distraction, but promoting your theme and provider make perfect sense and flow with your overall production.

    1. Actually I’m fine with having Google Ads on a blog. My Adsense revenue more than pays for my hosting and other online costs.

  10. Thanks for posting this on your blog. I was wondering how people made money from their blogs. I learned a lot from your post. I was thinking about becoming a blogger myself.

    1. Hey Bobby, this is only some of the ways I make money on my blogs. The reason for the post is to give others some ideas they could use on their blogs.

  11. I like to use Clickbank, but I’ve heard of people accidentally promoting products that later turned out to be scams. :(

    So I mostly just promote my own products and services instead! That way I know that it is not a scam.

    Thanks for the suggestions about plug-ins. I never know which ones are worthy and which ones don’t really work.

    1. Playing it safe is a great idea Paul. As far as ClickBank is concerned it’s probably best not to promote anything you haven’t actually tied yourself.

  12. I feel as though any products can be promoted on your site as long as they are relevant and related to the content at hand. Also, effective call-to-actions should be in place, and product placement should not be the focus of the blog.

    1. Having relevant products would make it so much easier to convert traffic into sales Nikki :thumbup_ee:

  13. Do you think that applies if your niche is not internet marketing? Most of my readers do not have their own blogs but are simply interested in small houses or downsizing.

    i have tried to go a little ‘outside the box’ like I’m getting ready to do a post on Why I love my Kindle Fire (and later on ipad) because these products tie into the smaller space and clutter concept.

    p.s. I can’t believe you don’t love Thesis! :)

    1. Hey Dee,

      firstly let’s tackle Thesis. When I first bought it I was looking for a Theme that would work right out of the box and Thesis promoted that very aspect. When I installed it I found that to be an untruth as I then learned that to get it to do all the wonderful things it was touted to do I had to learn something called HOOKS. I wasn’t about to take the time to do that otherwise I would have learned PHP and CSS.

      Although your market isn’t internet marketing related I don’t see a problem with doing some posts telling them what makes your blog tick which would include your host, theme and plugins. Who knows, some of your readers may be interested in starting a blog themselves and those posts could be just what they needed.

  14. Thanks. I loved your post and it gave me a few ideas on what to promote. Your post is good for brain storming. :)

    1. You may want to browse through my other posts for more ideas and subscribe to my list so you don’t miss out on any new brainstorming ideas.

  15. H Sire,

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I’m new to the blogging community and I’m seriously considering setting up my own blog about working from home. I know there are probably hundreds of blog about this already but it’s the one thing I really like talking about. Obviously, I would like to make additional income on it as well so these tips are very helpful. Some of the terms here are new to me but at least now I know where to start or what I should consider using.

    – Cristina

    1. Christina, it doesn’t matter how many blogs are covering this area, if that’s what you want to make your blog about then you go ahead and do it. I bet you’re going to put your own spin on it and if you love writing about it then it will stand out from the rest.

  16. There are so many options when it comes to what to promote. The options are really endless when you start looking at all the ways to promote online. Just look for what you want to promote and most likely there is a program for it

    1. There certainly are Joseph, you just have to make sure you know which ones are the right ones.

  17. Sire,
    Totally agree with you on this. Things that you have used and experienced are the ones to promote. In my case, I do exactly what you said – my VPS hosting company, my CDN networks, my plugins and the services that I use are the ones that get me most of my affiliate income. One shouldn’t try to market anything that promises imaginary results or just because they offer a lot of commission,
    Ajith Edassery recently posted…Google Analytics Bounce RateMy Profile

  18. (Forgot to mention in my last comment that there’s a typo in OIOPublisher anchor link above. Please delete this comment after reading this)
    Ajith Edassery recently posted…Google Analytics Bounce RateMy Profile

  19. Promoting webhost is good idea and it will give you good commission. But I’m not sure about the other two, theme and plugin. Is anybody here make maney by promote theme or plugin? Please share the tips with us. Thanks.

    1. I am Aman, otherwise I wouldn’t have suggested it.

  20. Another great item to promote is software. People are always looking at a faster way of doing things, especially mundane task, and are ever-ready to part with a hundred dollar for automation solution.

    1. That’s true Alex, as long as you’ve actually tested it so that you can provide an honest review. Otherwise using WP Zon Builder to pull reviews from Amazon would work a treat.

  21. The idea of buying a bunch of premium products for your blog like the theme, the hosting, various plugins and recouping your investment by promoting them and with affiliate links is an intriguing one.

    And then my excitement died down when you pointed out: “Promoting something simply for the reason of recouping your investment is probably the biggest mistake someone could make.” That kind of killed all the grand ideas that were building up in my head…

    1. Hey Alex, perhaps I should clarify that comment. What I meant was promoting a product you’re not happy with just to get your money back, which I’m sure a lot of people do. As far as I’m concerned you’re better off wearing the loss rather than pissing potential future customers off with an inferior product. As for recouping your investment on products you use and enjoy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  22. Hi Sire,
    It is not an easy task to make money through blogging at initial stage.I think it needs some investment as well to grow.You gave a nice suggestion of promoting web host.

  23. I agree that most bloggers don’t have their own products to promote that’s why they result in marketing affiliate products. It’s safe to say that selling affiliate products are much easier if you are using the product itself.

    Although affiliate product is a hard sell, you need to do a lot of strategies to be able to convert traffic into sales. One rule is to develop a better brand and build trust. If people trusts you, then they will also trust your products.

    Thanks for the share…

    1. That is so true Noah but what of all the new visitors who come to your blog? The way to increase the chance of selling to them is to provide reviews from actual customers.

  24. Well I would prefer to promote affiliate products that only relates to my blogs means in similar niche.This is the only wayt o get some sales or leads from your promoted blogs/sites.However you also can promote a different product through a paid post but in the side bar I would prefer products only related to my niche.

    1. That makes perfect sense John but isn’t it possible that by doing so you are limiting the money making potential of your blog? Let’s just say that you’re blog was about golf isn’t it possible that you could also sell sun tan lotion although it’s not really related to your niche?

    1. I know a lot of people like Thesis but I’m convinced that a lot of them are more technically minded and have come to grips with HOOKS. As for the rest I’m sure they’re convinced that the problem lies with them as everyone else raves about it and so they rave about it to in the hopes that they will get some of their money back. I wasn’t prepared to do that.

  25. I agree with a lot of what you say. I’ve used commission junction and click bank but I think it’s important not to spread yourself around too much because if you don’t have a high traffic blog. There’s no point in earning $20 on each platform because it will take a long time to get paid out. It’s best to concentrate on one platform like clickbank because then you’ll meet the minimum payment sooner!

    1. What if you find that another platform has products that your other platform doesn’t offer or that you find one that has a low minimum payment level? My next post may interest you :smoke_tb:

  26. Ebook is another product to sell. But most of them are free online and that will make it a little bit difficult to sell. Unless you have an interesting topic that will make readers spend money for it.

    1. Yep, a great idea if you can find an eBook that people are willing to buy.

  27. Nice post. So many people fall for the trap that website traffic will make them money. They fail to realize that conversions is what makes money and converting is about selling the right products and services along with the necessary content to support those products or services.

    1. Yep, and unless you get it right you won’t be making that much money.

  28. Thanks for sharing those great tips, certainly all those above mentioned approach are effective marketing strategy in online business. It is important to determine the right component that will help your niche reach its goals and this post gives a lot of ideas that should be noted.

    1. Any time Dave.

  29. Great point! Actually, themes are a great way to give your blog personality. For example, if you are promoting cars, your theme should definitely have a connection with cars. You can display some jaw dropping rims, for example. Authors or blog owners should make their blogs’ structure and theme coherent because that can increase their online credibility and reputation.

    1. That is so true and not many free themes will allow you to do that.

  30. Thanks for these wonderful tips. Now it is clear to me what we are supposed to do to make money with our blogs. Honestly, I haven’t thought of promoting the themes I use or the hosting plan, but will give it a chance and hope for good results. It was really very helpful!!

    1. Tanik, I didn’t think of it myself at first but once the idea came to me and I put it to action I was sorry I didn’t think of it earlier.

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