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The Myth That DoFollow Leaches Your PR

I’ve been a blogger for quite some time now and I’ve read a lot of posts from other bloggers in regards to why your blog should keep the nofollow attribute in the comments section. The main one being that if you were to change your blog to a dofollow blog it would harm your Page Rank (PR).

The main reason given for this is that Google, the great instigator of PR, would only approve of relevant links and therefore all irrelevant links should have the nofollow attribute attached to it so as not to waste Google’s minions, the SpiderBots, time by following useless links.

The myth is that in order to stop people using links in comments Google would leach PR from the hosting site. This naturally scared the pants off some bloggers who immediately ran around in a mindless panic making their blogs nofollow and checking individual links in their posts to see whether or not they should also be made nofollow.


I am happy to say that I am not one of those bloggers who panicked, and my blog has remained, and will always remain, a dofollow blog. Why? Because I want to reward those who take the time to leave constructive comments on my blog.

What’s that? What of Google and my PR? Well, honestly I have always stated that PR was never really important to me, although I will try to make good use of it while I have it.

As to the myth that dofollow leaches your PR, all I can say is that I went from a PR3 to a PR4 and that either means that the myth is false or I’m such a fantastic blogger that even with all the PR juice that is leaked from this blog through my highly valued comments, I still managed to raise my Page Ranking.

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  1. I don’t understand any of that nofollow dofollow hoogamajooga. When my blog was at another address I read a bit about it and decided that I wanted to reward my commenters as well, since were are a community, just hanging out and helping each other. So I installed a dofollow plugin. Then wrote a post about it. I don’t know if it was the plugin or the post about it, but my spam intake increased tenfold after that. Sucked.

    I have no clue if Thesis is nofollow or dofollow in comments. I’m still pissy because CommentLuv doesn’t work for me now. I have a support ticket in, but I’m still waiting to hear back. Can you believe Andy has something better to do than to help me? I’m SO sure.
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Comment on Thanks for your patience by Sire =-.

    1. I reckon when they say men aren’t very observant they must have been taking about me. I never knew you were running Thesis. You did a great job in disguising it. So many of them look the same.

      As to your CommentLuv, what exactly is the problem? My Load Of Bullshit runs on Thesis and I don’t have a problem?

      I can say that Thesis is inherently nofollow, as are all WordPress blogs, so if you want to make yours dofollow you will have to install a plugin.

      1. I don’t know what the problem is with CommentLuv. It just doesn’t work. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and no go. I probably put a line of code somewhere that’s interfering with it. Drives me nuts because I like to follow people back on their recent thread, as well as allow them to promote it on my blog to others.

        Dofollow is now installed, at least that is within my power!
        .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Comment on Thanks for your patience by Anne =-.

        1. Mmm, I noticed something else that is weird. Rather than picking up your last post it’s picking up the last comment of that post? :ponder_tb:

          Does it show up in the ‘Settings’ section of the Dashboard?

          1. What the heck? Yes, it shows up fine in settings. : Uh buhy. Just when you think you’ve got it all sorted out – blammo! lol
            .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Comment on Thanks for your patience by Anne =-.

            1. Sorry Heather, but that is the length of my expertise. I know that Andy will sort it out, once he gets down to it.

              OH, one last thought, and I know it’s a silly thing to ask, but have you got the ‘commentluv’ on by default’ selected?

    2. I just wanted to share that all of our blogs use Thesis and are DoFollow with CommentLuv and KeywordLuv both working so at least we know that CommentLuv is indeed compatible with Thesis (or at least some versions of each are compatible with each other).

      We have not had any issues getting or keeping CommentLuv working in any of them. I see yours is working. I would love to encourage you to consider installing KeywordLuv too.

      Sire, please send me a list of any other DoFollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv blogs you have. I need everyone who has a blog that meets that criterion to please let me know which blogs I am missing so I can add them. If you can also include preferred anchor text and landing pages that would be great.

      .-= Gail @ KeywordLuv´s last blog ..KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All =-.

  2. I’m no longer concerned with page rank. My blog gets a lot of traffic. I just wish it would get more comments. lol
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Twitter Warning- New Phishing Scam =-.

    1. Rose, I also stopped worrying about it long ago. As to the comments, I’m surprised you’re not getting more. I reckon it will all happen in good time.
      Perhaps the following will be of help.

      1. A comment policy stating what sort of comments you will accept and I would include in that a section stating how you will reward people who take the time to leave constructive comments.
      2. Installing CommentLuv

      Other than that I reckon you’re on the right track.

  3. with the (kinda) recent google announcement then nofollow now means any ‘juice’ passing along goes ‘poof’ if its a no-follow link has put all the old arguments on a back foot.

    no-follow links actually leak as much juice as do follow so you may as well keep them do-follow and grab an extra bonus.

    Also sire congratz on the PR4!

    1. Really, that’s the first I’ve heard of it. Oh well, it doesn’t make any difference to me one way or the other and just goes to show that you can’t rely on Google to provide any stability.

      1. by recent I mean about 6 months ago :p though the thing is google never stated no-follow pr etc before that was all speculation from the SEO world.

        This is just them saying alright you guys took it far enough!

        1. Like I’ve always said Donace, it ain’t no use worrying about what Google’s planning or not planning to do. Just blog away and enjoy the pleasures of entertaining and informing your readers.

          1. I like your point. This issue has made me confused a bit, whether I should set my website to nofollow or not, and a little worried. But, you have proven that it is indeed a myth. So, just make a useful post on the the blog and don’t think about what Google will value it, think what your visitors will value it.

            1. Avery, you do whatever you feel comfortable with. This post represents an opinion of mine is not meant to sway anyone one way or the other.

  4. Everyone has their own opinion about the nofollow situation. I can say that I went from PR4 down to PR3 and all I can think of is that I uninstalled the dofollow plugin. I will be installing it again and see what happens when the new PR comes out.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..WordPress 2.8.6 Release – 2 Security Fixes =-.

    1. And what does that tell you George? Must suck seeing as how once you went nofollow you probably expected your PR to go up instead of down. :wallbash_tb:

    2. Hey, you two (Rose & Sire), I’m so envious of you having blogs with PR3/PR4 rankings and saying you don’t care much about PR. :) I only have PR1 and I’m wishing I’d rise to at least PR3 as fast as possible so I could start attracting advertisers (because they snob PR1 blogs).

      Sire your proof that PR leaching is a myth or at least has a negligible effect is good to know. Thanks for making it clear. BTW, I use Lucia’s Linky luv plugin where a commenter gets dofollow after the 3rd comment. Spam bots leaving a pass-by link either gets caught by my captcha-free plugin or simply gets a nofollow link.
      .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Now 2012 =-.

      (sorry. wrong reply box?)

      1. hey James it will happen mate, and don’t you worry, I may have a PR4 blog, and it’s not like I’m fighting off those advertisers.

  5. I’m lucky that I get such low traffic that I can manually remove spammers. So if I see a load of pointless links (or even just one) I can banish them to Spamland. Between this and Commentluv the genuine people get some backlinkery and I feel happy about doing it.

    Now that Commentluv and IntenseDebate work well together there’s really no barrier to WP users installing and using it.
    .-= Ray´s last blog ..Commentluv & IntenseDebate BFFs =-.

    1. I had a look at Intense Debate, but it meant losing my Quicktags and I didn’t think it was worth it.

      As for spammers, I’m also able to deal with the ones that Akismet misses.

  6. It had to be asked. Yes, I do have the box checked lol
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Comment on Thanks for your patience by Rose =-.

    1. Is the Twitter box conflicting with Cluv on your blog? I have had plugins that don’t play nicely before. I’d suggest a methodical deactivating of each plugin to see if it returns.
      .-= Ray´s last blog ..Commentluv & IntenseDebate BFFs =-.

  7. Hi Sire,
    I just needed to stop back to make sure I have this in my head straight. If I were to join the wordpress community, would I have two options? One would be a set-up such as I now have in Blogger and/or one where WordPress would be the host and I would have my own domain name without the addition of the words WordPress being in the URL? I ask because I’m looking for more freedom in the design of my blog especially since I just discovered and because “chatting” back in forth reminds me of the days of Bulletin Boards in the land of no graphics:) Thanks for your help…
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..Taking a break… =-.

    1. Louise if you want complete freedom then the best option is to host your own blog rather than to do the WordPress version of Blogger. The last time I played with that version or WP I was limited as to what plugins I was allowed to install.

      WP themselves recommend several hosts and BlueHost was at the top of the list.

      I’m not sure about Spicynodes as I’ve never heard about it before this. Do you know of any blogs that have it installed?

      1. Okay, I get it Sire. Bluehost is looking good especially since they support Flash. If I want to use my new SpicyNode banner, I’m going to need to set up a host before the new year begins. (if you check the link, realize it is a work in progress and only winter is working so far) Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it. And just for the record, I have too much fun blogging to worry about all this PR chatter. Perhaps, someday…
        .-= Louise´s last blog ..Taking a break… =-.

        1. Impressive Lousie. I’m interested how this will link with your blog. Also, I’m the sort of bloke that loves bells and whistles and SpicyNode sure fits the bill, my only worry is that it takes a little long to load.

          1. Thanks for taking a look Sire. I have a few ideas as to how I would put it to use. I like the idea of introducing the calendar as a splash screen and a hierarchy of seasons, months and finally days. I may just use it as the opening page on my own domain name and link to Blogger for now at the daily level. I don’t know how far you went in the hierarchy but you should have landed on one of my posts in the winter menu under one of the three months already done for now.

            The program is in beta right now but as you saw, there are tons of bells and whistles. Did you go to the main site? As for the loading speed, for some reason it does seem to take a while to load on the SpicyNode site but when I embedded it in my test blog on Blogger it loaded a bit quicker. Although, I didn’t try it as a banner because Blogger doesn’t allow Flash code in their banners from what I can tell. I have been working on an image map of the adorable banner I now have but the coordinates are very tricky for this novice would be programmer:) And, I’m not sure Blogger will accept an image map as a banner either. SpicyNodes seems to be limitless when it comes to dressing it up but I’m using a basic template for now just through the learning process.

            I visited the BlueHost site again this morning and I tell ya there is just something about it that makes me a bit wary. It just seems to me that a hosting site should be a bit more organized in their opening screen. A wee bit messy if you ask me. I took a hop over to Network Solutions, which I am still thinking about using. It looks like they are catering to WordPress bloggers also. I need to do a bit more digging because I want to make sure of their policy when it comes to keeping a registered domain name especially if it is on a WordPress platform. Problem is, will I have to make the transition from Blogger to WordPress then to BlueHost or Network Solutions. Perhaps, the reason why many just stay with Blogger??? Thank you so much for your time. I just read one of your previous posts Doing Paid Posts & Not Getting Google Slapped, very informative. I don’t do paid posts, however, I have done a few cookbook give-aways with no repercussions from what I can tell. OK gotta go, Happy Pickle Appreciation Day! and thanks again:)

            1. Messy, really? Must have something to do with you being a woman as I don’t see it that way at all. Now, Network Solutions, that looked messy, :cheese1_ee: No worries though, whichever one you pick you have to be completely happy with.

              I’m not sure why you have to make all those transitions, why not straight from blogger to your new hosted blog?

            2. Hi there Sire,
              I’ve recently returned from a much needed posting sabbatical. While away, I did a bit more investigating and have decided to go with WordPress early next year.

              You were right on so many levels and I do appreciate it. Do you get any goodies if I join through your website? I would love to put the money where my mouth is:) Thanks again!

              P.S. I LOVE your festive background!
              .-= Louise´s last blog ..The Lottie Moon Cook Book =-.

            3. Louise I am so glad that I could help. As to goodies, the answer would be yes if you were to host with BlueHost, which is the host I use, or even if you were to go so far as to use the theme I’m using :cheese1_ee:

              Either way, if you get stuck with anything I will do what I can to help.

  8. I don’t even think its about a No-follow blog for Google… I think its more about Spammers that Google doesn’t like.
    But yes with having a No-follow Blog, you aren’t giving any PR out so you are keeping the PR.
    My question is, WHO cares about Page Rank? I mean, people have this conception that if you have PR4 over a PR2 site that the PR4 is more valuable. Well that may not be always true. For instance, what if the PR2 has much better content but is newer on the web than the PR4, then surely PR2 is more valuable so that thinking of “higher PR, higher value” goes out the window.
    Then there is the Do-follow Blog concern…Of course people are going to get spam on there Do-follow blog because people/spammers never read posts. They only write crap because they are all too interested in getting the backlink from do-follow blogs and that’s it. Google also loves good content and when people only spam and write nothing useful or relevant, of course Google isn’t going to like that either.
    So as a Blogger writing posts and having crap comments Google will either deem your blog site as invaluable and not apply PR at all or crawl your site at all.
    This is a huge problem and I think it contributes to your idea about the ‘rumor’…
    So that poses the question of whether to keep your blog Do-follow or change it to No-follow. No-follow allows you to keep the PR for yourself, but like I said who cares about PR? without do-follow, how are you going to encourage people to read and post comments, why not reward people with backlinks?

    If you keep your blog do-follow, you are encouraging people to read and write comments on your blog, which looks good. Its a ‘scratch my back, ill scratch yours’ mentality. For the most part it works great but… its crappy for the blog site owner when people that spam. Its quite a shame because people and spammers ruin it for everyone else. I just don’t understand why people cant EVEN SCAN the post and write something useful. It doesn’t take any time at all and by writing relevant comments its most likely you’ll get your do-follow backlink.
    This just means as a Do-follow blog owner you have to moderate but nonetheless i thought I made my point. Do-follow is best way to go..

    1. The problem is Thomas that a whole lot of people do actually care about PR, and not just bloggers. If it wasn’t for this simple fact, sites such as PayPerPost, Blogvertise and many others would not exist.

      I will keep my blog as dofollow as I love the interaction which is worth more to me than PR. Thanks for your well thought out comment.

  9. I don’t think that there are many people know what actually happens with PR when linking out as not many people know how PR works today.

    I think its possible that linking out doesn’t even affect the amount of PR a page can distribute internally. When people started to learn about PR it stopped some people linking because they wanted to horde the juice.

    Also in the original PR patent, pages do not give away PR. They have their value and they have a set amount of value they can give out, which doesn’t affect the giving page’s PR.

    Well doen on the PR4 :D
    .-= Դավիթ հոպկինս´s last blog ..Writing for Search Engines and People =-.

    1. Hey David, what’s with the name? I’ve never seen you use that before.

      I can’t take any credit for the PR, because I wasn’t trying to improve it in the first place, it just happened, but thanks. :grin1_ee:

      1. It’s my name in Armenian.

        Not trying to improve your PR is the way to do it. If you are going out to improve your PR, you are probably spamming.
        .-= Դավիթ հոպկինս´s last blog ..Writing for Search Engines and People =-.

        1. Cool. I must admit, it looks a lot prettier, if that’s the word, than our alphabet.

  10. Sire, opinious shall vary on this but what we are sure of that “Google PageRank” has its own algorithm that we’ll never get it. I personally stopped worring about any ‘ranking-relating stuff’ and maybe because my blog is not a money making/advertising. Anway welcome to the blogger world :D
    .-= Hicham´s last blog ..Justice and Stereotype =-.

    1. Yeah, best not to worry about it Hicham as it just cramps our writing style.

  11. I recently made my blog dofollow. I went for 9 months in the blogging game before making that decision. I can’t believe I waited that long, but I guess it’s never too late to fix a mistake, is it? lol.

    As far as whether or not it will hurt my PR, I couldn’t care less. I value my readers and the fellowship that we all have as bloggers. I am trying to build a community here, and if I have to choose between doing a good thing for my fellow bloggers, or not doing a good thing for them so that I can get some passerby search engine visitors… well the choice is an easy one for me. My loyalty is to my blogging colleagues.
    .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..Treat Your Career Like You Would A Child =-.

    1. Way to go Trey, I reckon the more of us that put the worries about PR behind us, the better for the whole serious blogging community.

  12. I constantly ask myself why I even bother commenting on No Do Follow blogs, it has no benefits. Maybe the link exposure but if the blog isn’t busy the ctr would be terrible anyway.
    .-= Extreme John@Extreme John Blogs and Business´s last blog ..Google Custom Search Now on Extreme John =-.

    1. I reckon it’s because your just a big kind hearted bloke John.

  13. I’m with Heather and the first to say I know less than nothing about SEO, PR, yada yada yada. :blink_tb: I find that I enjoy blogging more with the interaction and have been working at being a better blog follower. I installed the dofollow plug-in [hope it’s doing its thing] and have commentluv. Maybe I should put in KeywordLuv, and how do you get that follow-up comments thingy? And now I notice CommentLuv is not picking up my feed. This is twice in the past month! :wallbash_tb:

    1. Anne, I’ve found that not worrying about Google and it’s changing algorithms, has made me a better and happier blogger. There is way to much stress in life for me to add any more to it.

      As to commentluv, I’ve noticed times when it’s not picking up my feed and I reckon it’s simply from too many people trying to access it at the same time thereby overloading the system.

  14. That’s good news for sure. I always wondered for the longest time, if having a dofollow would really effect my blog PR. It sounds like it doesn’t have much effect at all from what your saying, so I will continue using. Thanks for the good news my friend.
    .-= Mike @ StubHub Fan Code´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  15. if it really effect PR, so BOO PR.. why care about it. give back to reader is more important than that ‘politic’..
    i never care about nofollow stuff.. if there are nofollow in my blog it is because i not knowing about it.. if i know i will make sure it is dofollow.. :)

    1. Well izzat aziz, thank you for your comment. As is my wont, I visited and left a comment on your post, and may I say what a very good post it was.

  16. What can I say? There has been so many different information regarding this issue that even Google once in a while changes its stance. Other search engines appear to still give some credits for links being “nofollow” or “dofollow”. At the end of the day, as long as you moderate your comments and link to “good” sites only, you should be OK. You give juice but then again you also get in return. Maybe there is still the matter of PageRank sculpting, but Google also said to be careful when using that technique
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Forget Making Money Online – It Sucks #2 =-.

    1. Moderation is indeed very important. We spend so much time composing quality posts, why would you belittle it by allowing crappy comments just for the comments sake itself. Better to have no comments at all.

  17. I’m actually glad to see you write about this, Sire. Maybe it’s just a matter of comfort that someone else is agreeing with me while some are not. ^^

    I love being a do-follow blog, my PR remains the same even though I receive about 50+ comments per post. Frankly speaking, I haven’t been that PR-focus lately due to a lot of other things that require much attention from me. Enjoy and focus on things that matter. As long it didn’t go lower than average, I’m ok with it. Blogging goes on.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..6 Twitter Lists Applications to Expand Your Network =-.

    1. Hi Ching Ya, it’s so nice to see your smiling face again. :smile2_ee:

      I reckon focusing on things that matter is important whether it’s concerning blogging or the day to day things that needs to be done.

  18. I completely agree with you, Sire. I also went from PR0 to PR2 in the last update – and I’ve been a DoFollow blog for most of the 4 months I’ve been online :)

    Much better to reward your commenters and network with them and get good rankings for your stuff rather than focusing only on building PR and not getting proper rankings for your content.
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..New Cookie Law Will Require User Consent Before Placing Cookies =-.

    1. That’s the spirit Klaus, and even though we don’t hold any status to PR, we can still revel in it’s improvement. :wink_ee:

  19. Say it a hundred more times! Nofollow doesn’t conserve pagerank, it just reduces the potential value of contributions from your visitors’s perspective. As long as any affiliate or paid links are nofollowed, and as long as you aren’t linking to blatant spammers & scammers, I’ve never seen someone directly penalized for having external links on a site.

    Ultimately, here’s what I see nofollow being useful for: bloggers who don’t want to acknowledge / respond to / or otherwise interact with their comments. Its like saying, I don’t have time to decide whether or not this is worth publishing. Well, that’s no fun for me as a blogger OR a commenter!
    .-= John´s last blog ..200 Posts and Stuff for the Readers =-.

    1. Yeah, I assumed that ages ago, and yet a lot of people believe that dofollow leaches your PR. I just figured this proved that to be a myth.

  20. There is one very important factor on do follow comments and PR, that absolutely no one discussing it has seemed to mention…stay tuned for that post. ;)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..He/She Has Unsubscribed – Should You Ask Why? =-.

    1. There is, and we have to wait? That’s hardly fair Dennis.

      1. Fairs are for cotton candy, this is business man. ;)
        .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..He/She Has Unsubscribed – Should You Ask Why? =-.

  21. Hi Sire,
    I haven’t been here for a while but my comment plugin brought me here. PR is all about good stuff and great value. I have raised my blog from PR2 to PR4 by turning it to Dofollow. Some bloggers hardly oppose the fact of turning their blogs to dofollow for fear of the unknown. Who cares about PR? I care about traffic. Whether there are spammers trying to get links from your blog, it doesn’t matter because they are traffic coming in whatever you may call it. They were endlessly searching for dofollow blogs online and they landed your site. They may or may not get the link but who cares? You get the traffic and if monetizing a blog matters, then traffic converts once and for all. There maybe a lot of high PR blogs some of which I found to be around 5 or 6 but nobody even reads them.

    Dofollow blogs and its bloggers are way too cool. That’s all I can say.
    .-= Mathdelane @SoftwareCritics´s last blog ..Ten Commandments of Human Relations (Blogger Edition) =-.

    1. Mathdelane, as important as traffic is, no traffic is as important as targeted traffic, especially for niche blogs. This however is not a niche blog, and I welcome all traffic that take the time to leave quality comments. As usual your comments are always well thought out and therefore most welcomed.

  22. Nice to know it. I also have a do-follow blog and I’ve been receiving a lot of spam comments. Good thing there’s Akismet. :)

    Anyway, I am not sure but until now Google did not bring back my PR. It’s still zero as of the moment. Probably becuase of the fact that I entertained direct advertisers before. But I already put a no-follow tag into it. Still, it’s PR zero. Well, I don’t know what really caused it.
    .-= M A´s last blog ..Financial Ratios You Need to Know When Buying a Business =-.

    1. Well M A, no-one really know why or how Google does what it does. Best not to worry about it and just get on with and enjoy your blogging experience.

  23. Twitter:
    I’m with you on this one, Sire. It’s always sounded like a bunch of hooey to me, and it’s something I’ve never worried about either. Of course, I lost my PR a few months ago, but before that it was humming along for a full year while I was still a dofollow blog.

    I’d hate to compromise my respect for those who comment on my blog versus any bump I might get in PR by turning all comments into nofollow, so I just won’t do it.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Are You Using Social Media For Promotion? =-.

    1. You and I seem to share the same opinion on a lot of subjects Mitch. It’s quite surprising really considering we almost live on opposite sides of the globe.

      1. Twitter:
        Nah; common sense is common sense everywhere. You and I share a lot of things. Religion is probably the only place where we differ; that works for me. :drunk_tb:
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..World Diabetes Day 2009 =-.

        1. Heck mate, even family don’t agree on everything, so it works for me too.

  24. Hi,

    I feel keeping the blog DoFollow is good enough not only from the perspective of giving reward to your readers and commentators. But it is also good from traffic point of view. The more interesting part of blogging to me is keeping your reader engaged for useful information and yes do reward them too. However, comment spam is really a blot on Blogging but it can be handled effectively via plug-ins and other tools available such as 3rd Party Comment components.

    Moreover, I don’t think that dofollow links harm your PR and drive you some other negative mark. It is quite okay if your blog is dofollow. I too have my blogs dofollow and yes someone of them are nofollow. But majority of my blogs are dofollow and I never saw them getting hurt by search engines. So many links are being derived out of those dofollow blogs, yes it is natural and fine. So, I believe in Happy Blogging :)

    – J.
    .-= James@Web Design Firm´s last blog ..9 Ways That Social Media Can Help Your Web Design Business =-.

    1. Thanks for dropping by James. I also have some blogs that are no follow, but that is intentional as I’m not fishing for comments on those blogs. Thanks for your comment.

  25. First of all my hearty greetings for your PR4. Coming to your point.

    See you got PR4 for your homepage and not for other pages. May be you got some PR4 for your posts too. But the fact is that those dofollow links are mainly in your posts page only right. So you still can’t claim that having PR4 means dofollow is best. We still need the detailed clarification from Google.
    .-= BlogrPro´s last blog ..Subscribing to / Unsubscribing from Newsletters? Then you are in Danger! =-.

    1. That actually confirms what I’ve always said when I have stated in other posts that advertisers are better off buying an ad spot on the main page that is guaranteed a decent rating rather than paying for a post that disappears in the archives. This way they are also getting maximum exposure.

      Still having said that, perhaps you are right, I don’t know. But then consider this. Every time you write a post it is completely devoid of PR, so if that is that case you have nothing to lose :wink_ee:

  26. I once included the dofollow but those careless bloggers keep on commenting the like of “wassup” “hi” you can go to xxxxxx” those kinds of things. Just because they know i have dofollow. Now I deactivated it
    .-= Rian´s last blog ..How to Select an Essay Topic =-.

    1. Rian, I’ve found they do that regardless. As long as you have Akismet, it shouldn’t be too hard to control the few spammers that get through.

  27. *Reads all of the comments* Holy crap!

    Anyway, I don’t get all of the PR Google stuff. My Mom, reads a whole bunch of stuff on it, and I read some here and there (Only because she tells me what she thinks, and we all just agree). But, any of the stuff I have read seems to be all different.

    Even the big wigs can’t agree on which is right. I’m sure that there is good that comes from NoFollow. Not for anyone but, you of course.

    I still used NoFollow on some stuff, like outbound links to other sites in the blog post. JUST because! And, most times if I know someone who is leaving a comment, or they have a ligament site – I will give them a Follow.

    If you have a DoFollow blog, you are probably going to get more comments. Which then gives you more content, which then makes Google happy, right? So, do you NoFollow everything, and get NO comments or any participation. OR, do you DoFollow, and get more people?

    Perhaps my way of thinking is messed up (HA we all know it is) – but that’s just the way I look at it.

    P.S – Thanks for giving me a few DoFollow Links. Lolz!
    Cait Hagar
    .-= Cait Hagar´s last blog ..Color Picker Firefox Add-On =-.

    1. My pleasure Cait, and as far as I’m concerned I’ll stick with dofollow and delete the extra spam.

      Oh, and just so you know, I don’t believe your way of thinking is messed up at all.

  28. every link, whether dofollow or nofollow or even a page of your own site takes away, leach/drain pagerank. Yes! The only way currently to stop a pr leak is to put your outgoing links in java script.

    this was not the same in the past, the nofollow really stopped the pr leak, its not so now. This is actually a google algo fault and they can’t help it. sadly, its a google mistake and they can’t cure it. so the nofollow links no longer saves the pr leak.

    however, it dosenot really matters, you give some link, you get some links… its all mostly balanced at the end of the day :)
    .-= Uttoran Sen´s last blog ..Utilize Two OS in a Single PC – Windows 7 with Vista or XP =-.

    1. If you say so Uttoran. I don’t know enough to argue with you. All I can say it that I get a lot of comments and even though they are all dofollow it didn’t hurt my ranking at all.

      I also believe that the majority of bloggers feel that dofollow will hurt their ranking and that’s why they have nofollow blogs.

  29. Dofollow comments on a blog has its own advantage and disadvantage. One advantage is that its helps if your blog is new to get the traffic as more people will visit more because of the link juice shared, however, spammer will probably take over except if you have a good spam filter!
    Thanks for the post!
    .-= Biodun ´s last blog ..Features of cPanel web hosting =-.

    1. I don’t think that having a nofollow blog helps the spam situation much, at least not where the bots are concerned, and I’ve seen some pretty spammy human comments on nofollow blogs as well.

  30. Well , i believe in this myth dude,
    coz my blog qwertyweb is a do-follow and now on PR3 , but my previous other blogs were no follow and so stayed on PR2
    Many people comment on just do-follow blogs , hehe
    Having do-follow blog surely increases link-building and tends more traffic and yeah , about spammers ,theres akismet to rescue :)
    .-= Ajinkya´s last blog ..Yahoo to shutdown MyBlogLog =-.

    1. So what your saying is that you don’t believe in the myth because your PR3 dofollow blog didn’t lose any PR :wink_ee:

  31. Great article Sire, I just like you are committed to being a dofollow blog and believe in rewarding my commentators because I believe quality comments add value to your site and why would you not want to reward that?
    .-= Danny @ DoFollow Blogs´s last blog ..DoFollow Vs NoFollow Debate =-.

    1. That’s for damn sure Danny, not to mention the fact that they can also provide more fodder for the search engines and therefore quality comments should be encouraged and rewarded.

      BTW, thanks for the Tweet too, that’s greatly appreciated.

  32. Sire,
    Awesome post. I am just checking out this “do-follow” concept and am glad to hear that staying “do-follow” has not impacted your page ranks.


    1. Thanks Krista. There are a lot of blogs out there giving conflicting opinions on the subject, and although I’m not a SEO guru I thought showing others how my do-follow blog hasn’t been affect would serve as a good example.

  33. Well just gotta say you are brave because it seems like SEO suicide.

    1. You think? I mean if that was true I would never got to be a PR4 blog, let alone retain it?

  34. “BTW, I use Lucia’s Linky luv plugin where a commenter gets dofollow after the 3rd comment. Spam bots leaving a pass-by link either gets caught by my captcha-free plugin or simply gets a nofollow link.”

    Yeah, that is pretty much what I do too. I must say that not many spammers are able to get through my blog, thanks to Akismet. :)

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