The List Is All About YOUR Money

When they say the money is in the list they are right on the money! The money is in the list but the problem is that most of the time it’s your money and not the other way around. If you think about it, most of the time, the person whose list you’ve just joined doesn’t care about you at all. The last thing on their mind is making you a fortune because all they’re really interested in is increasing their own.

It’s like when you used to get those phone calls telling you that they can show you how you can make a couple of thousand dollars a week. Now they ask for your email address so they can send you the information promising you a followup call. What do you think that followup call is going to be all about? They’re going to try and sell you something, that’s what!

How Not To Get Sucked In By Lists

Send Me Your Money
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The way I look at it if those guys were making so much money why are they bothering me with it. It’s not because they want to share their good fortune, although that is what they want you to believe. Nope, they need you to buy whatever they’re selling so they can continue to live the life they’re used to.

The guy behind almost every list you’ve joined is just the same as the guy making those obnoxious phone calls. They don’t care about me, they’re only interested in getting their hands on my hard earned money. If they really were interested in me they would do more than just send me some generic email in the hope that I would buy whatever it is they were selling. You’d think the least they would do would be to personalize it somewhat. I don’t mean that they should send a different email to everyone on the list either. Nope, what I mean is they should personalize it by writing something that tells me exactly what it can do for me. Most won’t though because they have no idea what the product their selling does because they haven’t actually outlaid the money to buy their own.

But never mind all that. You want to know how not to get sucked into buying stuff from lists you’ve subscribed to.

  • Too Good To Be True: This is the number one rule you should use when it comes to doing anything online. If whatever is being offered sounds too good to be true then someone is trying to rip you off.
  • Are They Using The Product: This isn’t going to be easy so you may have to resort to the first rule. However, if they’re promoting a WordPress plugin you should be able to work out whether or not they’re using it and if they’re not then there is something fishy going on.
  • Checking The Sales Copy: Every time you get one of those emails trying to sell you something you should examine it more closely. Is it their normal writing style because if it’s not then they probably just copied and pasted some generic sales copy and sent it to you meaning they probably don’t even own it themselves? Oh, that’s right, I may have mentioned that earlier on in the post :wink_ee:
  • Does It Offer Something Of Value To You: This is very important. When buying anything online I try to look past all the sales jargon, looking for something that is of value to me. More importantly it has to be something that I feel others would be interested in.

If something passes all the above criteria, especially the first and last one, I may actually buy it. Once I get my hands on whatever it is I’ve bought I’ll test it out and then no matter what the results are I’ll write about it here giving a truthful account of it.

I have to admit there have been times when I’ve posted about something before actually testing it but that’s usually because there is an introductory special and I don’t want my readers to miss out. I also make sure that I’ve said as much in the post so as to not give them any false impressions.

The thing is you have to have something in place so that when you do join a list you have a set of rules to follow so you don’t buy into everything that is being offered to you but more importantly so you do not miss out on those gems that may actually help you make money online.

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  1. This article is priceless for those trying to build an email list. You don’t have to be just another creep infecting people’s in-boxes with bacteria. Be sure that you offer something actually valuable to subscribers. Otherwise, forget it. And number two: Personalize your autoresponder if you want to give value to your subscribers. How? This article is an example. Sire doesn’t just say, ‘Oh, go personalize your email.’ No, he takes it a step further and explains HOW to personalize your email. That’s gold right there.

    1. Hey Samuel, I’m glad you got so much out of the post, it does my heart good to know that you thought so highly of it.

  2. I could not agree more. Samuel is also correct. We should be careful with our decisions so we wont have any regret in the end

    1. Yep, making hasty decisions can be a costly affair.

  3. Personally I just don’t subscribe to lists and unsubscribe anytime I end up on one. There are just too few that provide quality information with limited upselling. Really though I probably should pay more attention to them so that I can get into that kind of marketing myself. I’m sure it’s quite profitable when done right.
    Jeremy recently posted…3 Good Web Based Side Income Ideas For Smart HustlersMy Profile

    1. I rarely subscribe to lists and usually unsubscribe to those that continually try to sell me stuff.

  4. This is more or less why I don’t bother with email subscriptions to ANYTHING. There are so many more avenues for finding information (social media), that giving out my personal email to receive essentially junk mail is not worth it. I think the email subscription paradigm is going to fall away with future generations. It’s just invasive and doesn’t add anything that can’t be found elsewhere.

    1. You are so right Scott, most of the stuff you get from subscribing to lists is absolute crap but every now and again you can come across a little gem. I know I have. The trick is to sift the nuggets from the crap.

  5. I agree. Make sure to examine first what the value of it to you. Ask questions like will it improve me? will it provide more money? will it make life better? Don’t just give your money and for the sake of nothing.

    1. Asking the right questions will definitely help to sift through the garbage nikki.

  6. Yes you are right everyone thinks for themself not for anyone who joins them or from the person they make money. But actually that is not good, if you break someones trust you are loosing more than money.
    Rajnish recently posted…New Social Network WebsiteMy Profile

    1. One should never break a persons trust, especially not when in business. Trouble with a lot of people with lists is it’s more about promoting their products than providing true value.

    1. That’s what I’m here for Rashmi :drunk_tb:

    1. I left the link because it’s for a good cause, keeping the planet green, but I normally delete them if they are not related to the post.

      Not all lists are necessarily bad. I have a list and I know I don’t abuse it.

  7. Twitter:
    First, does this mean you’ve decided to give up your list, or, because yours isn’t actually a sales list, does it not count? lol

    Second, you know how I’ve always been about lists. I have the one for my business newsletter and that’s it. Marketing to folks when I don’t have a legitimate product doesn’t make much sense from where I’m sitting. Even still, I’d hope that I could just do it from my blog instead.

    You know I’m with you on this one.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…My Irritation With And What I Recently LearnedMy Profile

    1. OK, let me answer both those questions for you.

      • ……..:No way in hell am I giving up my list because my subscribers want to be notified when I publish a new post, which is why they joined in the first place and even though it isn’t a sales based list some of my posts are :drunk_tb:
      • ……..:Even though that second point wasn’t a question I would like to respond to it by saying most people who have lists don’t have their own product either and even those that do spend more time promoting other peoples products than their own!

      I hope that turns out, if it does I love the way this theme lets me do certain things, and as you know this theme is one of my biggest sellers :thumbup_ee:

        1. That wouldn’t surprise me at all Mitch. So what principal would that be, pray tell :day_dreaming:

  8. Twitter:
    I’m no expert on list building but I, like most, have subscribed to hundreds of lists over the years. The first lists to go, for me, was the internet marketers. I simply couldn’t take another “last chance” or “this is the one” emails.

    Next to go were the blog post feeds (no offense Sire) and bloggers sending affiliate links to products they clearly didn’t buy or use themselves.

    Now what I have, for the most part, are some pretty valuable emails. I’m not overwhelmed by them because there’s just a few but I am really impressed with several blogger’s newsletters and emails. They seem to have a nice balance of product and information and I feel I’ve learned something from each email (as a blogger). And guess what? These are the blogs that seem to be doing very well. There has to be something to giving real value in exchange for the privilege of sending them email. (I’m sorry, but that last sentence alone should make me famous lol ). – It’s this last bunch that I want for our newsletter; valuable information that benefits everyone and builds a bond between author and subscriber. At the same time the author (newsletter partners) need to gain readership and profit from the work. We’re not there yet, it’s a tough balance, but when we are people are going to be banging on the door down to get in.

    I can’t help but feel like it’s time to get creative with our lists. It seems that traditional ezine marketing is as dead as mass postal media yet not everyone can see the writing on the walls – with either of them.

    1. No offense taken Brian, I haven’t subscribed to a RSS feed for years :smoke_tb:

      Your list is one of the few I have subscribed to and I can vouch for the great content of your emails.

    1. I’m sure some lists are worth signing into Grace, it’s just too bad that you have to wade through a lot of crap in order to find the good ones.

  9. I agree lists can be diluted with a lot of crap these days but once you are on a list of a trustworthy person who has taken the time to build a relationship with you rather than a sales pitch fest, then it can be very worthwhile being on a list.

    Granted these are very few and far between but it shouldn’t put you off just unsubscribe from the spammers list ;-)

    1. Oh, it hasn’t put me off Kay, just made me a lot more wary about which ones I join.

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