Don’t you hate it when you’re doing all the right things, or think you’re doing all the right things, to monetize your blog but it’s just not working. You’ve researched the right affiliates and you link to them from within your post or you place a banner that is supposed to get them clicking on it but nothing happens. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Could it possibly have anything to do with that thing called ad blindness? You know, where people are so used to seeing ads on the web that they are blind to them.

So, if this is true what we need is a way to overcome ad blindness so that we can get those guys to start clicking on them. Ages ago I did a post which explained how one way around it was to use a rotating banner plugin. In those days it was pretty revolutionary because it overcame showing readers just one banner every time they came to your blog. Once installed they were presented with a different banner every time the page was refreshed.

Then I reviewed a plugin that I still use today, and one that was proven to work. I wrote about it in a post called How To Get Visitors To Click A Link.Today I want to introduce you to a brand new plugin that is guaranteed to get your visitor’s attention.



how to overcome ad blindness

Did that get your attention? I bet you it did. That’s the Tada! effect and is just one of several effects you can choose from. All in all you can choose from the following effects.

  • Tada!
  • Pulse
  • Flash
  • Bounce
  • Shake
  • Wobble
  • Swing

Are you ready to buy it yet? You should because the longer you wait the more you stand to lose.

Do you see that guy above you? Well he’s bouncing from sheer joy because he can see the endless possibilities from having this ground breaking WordPress plugin!

This plugin has several other options you can use. At the moment I have it set using the delay function which activated it a predetermined set time. You could also set certain ‘triggers’ which will cause it to come into action when those triggers are met. It could be when they scroll to the top of the post, the bottom or even when they’re about to leave the page. Imagine, their mouse is going to the top of the page so they can navigate away and as it approaches the top half of the window the ‘exit’ trigger is activated getting their attention!

Are you ready to maximise the chance that people will finally click on your affiliate links?

You can get your money back as easy as pie by promoting it as a JVZoo member!

What if I told you that you can even give the same effect to any link,or links, of your choice from within the post? With the Sore Thumb plugin you can even make your normal links do incredible things. Once you’ve activated the plugin from within the post and set your triggers you can rest assured that they will never miss noticing your links because they will jump right out at them. They’re going to want to click on them because they won’t be able to resist. I know I couldn’t which is why I’m able to tell you about in this post.

The absolute clincher that seals the deal is that this plugin can also trigger ads that you’ve placed in your sidebar. Of course you know this because you’ve seen the ad that was popping out at you over there on the right. Gone are the days when you have to direct people to your add by telling them to have a look, knowing all the while that they’re not going to.

You need to get this plugin and you need to join JVZoo so that you can promote it to your readers. The sales from that alone will pay for the plugin in no time at all. Honestly, if you don’t purchase this plugin for yourself and invest in your online business then you no longer have the right to complain to others that you can’t make any money online. So, if you’re ready to take the leap and finally invest in your blog then now is the time. If you wait too long then you’ve missed a golden opportunity because by then people will probably become blind to this technique as well. Those who get in early will clean up, those who don’t will miss out.  :hairout_tb:



start earning online now

 Naturally you wouldn’t use it as often as I did in this post. I only did that to show you a little of what this plugin can do. When you use it just keep in mind that less is best because a little goes a long way.


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