Although I’ve been a member of SFI for some years I haven’t had too much to do with them. Today I happened to get an email from them of which this is a small portion:

As you may know, SFI recently instituted a minimum activity requirement for its affiliates, defined as a minimum of 500 VersaPoints every 60 days.

Currently, you are short 500 points.  If you do not have the points needed at the end of the month, your SFI affiliateship will be CANCELLED and all of your personal referrals will automatically roll up to your sponsor (or other active upline member).

Not willing to burn any bridges, you never know when they may come in handy, I decided to log on and get my 500 points, which took me all of 5 minutes.  After thinking about it for awhile I thought I would do a post about my experience with them, and seeing as how my post on The Honest Truth About Blogging For Money was received so well I thought perhaps I should start an new category called, The Honest Truth.

Anyway, I initially joined them because of two very simple factors.

  1. The prospect for easy money. Similar to the example in my The Honest Truth About Blogging For Money post they offered me an opportunity to make so much money that I could tell my job where to shove his job. A little hard considering I work for myself. Today they are a little more reasonable, as the present SFI gateway page shows they now promise that you can turn 5 hours a week into $500 per month.
  2. It was Free to join. After getting burned some time ago I made a promise to myself that I would no longer pay for any scheme that promised unrealistic returns.

I did discover it offered certain good points one of which was it had several ‘gateways’ each one offering some potential for making cash. The thing was to direct people to those gateways. Apart from the example above they also offered the following.

  • The Real Gateway: As the blurb says; Looking for a REAL way to earn money online? With REAL results and a REAL company? If you’re ready to get REAL, get SFI. Yesterday, 1274 people from 98different countries became SFI affiliates. That’s one enrollment every 67 seconds. And that’s just from ONE day!
  • The EyeEarn Gateway: Join the EyeEarn network, and get paid to
    drive your car, wear t-shirts, and more!
  • The Triple Clicks Gateway: This is a virtual online store full of bargains, including highlighted deal of the day, for the happy online shopper.

They also had links that would take people to other landing pages offering products such as Health and Wellness, and even several hosting packages.

There was also the added bonus that you would earn from people who signed up under you.

Truth be told I didn’t do all that well at it but I lay the blame totally on myself for not promoting it enough. Then in 2007 I decided to Giving SFI Marketing A Fair Go but even then I didn’t do all that well. I think there were two obstacles that I faced, one being that I’m an Aussie and they were more suited for American based affiliates. The other was simply that I was just too damn slack. You need to work at anything you want to succeed in and I just didn’t put any work into it.

In those days you had to achieve  EA status, which was fairly easy for a Yank as all you had to do was purchase for yourself from their large range of goods. No so good for me and the transport cost made it all too expensive. Still while I was making some money the added cost killed any profits.

The other big mistake was other than that initial post I never promoted them at all, and if you don’t market your goods how can you expect to sell them?

So while I never made any money from SFI, I still believe they have some potential which is why I didn’t want to burn those bridges and have remained an affiliate. I notice from logging on after an absence of a couple of years that they have made a lot of changes, and with some luck some of those changes may make it easier for Aussies to use their services.

As to the Honest Truth About The SFI affiliate, I’m afraid the jury is still out on that one for the present time.

So, seeing as how they been going for so long, I’m sure that some of you may already be members, and if so we’d love to here of your experiences with them.

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