The F Word, When No Other Word Will Do

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You may have recalled from one of my previous posts how I said that hosting your own blogs gave you more freedom? Well this is completely true in regards to censorship. I’ve had many posts/articles deleted from community sites because there were some there who were offended or even found it distasteful. Heck I even had the word SEX censored to S*X! Nope I am not kidding, now you tell me how anyone could find sex distasteful?

Hosting my own blogs gives me the opportunity to post what I want, but even so I would not post anything that I felt my readers would find ‘distasteful’ as I want to entice people to read my posts not scare them away! So even though I am able to use the ever popular F word, a word that Gordon Ramsay has made famous, I choose not too, as I find the word can be used way too often, even when not necessary. On the other hand I admit that there may well be times when that very non-descriptive word can and will slip out. I actually wrote a poem about it that was actually banned from several sites. Without further ado I present to you The F Word!

The F word, always on the tip of your tongue
As an expletive the F word is rated number one
It’s always there when the need arises
And most times it will win you no prizes

There are many occasions when it’s in use
Especially those times when yelling abuse
Hey, you F’n wanker, you stupid jerk
Come here and say that, cos I’ll go berserk

There’s the time the hammer hit your thumb
For F sake, that really hurt some
As you jump up and down shaking your hand
The pain is way too much to withstand

Then there are times when you’re feeling bold
And tell your wife to F off in order to scold
Now that was a mistake I’m telling you
You may as well jumped into some boiling stew

Perhaps the driver who cut in front
And you scream F you for pulling that stunt
You flick him the bird as a parting salute
And then you lay on the horn for all it would toot

It’s not all bad because the time may arise
You meet a shiela and in order to surprise
You swagger up to her and ask for a F
She slaps you instead and calls you a schmuck

Well that did not go well it seems no matter what
Being able to use the F word is no reason to strut
It seems it’s best if you want to be nice
If your gonna use the F word you better think twice.

So don’t be scared to comment because I don’t bite and I would really be interested in what you have to say.

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  1. Your not one of those girls that uses ‘like’ all the time are you? :surprise_ee:
    Just kidding. On a serious side though, I don’t think I have ever used the Lord’s name in such a derogatory manner, and from a girl too.

    As for the poem, I am no poet but I do like to have fun with my poems and I appreciate the kind words. :embarrassed_ee:

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #9 Mother Knows Best

  2. You’re right. It’s totally overused. I’ve been known to drop an F-bomb when I get hurt or when I’m really angry. Although, I’d prefer to purge that habit because I don’t think it’s very useful, or nice, and I don’t think God appreciates it either.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re aware of not overusing it.

    We have these crazy lifts at work that try to close the doors on you a second after they open. I was getting in the lift the other day and a girl getting out was surprised by the psycho door and said “Jesus fucking Christ!” fairly loudly. Unnecessary much?!

    I think overuse of the word makes people look uneducated, as if they couldn’t extend their vocabulary widely enough to express their feelings with other words. May not always be true, but it gives that impression. Similar to girls saying “like” in all their sentences (another habit I’m trying to kick!); it just makes you sound stupid.

    Good poem! Very clever.

  3. Honestly, I’d rather hear someone use the F-word a thousand times over than hear someone take the Lord’s name in vain just once. Growing up, my dad was a biker and used the F-word like most people said “the”, but he wouldn’t allow anyone to use the Lord’s name in vain around him.

    And as for your poem, who cares what the so called experts say, I think it F-ing rocks. LOLOLOL

    Christine Senters last blog post..Canute The Great

  4. That is so F’n nice of you to say so Christine and I reckon your father must have been a pretty cool dude, considering how well his daughter turned out.

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #10 Buying A Condom Isn’t All That Easy

  5. Fun poem. My son was just showing me a YouTube video that purports to give the history and myriad uses for this versatile word. (I think the etymology is still somewhat shrouded in mystery – I’ve heard about six theories, at least five of which are entertaining but absolutely wrong, and several that may be correct. Earliest recorded use, apparently, was by a Roman soldier in ancient times. And it was used pretty much as it’s used today, as crude synonym for sex.) So, they turned “sex” into “sux”? How’s that better? I once got my hand slapped for using “@#$%!” on a forum (“a substitution for a bad word”). I kid you not. It’s funny now, but I wasn’t amused then – after all, I was only quoting Donald Duck, for f’s sake. And let’s not forget that Disney put the words, “Do I LOOK like a jackass?” into Pinocchio’s friend’s mouth, while these underage children were drinking, smoking, and playing pool. I think kids got the right message, even as the adults who took them to the cinema snickered quietly in the dark, don’t you?

    Christine, I tell my kids that using God’s name in vain is rather like making a prank call. After a while, He may stop listening. (For a little while. Then He may cuff you on the ear. Best not do it on a day when he’s got a mind to flood the road you commute on.)
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Win an Autographed Copy of A Puppy, Not a Guppy =-.

  6. Sex and Sux, I reckon I may have to as Bill Clinton and to the difference between the two. :laugh_tb:

    I can’t believe that got upset for using @#$%! on the forum. What would have happened if you used the real thing :guns_tb:

    Thanks for dropping in Holly.

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