Over the past couple of days I’ve been getting some tweets, emails and comments on my blogs as to the difference between Flexibility and the FlexSqueeze theme. For those of you who don’t know, Flexibility is the free version of FlexSqueeze.

Anyway, I’ve been mistakenly telling everyone that it’s basically the same and that the only difference was that you could replace the codes in the footer with your own. :doh_tb:   :wallbash_tb:

How stupid am I, there’s got to be a lot more to FlexSqueeze than that otherwise why would you want to upgrade to the full version? In my defense it’s been a long time since I’ve upgraded and I’m so used to FlexSqueeze I’d forgotten what the differences were.

Some of the differences include some

major theme enhancements such as custom search box text, more flexible tag and category options, more font style choices, enhanced sub sidebar widget code, built in pagination navigation, new theme skins and much more!

There is also one other major difference, the ability to build your own squeeze pages. Personally I’m not sure that I would ever use one but it’s nice knowing it’s there in case I ever change my mind. Even so, I was wandering if I could use it’s capabilities to design a sales page for my online stores.

This is what my shopping page used to look like.

Yeah, pretty boring right? Well now let’s have a look at Sire’s new Shopping Mall. I don’t know about you but I reckon that is a remarkable improvement, and the whole thing was done in WordPress’ own HTML editor.  I haven’t even used the options available in the FlexSqueeze Theme Option Section. That would enable me to change the width, header, font color, background image, well I think you get the general idea.

While I’m still going to play around with that page when I get more time, before I leave I would like to mention one other very important feature of having your very own FlexSqueeze theme and that is it makes you money. To date it has been my number one income earner. That’s not at all surprising when you consider people can see how excited I am about the product.

So, now you all know the difference between the two themes.

Edit: FlexSqueeze has just received an update which makes it even easier and more versatile. I’ve written a post about it which you can read here.

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