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The Difference Between A Good Blog And A Bad Blog

As bloggers we all have one thing in common, we want people to come and read our posts. More than that we want them to enjoy it so much that they will leave a comment. Ah, who am I kidding? Reading and commenting is no where near enough. We also want them to promote the post using whatever social media their affiliated to and if we’re selling something we would also love for them to buy whatever we’re selling. At the very least we would love for Google to display the right ads, ones that would pique our visitors interest enough to click on one of them, Am I right?

Of course I’m right :smoke_tb:

What Makes For A Good Blog Post

This is a very important subject because it could mean the difference between a busy blog or one with no visitors. Sort of like sitting on a park bench all by yourself watching everybody rushing by on their way to the next blog.
empty blog

  • Your Audience: Before writing a post you need to work out who your general audience is and write accordingly. A potentially good post can turn bad if you wander off the topic and then fail to grab their attention again
  • Use The Right Keywords: By this I mean the keywords you choose have to be related to the subject you are writing about. There’s no point in using keywords such as money, sex, boobs or porn stars if your post is about a WordPress theme you’re trying to promote. Do that and the only thing that’ll happen is you’ll increase your bounce rate.While keywords play an important part in your post being noticed by the search engines its also possible that the Adsense ads displayed on your blog are related to those same keywords
  • Avoid Bad Grammar:This can be a real killer. You may have gotten people to your blog by using the right keywords and you’ve piqued their interest by having a captivating title but that’s all going to wasted if your post is full of bad grammar. Honestly taking the time to check your spelling, punctuation and utilising paragraphs and such is well worth the effort.
  • Avoid Confrontation: No matter what you do sooner or later you’re going to write a post where people will disagree with you. The worst thing you can do is to take those people on. Remain calm even if that means stepping away and having a cup of coffee or something. Once you’ve calmed down you can reply to them in a professional manner.I’ve seen many a good post where the bloggers credibility has been shot to hell all because the blogger lost it when someone criticised something he said or the product he was promoting.
  • Be Professional: The way you behave on your blog affects the way people relate to you so no matter what your post is about you should always keep in mind how that post will affect the way people see you. By this I mean rather than attacking a person via a post because you disagree with something they’ve said or done just leave them out of it and write about the subject in general, why you disagree with it and how you would have handled it.
  • Separate Business From Personal:The one thing I like about my blog is that it allows me to write about almost anything. If you have a business blog then your posts should relate to your business. You certainly don’t want to write about your personal opinions on your business blog because doing so can piss off some potential customers. If you have a lot of personal opinions then the best thing to do is to start a personal blog and rant away.
  • Interact With Your Commentator: I’m sure that a lot of people notice that many of the pro bloggers of this world rarely take the time to interact in the comment section giving them the impression that this is the norm. Honestly, if you’re just starting out the best thing you can do is show your readers / potential customers you care by interacting with them in the comment section.
  • Be Completely Honest: Never promote a product unless you know it’s all that it says it is. Forget about the commission because if you sell something that you’re not happy with it’s going to bite you in the arse. You’ll kill whatever credibility you’ve built up over the years and those poor people who got sucked in by your post will tell all their friends what an arse you are.
  • Be A Person, Not A Salesman: People don’t like being sold to but they do like to know the positives and negatives of a product. That’s why you’re more likely to get sales when you’re writing about a product you use and obviously love than one where the only thing you’re interested in is the commission fee.Bellagio Foyer

Of course there are a lot of other factors like the theme you use, having too many ads (guilty :lol_ee: ), your posting frequency and even the font you’re using. Face it, if your font makes it hard for others to read they’re not likely to come back for seconds now are they? Getting it right is all the difference between that empty park bench and a foyer full of people talking about that awesome blog they’ve just left.

Naturally these are my personal opinions and alone they don’t hold much weight. What I want is your opinion. Do you agree with what I’ve said or not? If you do which factors to you believe to be important and if not why not. You may even want to add your own views as to what differentiates a good blog from a bad one.

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  1. I’m gonna disagree with you on this point Sire… “You certainly don’t want to write about your personal opinions on your business blog because doing so can piss off some potential customers.”

    Part of becoming a trusted authority EVEN IN the business space out here is not only creating content, and curating content, but becoming a trusted source of information… and yes, opinions about things. Particularly tricky things. And polarization of your audience isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it can become a filter to remove those that were not a good fit for your particular business.

    Now, I will say however that a business blog needs to be mostly “on topic” so if your going the opinion piece route, the content needs to be opinions on industry/niche 99% of the time. A stray personal post may sneak through but generally your audience is going to expect certain content from you and expect you to deliver.

    That’s not to say however that we don’t see a lot of hybrid blogs these days that are all over the place and a little bit of business and personal all mushed up. The thing to remember is that your business minded readers may find these blogs too time consuming to follow if they’re only looking for industry/niche news/tips/etc.

    1. Hey Kimberly, I get what you’re saying but I think perhaps I didn’t get my view across properly because of the way I phrased it.

      Let’s say I have a blog whose main purpose is trying to sell a particular product. Now let’s also say that I wrote a post on that blog telling people that there is no God. Now apart from making God upset, because I believe there is a God, I think it’s a safe bet to say that I’ve turned a lot of God fearing people away thereby hurting my potential sales figures.

      It doesn’t even have to be about religion, it can be about politics or even some newsworthy topic of the day. People being what they are you can never ever please all of them and so I believe that those sort of personal views should not appear on a business blog.

    2. I read your reply Sire before writing this and my feelings on the subject are that while I’m not disagreeing with you I personally really enjoy it when someone gets off the fence, obviously as long as they are professional about it.

      Sure people may disagree with you but most people accept that there are other views than their own and like a healthy debate.

      And when you are an expert in your subject I believe you absolutely have to get right off the fence and say what you mean – chances are that people will thank you for not beating about the bush. If you’re not expert then hedge a little bit but still state where your gut lies and why.

      But I agree with everything else you said.

      1. Hey Roz, it’s not always that a woman agrees with me :smile:

        I still think you have to be careful about what subjects you approach otherwise you could lose potential customers.

  2. Hi Sire
    The reason I keep coming back to your blog is because it’s both educational and entertaining at the same time. I like the product reviews, but if that’s all there was I probably wouldn’t keep coming back, its your style of writing/unique (humor) take on products that I like, mixed in with the off topic posts.
    khaled recently posted…How to Make Swarovski Crystal ConverseMy Profile

    1. Hey khaled,

      that is so nice of you to say so. You know, I’ve always thought I had a sense of humour and now I have someone to back me up :tumbup:

  3. Totally agree with the ‘Be professional’. This should be increasingly considered with any on-line activity. You never know who is going to Google your name!

    1. That’s for sure Rich

  4. Hello Sire!

    I think I’m getting some direction from a Higher Source–I’m been contemplating starting a blog lately and the last four blogs I’ve checked out today have had recent articles on tips for starting blogs!

    I agree with you and Kimberly on the point of staying professional but having that human touch. I’m far more likely to comment and subscribe to a blog that manages to make me feel like I can get to know the blogger, and something about their personality, than a blog that is very cold and doesn’t give away much about the person blogging.
    You, for example, give the impression of being very professional, but not terribly afraid of letting someone have it if they get out of line or make an inappropriate comment, and you have that touch of sardonic humour that is very appealing.
    I think it’s important to do that. I think the difference between a good and bad blog is one in which the blogger manages to become a real person to their subscribers, versus a faceless name on the net.

    1. Hey Chris, it’s not surprising that you’ve come across so many blogs discussing this subject as it’s very popular and there are so many takes on it.

      It nice to hear that I come across both professional with that personal humorist touch too so thanks for that :homage:

  5. Bad blog have like a dustbin.good blog like the mirror of you and the money machine.good blog required quality content because it attract visitor as well as money.

    1. Yep and after awhile most bad blogs end up in the virtual dustbin :lol_ee:

    1. Hey Keith,

      your my first Twitter comment :clap:

      Yes, it is a new system and if I decide to keep it I’ll do a proper write up on it. What do you think of it?

      As you know I love the default WordPress comment system and this one utilises that as well as letting people comment using their Twitter or FaceBook profiles. This could encourage even more people to comment. :thumbup_ee:

  6. I managed to take two things out of this post….just one would have made me happy. I have been informed and entertained! Thanks for writing this.

    1. Glad you got something out of it Anne

  7. Are you trying to throw my ideas on paper ;) very true points and missed by most of the bloggers and this is the reason most people fail to become a blogger in their day today life… I really like the idea of putting businesses at aside while blogging… which is very difficult for a person who is in to business blogging.

    The best part about you in the article is you are very clear about points and this shows your command over the subject! Great work!

    1. Not to put business aside while blogging Matt, just not to include your personal views on certain subjects like politics and religion for example. :wink_ee:

  8. Indeed. Bad grammar can really be a killer. On one of my blogs, mostly related to pro bodybuilding and powerlifting, I tend to make some mistakes sometimes. Adding up the fact that I am not a native English either, I really feel that people are not satisfied enough of my blog.

    1. There’s a difference between a non English speaking person’s grammar and that of a person who is just too lazy to correct their work. One makes allowance for the former but rarely tolerate the latter.

      1. Agree with you here very much! Bad spelling and grammar are two of my pet hates, if coming from a native English speaker. They seem to suggest a lack of care and respect for what is being written about. Although I have been known to write some incredibly careless comments late at night after a few jars, this probably backs the statement up.

        Must proof-read that, now. Should never get into that conversation, I always end up substituting “hear” for “here” or something equally dumb.

        1. You’re not the only one that sometimes leaves a comment only to realised after it’s been published that you made some stupid mistake which is why on this blog you have the chance to go back in and edit it. :thumbup_ee:

  9. I would also add the fact that there’s no good blog without the honest desire of sharing an information, a state of mind, a feeling, an attitude, with the others. We can’t be robots and simply writing about something trendy, use the best keywords and that’s it.

    1. That’s true because otherwise your articles turn out boring and no-one wants to read a boring article.

  10. You really did gather all the best ingredients for blog and cooked up quite a nice post. This is sure to help me spice up some content. Thanks!

    1. It’s all pretty basic stuff Pete but sometimes it’s the basic stuff that people forget. Glad you liked it.

  11. You are right, business and personal shouldn’t mix. Business readers would be pissed of reading about the family holiday or Uncle Fred’s crook knee, I guess.

    1. That’s especially true of a business blog Pete but then if you have a personal blog and you throw some business posts in occasionally, perhaps under a business category, you may get away with it as long as they don’t bore the crap out of people.

  12. Great advice for me as a new blogger. I have a question though. How do you feel about pictures? I have read that every post should have a pic and then I see your site, which seems to be doing well, have minimal pictures. I understand why a crafting or recipe site would definitely benefit from pictures but what about straight up talk and advice sites?

    1. Allison, you did notice that I actually had two pictures in this post didn’t you? :wink_ee:

      I try to always include a photo in my posts, the only time I fail to do so is if I used a YouTube video instead or if I couldn’t find a photo that relates to post in some way. Take the two photos in this post as an example; The first conveys a blog with no traffic and the second a busy blog. At least I hope that is what they convey :lol_ee:

      So, to answer your question I wouldn’t just put a photo in a post just for the hell of it, only if I felt it added something to the post.

      1. Got, another thing for me to learn. I feel like I am in college again. And to think I started off in Computer Science and switched to paralegal studies. Two classes away and now I don’t want to do it. That’s a Gemini for you.

        1. Funny that, I started of as a teacher and was only one semester off when I decided it wasn’t for me. :cool:

  13. I agree with everything you said. In my opinion, the 3 most important are “Avoid Bad Grammar” (how can you expect to earn the respect of your readers when you can’t even write properly?), “Use The Right Keywords” (let’s face it, everybody wants to get in top Google searches), and “InteractWith Your Commentator” (commentators want to see that their opinion is taken into consideration).

    1. I agree Roger, those are very important points for having a good blog. Of course you always want to maintain a good source of interesting posts. Don’t be like some bloggers that love to post heaps of articles because they feel that is the right way to but most of the time the posts are less than desirable. Better to post fewer articles and keep the quality up.

  14. Should you avoid confrontation just by not responding to the negative comments, or by not posting anything that could be considered controversial?

    1. A lot of the time you can avoid confrontation simply by not antagonising the annoying commentator. You do this by responding to them in a reasonable manner. Naturally this may not work with some people and in that situation I ignore them, unless they are being rude to my other commentators in which case I delete their comments.

  15. It’s funny how some of the most obvious concepts are also the most elusive. This is doubly so when it comes from those people creating blogs solely for the point of trying to sell a product or service.

    I think that the best litmus test for a blog is simple. IF this was the only perception that someone got about your product or service, would you want someone to judge you on it.

    I would be curious to see what the results would be from that.

    1. That would make for an interesting test wouldn’t it? :wink_ee:

  16. Be a person and not a salesman so you can win your readers heart. I’ve seen lots of blogs where they always make contents where all of the affiliate links are available. Though its the best way to earn money, it can still be irritating for others.

    1. Hey Samantha, I think that all depends on how entertaining and the type of informations those posts are. People won’t mind too much whether a post has affiliate links as long as they enjoy the post.

      1. You’re absolutely right. As long as the post is appealing to the readers, adding affiliate links for each post won’t be a big deal for everybody.

        1. Which is why you should always try to ensure that you put out the best content you’re capable of.

  17. I agree and taking these points under consideration..well..I;m running a bad blog. I have less visitors but no comments till now(its being 1 yr nearly) and I feel my language is bad because I’m not an English. Also..I never separate business blog from personal, I use some weekend stuffs while writing about technology etc., I think these are all bring bad things to my blog. When asked or discussed this with my friends they advised me to use native language but I think that is not the right way to reach worldwide audience. I have to change by starting another blog and writing them perfectly *only* for business & traffic. My new blog must be professional and for fun/weekend stuffs I must have a separate category. I must not mingle business with my entertainment.

    1. I think separating your business blog from you personal blog will be a positive move Chavez.

      While English may not be your natural tongue one can see that you are trying your best and so I believe people will make allowance for that when reading your blog. In regards to having a blog in your native tongue, perhaps you could start one up. Yes, it will increase your work load and will not have as big an audience but then perhaps it will also get its own fair share of business as many people do prefer to buy from their compatriots.

  18. Thank you for presenting a very useful and informative post on ‘what makes for a good blog post’. A blogger should never loose temper. It is proven that by maintaing professional standards, you can win even a hardcore criticizer.

    1. Jane, lets extend that to a person, be they a business owner or married partner, should never lose their temper as it is so counter productive. This is especially true for bloggers because we have the time to calm down before responding.

  19. Well there may be many more aspects as well when describing good and bad blogs.
    Reading all above i think you have summarized all aspects.I believe good blog is when it meet all what information needed by user and the same time design is catchy.

    1. That’s true Tim except that I feel I’ve only touched on what differs a good blog from a bad blog, especially considering all the different viewpoints people may have.

    1. Yep and you can verify this by visiting newbie blogs who accept spam comments because they would rather have those than none at all.

  20. Great post. I just started blogging and these are definitively the most basic ins and outs one should consider! Good content is more important than SEO. If you don’t have anything your readers will like, you are lost!

    1. Yes, that’s why you should never sacrifice good content for SEO.

  21. Twitter:
    Interesting stuff Sire, but I’m not sure where that puts someone like me. On IJS I talk about whatever I feel like, and sometimes it’s controversial, if not actually confrontational. But you’ve noticed that I’ll get that way when I feel someone has gone beyond the boundaries of good decorum; heck, you haven’t had to do it on this blog because I’ve taken care of it for you. lol

    I think there has to be a balance. People who stand for nothing fall for anything. Sure, if you take criticism because you’ve recommended something that others don’t like, that’s not worth it. If you support or hate something that someone comes along and challenges you on, that’s another thing altogether. Sometimes, there’s behavior you just can’t accept, whether that means you go after someone or, though we’re not crazy about it, delete the comment.

    As for grammar and the like, look at the first sentence in your next to last paragraph, as two words are merged together. Hey, I didn’t do it! (Awww man, the smileys are gone, so I have to make my own) 8-)
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Easy Admin Color Schemes – The UpdateMy Profile

    1. OK, first, that wasn’t bad grammar, that was a typo :wink:

      Secondly I do have smilies you just click on the smiley icon below commentluv.

      From my experience you’ve always dealt very professionally with your commentators so I reckon it puts you in good standing as far as that goes.

  22. Twitter:
    Good or bad? Huh…

    Well, I think it’s pretty safe to say that mine is good although I still fall short on a few things on your list. For instance, I’m still horrible with the keywords… I know, I don’t do the keyword research to grab that particular spot with that particular post. My bad…

    As for the rest of it I think I’m good. I also agree with you accept I don’t have a business blog so I can’t really say one way or the other about writing personal things but I can definitely see Kimberly’s point on that so I think I would have to agree with her.

    Great tips Sire.

    1. Yeah, that would be right, you girls always stick together :wink:

      As to your blog, it’s definitely one of the good ones Adrienne.

  23. This is a great article showing the difference between good and bad blog. It is really helpful for me as well as for all the bloggers who are blogging. A good blog provides huge amount of traffic as well as popularity of the online business.

  24. I am new to blogging and found your discussion on What Makes For A Good Blog Post extremely helpful. I intend to follow your guidelines to the letter in my blogging.


    1. That’s what it’s there for Ellie. Glad you liked it.

  25. You’re right!

    As bloggers, we always need to interact with our commentors. They are like our customers, they are the reason for our blog.

    They create the need for our blog.

    Let’s be sincere in everything that we say to our readers.

    1. And yet some people fail to see it. I’m glad that you do Barbie.

  26. I totally agree with you. I have experienced it myself. Whatever services you sell on your website, your posts have to be genuine. this certainly affects the website traffic. Similarly good and relevant posts increase website traffic. If you are not honest, you might initially earn money but later you have to reap bad fruits. Good tips .

    Thank you

    1. Thanks Nelson, I’m glad you liked it.

      1. Nice article – could you expand a bit more on what fonts you think are good in blogs? I’m just starting my first one (shocked gasp) as an addition to my ginger dating site – just a general blog on news for gingers, that kind of thing – and was going to go for sans serif basic such as arial.
        Has anyone done A B testing on fonts and font sizes? It would be interesting to see results…

        1. Pretty well any font as long as its easily legible. The ones to stay away from are the fancy ones that people could struggle to read with. Another very important point is the font and background colour as some combinations I’ve seen make it really hard for me to read.

  27. Hi Sire:

    I really like the part about being a person and not a salesman. It is something that every blogger should remember. People buy things using their hard earned money to simplify their life and help them in their everyday life. Salesman should not ruin it. After all, they are also customers at the end of the day.

    1. I used to be a salesman Jason and I learned to treat people the way I wanted to be treated and not in such a manner just to get the sale and earn extra commission. I probably didn’t make as many sales as some of the other guys but then I had more happy customers than they did.

  28. For me, the number one aspect of a good blog post is the information or content value that the post provides. If the blog does not have any useful information, there’s no point to it. That is in addition to, of course, all the requisites you outlined.

    1. That is true Raj, a post amongst many other things must provide something of value to the reader.

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