In my last post, The Secret To Online Success Is Passive Income, I told you all about how the secret to making money online is to pick those products that offered you a good source of passive income. I also told you, because of my past success in promoting lotteries, how I intended to boost my income by starting yet another blog, this one being a niche blog that is all about offering people ways of buying lottery tickets online. While I purchased several domains for this purpose I decided on Buy Online Lotto Tickets as the one best suited for the purpose.

Once I decided on the domain I needed to work out who was going to host my latest blog. At first I thought I would use BlueHost and I was part way through signing up a new account when I noticed they didn’t accept PayPal and I really wanted to start using up some of my PayPal funds. I could have used the add on domains feature which would have been free but I really wanted it to have it’s own IP address so the traffic wouldn’t slow down my other blogs.

I then checked out HostGator who I use for three of my blogs, and yes they did accept PayPal. As I had no intention at using add on domains I went for their $3.96/month plan, although I did have to sign on for three years to get that great price I was fine with that because this blog was going to supply money for me well into my old age. :smile2_ee: Once the account was open I set up my latest WordPress using their auto feature, so much easier than doing it all yourself. It even came with a plugin that I’ve never seen before but is loaded with cool features. More on that in another post. :smile1_ee:

To cut a long story short, in a matter of a few days my latest blog is now live. My first post lists The Top 5 Reasons For Buying Your Lottery Tickets Online. It’s even got it’s first comment, although once I’ve finished this I’m going to delete it because the commentator did not adhere to the blog’s comment policy. Even though the blog only went live two days ago I’ve already been asked by major lottery site to become an affiliate for them. I’m talking about and as an affiliate I can now promote lotteries from all over the load. As an affiliate you would also be able to tap into this lucrative market.

As an affiliate I was able to use their links on my page. Although I’ve used this page to highlight the benefits of joining with a spattering of links to all the most opportune landing pages I plan on refining it even more adding even more value to it.

I’m so glad that I bought the FlexSqueeze theme because it’s made setting up the new blog, giving it a real professional feel about it, so easy. I have no plans for using Adsense, Infolinks or any other revenue earning network as I don’t want to distract the attention of my visitors from the sites main purpose, that of providing them with the means of purchasing lottery tickets online.

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