It seems that Twitter has taken the Internet by storm, so much so that every man and his dog has decided to join the Twitter revolution. After some study I have discovered that every Twitterer goes through certain stages before they can claim to be a proficient Twitterer. I’ve decided to list the states that I went through on my  Twitter discovery journey.

It’s quite possible that some of my readers have gone through some of the same stages. Just for a change I’ve decided to use a video to portray the separate stages I went through and I am hoping that at the end you may want to leave a comment saying how close they were to your own Twitter experience.

I’ve written a little post for those of you who have a hard time understanding my accent. Again, if you are offended by swear words you may want to read one of my other posts.

  1. Newbie: This is the initial member stage when you don’t know what the hell you are supposed to do.
  2. Research: Because you don’t want to remain a Newbie for the rest of your life you decide to do a little research to find out exactly how Twitter works
  3. Sifting: That research is starting to cram a lot of ideas into your head, especially if you came across bloggers like John Chow who tell you that to become a successful marketer you need to get thousands of followers. This is the stage where you sift through your newly acquired knowledge to separate the crap from the gems
  4. Following: Your research has lead you to believe that bloggers like John Chow are marketing Gurus and must therefore know what they are talking about. Working on that premise you decide to follow his lead and start to follow a whole heap of people that seem to have the same interests as you, hoping that most of them will return the favor.
  5. WTF!: The What The Fuck Stage is reached once you’ve accumulated a whole heap of followers and are suddenly bombarded with a whole lot of useless Tweets. After putting up with it for awhile you decide that you don’t give a shit about somebody picking their nose, or what someone else is having for lunch. You find especially annoying that Twitterers who seem to Tweet every few minutes and those Tweets that at first appear interesting but end up taking you to a squeeze page or a site full of affiliate links.
  6. Unfollow: You’ve had enough and decide that your sanity is more important than following a bunch of morons and so you decide to trim the excess fat by unfollowing the annoying, marketing and otherwise useless Twitterers. You aslo come across a site that called Friend Or Follow that will show you those people who have decided to stop following you and decide, rightfully so, that they are the first ones to get the chop
  7. Panic: You breathe a sigh of relief as the incessant chatter has diminished, but not longer after that your statistics show that your blogs hits have reduced quite remarkably. Naturally you assume that it must be because of all those people you have stopped following. Heaven forbid that you would think to put the blame on yourself because you’ve been posting less and your content has been a little lacking of late. Panic mode sets in and you wonder if perhaps you should start to build up your followers again, but at what cost? You wonder how people like Darren Rowse (Aussie Problogger) and Chow manage to do it.
  8. Google: Convinced that a solution must exist you resort to Google in the hope that it can help you with your dilemma.
  9. TweetDeck: You discover Tweetdeck which amongst other things will allow you to create groups of Twitterers to ‘easily follow friends, colleagues or other interest groups’ You figure that you can also create separate groups for all those noisy tweets that you ant to suppress.
  10. I’ve left this one blank so that you can add your own stage to the mixture

So, these are the stages that I went through and I would really like to know if you guys went through some if not all of the same stages.

If you found this post entertaining and because of the economic crisis can’t afford to buy me a beer, perhaps you would consider stumbling, digging it or any other way of letting the world hear of it.

EDIT: Try Googling what the fuck is a twitterer and see what you get. :jittery_tb:

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