I’ve been playing the stock market game for many years and along the way I have made thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, I have also lost thousands of dollars. Truth be told I am still thousands in the red, but, I am clawing my way back and I plan to be back in the black sometime soon. I would be there a lot sooner if it wasn’t for the latest Greek economic travesty which will be making that a longer journey than I had hoped.

If you’re an experienced share broker then this post will be of no value to you. If on the other hand you’re a newbie who wants to learn the stock market as another way to earn income then you will find some value in what follows. As in all businesses, and mark my words, investing in shares is a business and not a hobby, you will want to ensure that with every transaction you have one goal in mind and that is to turn a profit. This means that you need to ask yourself whether your investment, trade or software will make or lose you money before taking action.

What this post does not claim to do is to give you all the ins and outs of share trading or trading the current stock market. You would need a book or two to do that, but I will be linking to a few very good ones as resources from within the post. It is meant to be stock market for beginners and what it will do, is to highlight some of the mistakes I’ve made while stock market investing. Let me tell you, not repeating the same mistakes that I and countless of others have made while trying to learn how the stock market works can potentially save you literally thousands of dollars. Heck, there may be some tips that will probably help you to make some dollars as well.  :thumbup_ee:



Tip #1: Paper Trading, Your First Step

Paper trading is something I should have done but didn’t. If I had utilised paper trading to learn


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