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Telling It How It Is A Top Commenting Rule

There are many types of commentators, but for this post I want to discuss two of them, those who tell you how it is and those who tell you what they think you want to hear. I reckon the latter would be those who in the real world would be called brown-noses. Their comments don’t really reflect their true feelings as they figure that this wouldn’t win them any brownie points thereby costing them a possible reciprocal comment on their own blog. There could possibly be some who may fit into this category that refrain from total honesty because they are afraid they may hurt your feelings.

The fact is you aren’t doing anybody any good by refraining from telling it how it is. Where the latter does not supply any additional content, the former, if done correctly, can enhance the post as well as give you added incites into the topic being discussed. The key is in the way in which it is done.

Let’s say that you have just read a post and you totally disagree, the wrong approach would be to tell the blogger that they are a bloody moron who wouldn’t know if their arse was on fire. Unbelievable as it may sound I’ve seen a few take this tact. The right approach would be to tell them nicely that you disagree and then list your reasons why. If the blogger has any character at all he will enter into the discussion and a nice informative dialogue will ensue. This is a great positive if that particular blog has the top commentator plugin as it will enhance your chances of getting listed in the top comment bracket.

Personally I don’t try to crawl up anyone’s arse when commenting, and there are a lot of posts that are so informative that I can’t offer any sort of comment that will add anything new to it; This is an important lesson for bloggers, leave a little leeway for commenters to add something to your post as failing to do so may drastically reduce the number of comments that post will receive. On those occasions I read other comments to see if they allow an opening for me to add to the conversation and if it does then I try to leave something of value.

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  1. Personally I don’t try to crawl up anyone’s arse when commenting,

    It just happens eh ?

    Though in regards to your point about ‘leeway’ for commenter’s to fill the gaps…I dont know personally I fell you should complete the article as best you can.

    OFC if there are gaps that need filling that you may have overlooked, then yes however even a comment like ‘good article, I enjoyed it, learnt alot, here is an example’ is still worth its salt.

    Donace | The Nexus´s Last blog post..Free SEO Tools

    1. That’s what I love about blogging, it allows people to discuss on an open forum their views on any given topic, that is of course unless a blog author disagrees to the extent that he deletes the offending comment.

      Excuse my stupidity, but what the heck is OFC? The only thing that I can come up with that fits is ‘of course’, and I suppose it’s up to the individual bogger as to what tact they take.

        1. It had to happen sooner or later.

  2. Twitter:
    First I read the post, then I read what Donace said, and I’m pretty much with him in just writing the post and dealing with people either getting it, asking questions, or debating with you later on. Thing is, though, you find that the people who stop by your blog on a continuous basis do agree with you, and that’s what keep them coming back for more all the time. Yeah, occasionally things go off in a different direction (like one of my recent posts), but for the most part, you really are usually speaking to the choir.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..Chitika Changes Its Ads Format

    1. It’s only natural that they agree with me Mitch as everyone knows, I am never wrong. :wink_ee:

  3. I heard my name :p (and I need a break from revision)

    Yes it is like ‘preaching to the choir’ for the regular commenter’s as they are usually subscribed because they like what you write…stupid otherwise.

    Though ‘runaway’ debates as in Mitch’s latest post are fun as well..its what your highest comments on a post yet? or shall I go and add some more :p

    Donace | The Nexus´s Last blog post..Update – Links – Love – 4

  4. Well Sire my friend, I like the fact that you wait to leave something of value. Btw, when will that be exactly? :lol_ee:

    As far as leaving things out I disagree, especially if you’re targeting newbies. Close it with your opinion and then trust the good ‘ole “call to action” at the end to bring the comments…

    What do YOU think of this? (CTA is a MUST people.)

    Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..New Comment Policy – You Want To Read This

    1. I ain’t gonna fall for that one Dennis, everything I say is of value, at least to me. :cheese1_ee:

      As far as leaving out things I am not saying that you miss out all the points, just one or two. Man you don’t want to hand everything on a silver plate as the newbies will learn more if they are forced to use their brains a little. The brain is a muscle you know and only grows when it is forced to solve problems and such.

      Man I hate Acronyms and according to Wikipedia CTA can stand for over twenty different things, which one is yours aimed at?

      1. Real short attention span? CTA = Call to Action :ohh_ee:

        Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..New Comment Policy – You Want To Read This

        1. Give us a break mate, that was the first comment I read upon waking up. It takes while for the old brain to focus first thing in the morning.

          1. Just goofin on ya. :clap_tb:

            Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Twitter Gone!

          2. Yeah, I should have known. Say, you must have really pissed of Akismet as it’s picking up all your comments and putting them into moderation.

  5. OK since when do my comments go to moderation. :tongue2_tb:

    Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..New Comment Policy – You Want To Read This

    1. Must be the new anti-acronym plugin that I’ve installed. :devil_tb:

  6. I think that there are polite ways to disagree with things. Simply agree that you understand where the author is coming from, and then say that your personal feeling is ___. That way they know that you at least took the time to consider their opinion, and that you don’t expect them to change their mind to think the way that you do.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..Dreaming of Birds

  7. Hey Kristi, that is so true and I reckon that there may be an opening for a young pretty female that is willing to instruct others on how to be polite, not only in commenting but in life in general. I reckon you could fit the bill.

  8. Not bullshit Peter, I am being totally serious, and the only thing protecting you from my wrath at this moment is the great ocean that separates us. :guns_tb:

    As for feelings, I am too thick skinned to be hurt :wink_ee:

  9. I think I could politely tell Sire he was talking bullshit without hurting his feelings. Kiwis can do that to Aussies, well most of them anyway!

    Cheers all!

  10. everybody’s entitled to their opinion. commenting is just us basing our perspective of the subject matter with our opinions of that particular topic. why not join the discussion or create more controversary to discuss about, it just makes your presence stronger and the curiousity will lead to traffic to your blog or website.

    the “brown-nosers” is just trying to get in good with the blogger and community, i dont see nothing wrong with them except that they may be looked at as one with no spine to say what they need to say. but then again, some people tend to be more nicer than those others out there.

    1. Very good comment Pheak Tol, as you make some very good points. May I add one thing about the ‘brown-nosers’; I feel that the reason they do what they do is because it is a lot easier to brown-nose than to actually think up a constructive comment.

  11. Hey Sire,
    I am kinda good at ‘telling it like it is’. There are times I will just keep my mouth shut rather than start an argument, kinda depends on what the topic it, how strongly I feel about it, and who it is that I disagree with. I also make sure I have plenty of back up to support my side of the debate. That is why I have forum post that are more like ebooks than plane post. LOL!
    I have found that some people do not debate well. They become angry and nasty so, I may just let them go on their ‘misinformed’ way.

    One thing I will not do is agree with someone just because.

    I was always told that ‘if you can’t stand up for what you believe in then you stand for nothing at all’.

  12. That is so true Sheryl, and the thing that inspired this post is something that happened whilst commenting on another blog, which I made a passing mention in my last post, I think it was my last post. Anyway, I left a comment stating my honest opinion to which the author responded stating his views. I then left another comment that showed him the errors in his reply. After I hit the submit button I checked, as I always do, to see if it was to my linking and I was actually quite pleased with it. the next time I logged on I noticed that he had deleted my comment. No biggy, as it was good fodder for another post or two.

    Even so, I will continue to speak my mind and if that results in my comment being deleted, that’s cool, because that is one less blog I have to patronize.

    1. I tend to leave comments that other bloggers would delete. Why? One really good reason is so everyone else can see what a jack-ass the person is and know what blogs to NOT patronize or recommend.

      Of course I will delete the over the top crude/lude/rude, and so forth.

  13. How would they know Dennis unless you told them? OH, I also delete those types of comments.

    1. I think deleting comments from any one is not fair as you also know how hardly one passes his/her comments. is not it ?

      1. Jesi, if their only intent in leaving a comment is to get the link juice and it has nothing to do with the post then I feel they can’t really expect their comment to survive the chop. It’s sort of like a guest that comes for a visit for the sole purpose of eating your food, and after eating their fill leaving, not once conversing at all with their host. I certainly wouldn’t want them calling back again.

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