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Teaching People The Proper Way To Comment

Most people probably don’t realize this but there was a time when I was studying to be a teacher and I only had a semester to complete to get my degree before I gave it all away. There were many reasons for this but the main reason was I discovered near the end that I didn’t have a passion for it and so I decided I would be doing all those kids a disservice were I to continue on.

Now seeing as how I have all that experience I wondered if I could use it to teach people the proper way to comment on a blog. I know there are a whole lot of posts out there that have tried to educate people the proper way to leave a comment, I even wrote one myself called Commenting 101 Important Rules For 2009, yet even with this wealth of information I find there’s a lot of people out there who just don’t get it.

Perhaps they think they understand the proper technique but for some reason they’ve missed some vital point, and so they continue to leave comments that can be so bad some people interpret it as spam and send them to Akismet Hell.

Timken Roller Bearing Co., calendar, September 1950, teacher at desk

I’m hoping this post will solve that problem and the way I’m hoping to do that is by grading every comment out of 10. That means that I will allow all comments, even the spam ones, and with each grade I will give a reason as to why they got that score.

A warning though, even though I will leave comments that I would normally delete or spam I will remove the url. So, what are some of the things that will cause points to be deducted?

  1. Comments that do not follow the Comment Policy!
  2. Poor grammar, which includes being too slack to use capitals and punctuation. I will make special consideration for those to whom English is a second language.
  3. If I feel your comment has nothing to do with the post, by which I mean you probably didn’t read it.
  4. If I feel you didn’t put any effort or thought into your comment.
  5. All spam comments will obviously receive a score of ZERO

OK, I may add to that list if anything else comes to mind. I reckon it will be very interesting to see what sort of comments this post will solicit. Be warned that I will not hold back because I’m not one who believes being soft on students is a good tactic, and certainly doesn’t teach them anything. :devil_tb:

You may want to tweet this post so it will get maximum exposure.

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  1. Comments should be added to blog articles when an Internet visitor has read the article and has something useful to contribute. This creates an opportunity for a textual anchor. So, however the commentor chooses to insert a link varies, of course real names seem more trustworthy than pseudonyms, but it is usually found that the more natural, logical the hyperlink is placed, the better both the Internet visitor and the search engine will respond.

    1. Hey Adam, I scored your comment 8 out of 10 as your comment was well constructed and added value to the post. You lost some points because I’m not sure that you actually read the post as your comment could have been constructed around the blog title.

      All in all I think it was a great comment and I congratulate you on the score.
      Sire recently posted…How I Stopped My Desktop Icons From FlickeringMy Profile

  2. Hi Sire

    You have raised some valid points in this post but unfortunately due to the nature of the Internet people have extremely short attention spans and therefore tend to skim read (I know I can be guilty myself).

    I agree with what you say regarding the conversational aspects of blogging and comments need to add to this but I often feel that people leave comments purely with the intention of generating backlinks for their SEO – why else are there so many automated comment tools out there?

    I have been firing out decent blog posts on a weekly basis the past few weeks and it amazes me the amount of people that repeat what I have said in the post rather than add something – at least they are making the effort I suppose.

    Anyway enough from me, I hope this comment has some valid points in line with the message you are trying to get out there.



    1. Hey Pete, you’ll be glad to know that I gave your comment 10/10. Well done mate.

      There’s nothing wrong with people leaving comments just so they can get the link juice, but you would think it would be common courtesy to at least put a little effort into the comment itself.

      I reckon I’ve been guilty of skimming a post every now and again, but I still try to get a general idea of what I’ve read so that the comment does add a little value.

      Thanks for dropping by, hope you’ll be back again.

  3. I’m still fairly new at blogging, so I may not be seeing the whole picture, but it seems to me that this is all about having a conversation. The rules you listed would apply to almost any face-to-face discussion. If you were telling me a story or trying to help me understand something, and my response had nothing to do with what you were saying, was purely self-serving, or was completely unintelligible, I imagine our talk would be over pretty quickly. The result would be nothing but a waste of time for both of us. Unfortunately, I usually get the sense that most people are interested only in talking, and do very little listening. That’s too bad: we learn a lot more by listening.

    By the way, Sire, I have to say that you’re an excellent teacher, and the schoolchildrens’ loss is our gain. (That was my apple.) (I hope you liked it.) (As sickening as it was.)

    1. Wow, another 10/10. Still, I reckon it’s only a matter of time before some student leaves a comment and get’s a lousy mark because the dog ate his homework or something. :smile2_ee:

      You are right though Charles, listening, or in this case reading, is very important. You always know when someone hasn’t been listening because they but in with something that is totally unrelated to the conversation, and then they wonder why it all goes quiet and people look at them. :wallbash_tb:

  4. Well I hope I score well then :P.
    The way I see it, there are several types of comments:
    1. Spam
    1.1. From bots, that even have nothing related.
    1.2. From bots, that are universal and have few sentences that can be used for any post. Talking about things like: Great article, very useful, I have subscribed and that kind of stuff.
    1.3. The same as 1.2. but from humans.
    1.4. From bots, that are kind of related, but not exactly. They just saw a keyword (like SEO, or IPhone) and used a preset comment.
    2. Not spam
    2.1. Nothing related, but from a human just saying that he liked the article. It is hard to recognize these, and I actually do not approve them if they have an URL.
    2.2. Related, but mainly repeating the stuff you say and agreeing with you.
    2.3. Related and adding some information to the article that is useful.
    Well I guess that is about it. I think there is another kind, and it is the question kind. But it can be spam, and it can be a real question too. It is hard to tell.
    I think it is obvious that 2.3. is the best kind and the more likely to be approved by any webmaster.
    Sorry for the little long comment. I guess it is because I want to score well. Ha-ha :).

    1. Hey Nikolay, I reckon your comment scored a 10 as well my friend. You covered quite a few types of comments that could be left by humans and bots and I applaud you for your effort. Well done.

      1. Yeee :). 10 out of 10. Nice! Too bad I do not put that much effort in all my comments ;).

  5. Twitter:
    Interesting post and mission you’ve found yourself there, Mr. Sire. Unfortunately it’s a war that cannot be won, not even by you, my good man. It’s cool and all that you can teach all the commenters in here to do it right, but what about all the other commenters in the world? Oh my, just thinking about how many bad commenters exists out there – it actually makes me happy that you’re at least trying to improve and correct on some of us.

    By the way, English is my second language. Just thought I would come clean and score a few pity points on that account.

    Okay I’m ready to receive my grade now. I expect at least 8/10, partly because I’ll be leaving an apple on your desk as a sign of bribe. Teachers like apples on their desk, don’t they…?

    1. Hi Klaus, you get a 10/10 because it obvious that you read the post and even though I never received the apple the humor was much appreciated. :wink_ee:

      Yes it’s true that the war may never be won, but every time a commenter learns the correct way to leave a comment on a blog we have won another battle and that is a fight worth writing a post over.
      Sire recently posted…How I Stopped My Desktop Icons From FlickeringMy Profile

  6. Hi Sire,

    It’s quite interesting that quite a few bloggers have put a post on blog commenting recently. My last post was on same subject too. Yaro did one recently where he says that superior blog comments are those that are emotionally engaging – those are comments that stand out and catch the attention of their readers.

    While it’s important for people who are new to blog commenting to learn how to do it well, I don’t want to see a trend towards the “professionalisation” of blog commenting.

    Oh let’s be fair, especially to those who just starting out with their online presence, blog comments are not to be taken too seriously, and blog commenting isn’t an English test or a job application. I believe that blog commenting are best when they are conversational, casual and sociable.
    Ben Wan recently posted…How to Get Free Traffic to your WebsiteMy Profile

    1. 10/10 for you too Ben, and while I agree that commenting isn’t an English test and that perhaps it should be conversational, that’s no reason to be slack about it. Once you start doing that you’ll find the same slack attitude appearing in other facets of your life.

      I’ve always been taught that when doing anything in life you should always do your best and if you do that others will see it and appreciate you more for your efforts. I’ve always followed this premise and I’ve found it to be true.
      Sire recently posted…How To Save Time Replying To CommentsMy Profile

      1. Hi Sire,

        Thanks for the grade. Your reply sounds like you’ve been a Scout or influenced by the teachings of the Scout (the Scout’s promise: “I’ll do my best”). :)

        I’ll add, I’ve learned how to comment from reading the comment policy page where I’ve found one ( by the way, yours is a very good and informative one) and I’ve learned how NOT to comment from reading the spam comments trapped by Akismet on my own blog.

        P.S. You’ve got to tell me how you made your CommentLuv pop-up white instead of pink.
        Ben Wan recently posted…How to Get Free Traffic to your WebsiteMy Profile

        1. Hey Ben, I was never a Scout mate, I’ve my parents to thank for that and many other things that I’ve learned.

          I never thought to use the spam comments as a way of learning how to behave properly, that’s not a bad idea.

          As for commentluv, if you go to settings you’ll find the answer there.

  7. Sire, As I tweeted the other day via Twitter when one comments on a blog post it lets the blogger know that you had an interest in what they had to say. Of course there is always a right way and a wrong way to comment & it is good to have a comment policy in place. Many blogs don’t. I did RT this for you to give you maximum exposure.

    Ps: I like how you left Chandigarh Hotels comment as an example.

    PSS; I hope this comment meets your criteria for commenting and does not end up in the trash.

    1. Hi Rose, that may not necessarily be true as there are a lot of commentators who comment merely to get a link back to their site, which is quite OK as long as they do the right things.

      I gave you a 10 Rose because your comment is all that it should be. As for the example, it’s like I said in the post

      That means that I will allow all comments, even the spam ones, and with each grade I will give a reason as to why they got that score

      I thought of deducting a point for that but I thought better of it because I’ve been known to miss things in posts as well. :innocent1_tb:

      1. I did miss the part regarding the spam. Seems strange you’d leave spam and just grade it considering it was most likely left by an automated bot.

        1. Not all spam is left by a bot, as I’m sure we will see from some of the comments that will be left on this post.

          1. I’m aware of that. There are places that pay people to spam comment on blogs. However, a lot of spam is left by a spam bot.

  8. Well done Sire.I hope people take note and learn from this post. You are someone who is very generous with your comments and I often see you over on blogs I am visiting and commenting on. I am probably an exception to the rule in that I read all the article before I comment. I also read all the comments on the post too. I obviously do not have enough to do or I am just diverting from working on my own blog :-)
    Unlike you; I have not trained as a teacher but I do appreciate good grammar and correct punctation so we have that in common as well as our Aussie sense of humour.
    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. 10/10 Patricia, and I know I make mistakes and I think it’s because my time is limited and so I tend to rush through things which means I may tend to skim posts and not take the time to proof read the comments. Sometimes I could kick myself upon seeing what I’ve written after pressing the submit button. :wallbash_tb:

      1. I always appreciate your visits to my blog. You have opened up a whole blogging world to me Sire. I am now connecting with heaps of lovely bloggers and your encouragement has kept me going along the way. I have had a very bumpy road the past few weeks with illness, my Mother being ill and my laptop crashing!
        Lots of people appreciate what you are doing as I have seen some really nice comments about you on other blogs.
        Glad I scored well as English was my top subject when I was at school :-)
        Patricia Perth Australia

        1. I hope everything will turn around for you soon and Patricia, and that your mother is on the mend.

          Thanks for all your kind words too, it makes all I do worthwhile.

  9. I have also written a blog commenting policy on my blog, but I do sometimes get these “nice post, thanks for sharing” comments and a link to an affiliate site which I never approve.

    Many people also comment on a post without reading it first which is quite annoying.I have managed to reduce the spam by installing a plugin called WP Spam Free.

    1. Hey Tom, sorry mate but I had to give you 9/10. You lost the point because although you left a name you didn’t follow the instructions in the comment form as to how to use keywordlove properly. This is easily done by using a ‘@’ instead of a ‘-‘ when separating your name from your keywords.

  10. Posting a comment is like giving a reaction towards the blog associated with the concept. Honestly, I decided to post my comment here not just to gain a high score but also, I want to express how much I appreciate the content of the blog. Indeed, a lot of Internet users are keep of commenting to a certain blog site just to have a numerous backlinks and this is somewhat irritating to the part of the blog writer. So, I really agree that you put your rules in accepting comments to avoid the posting of spammers.

    1. Hi Janice, I gave you a 10/10 even though you had a grammatical error which you could have picked up if you proof read your comment. I would have removed a point but didn’t because I’ve made the same error more than once.

      I reckon that means that we should all take a little more time when commenting as what we leave is a picture of ourselves.

  11. I likes you site sire, you great looking lady. – Oops, I think I just lost some points lol You should submit this post to your old school for credit toward your last semester. Tell them you will only use the degree/diploma as a blog background pic or to only teach blogging. I’m sure they will let you graduate.

    Hey, make sure you count my extra credit – I tweeted ;)

    1. :laugh_tb: Good one Brian. When I started reading your comment the first thing I did was check the url because I thought someone had hi-jacked your name.

      Great idea mate but I don’t think it will wash. :wink_ee:

      10/10 for you my friend.

  12. Thanks for such informative post. i was looking for it from last 2-3 months. You make my task easy, I’m so happy to have your blog. Thanks a lot, keep on like that. From now I’m a regular user of your blog.

    1. Well here is a comment that would have gone straight to Akismet. Reckon it must have been a bot because I’m not sure that there are any humans dumb enough to leave this after reading the post. Of course there’s always the ones that don’t read the post? Nah it’s a dumb robot and this comment scored a 0/10.

      Just so you know everything about this comment is wrong. It used a keyword instead of a name. It had absolutely nothing to do with the original post, or any of the previous comments. Even the grammar was somewhat lacking.

      1. Hey Sire how can you managed this i am really amazed from your work. As you are replying all the comments with proper answer.You are doing great work dear.

        1. Sorry David, I’m afraid sucking up won’t get you any extra points, and your comment had very little value. Too bad you didn’t put more effort into your comment. I scored you 1/10

          1. Ha ha, Sire, this is hilarious. Short of a few like this, I have never seen such a long list of well thought out and crafted comments. This one from David literately had me laugh out loud when he responded with a comment that was just as bad as the original bot he used.

            It is amazing how great the comments are when you tell people you are going to publicly score them. I am thinking someone needs to create a plugin that will score each comment and put it next to the commenters name.

            I bet you would instantly see an improvement in comments. It should have settings like if they don’t score at least an 8 the link is no follow, if they score less than 6 then the link is deleted.

            What do you think about a plugin like that? Would you use it based on the results you have seen on this post? :-) I think I would.

            1. Hey Damon,

              it’s also amazing how some commented without bothering to read the post :guns_tb: :lol_ee:

              I don’t know how they would manage to make a plugin that would score your post but I’m sure it would be a popular one if they were able to do it.

              You scored 10/10 Damon
              Sire recently posted…Installing A Custom Header On Your WordPress BlogMy Profile

  13. Hi Sire,
    Thanks for rule number 2; Nobody is perfect, and definitive not me. I’m Swedish and live in Spain, my English is horrible as you can see, Spanish is ok, German njaaa and Scandinavian good, but I can take it, because the most important thing with blogging is that we can give good and interesting comments with create more dialogs.

    1. Gee Lennart, 5 languages, :bigsurprise_ee: now you’re just showing off. I should deduct a mark just for that, but I won’t. :smile2_ee:

      You’re English isn’t all that bad you know. You’ve scored a 10/10 for your effort.

  14. Twitter:
    Personally, I find it terribly sad that people even need to be “taught” how to properly comment on other people’s blogs.

    It’s really quite simple actually …

    If you read something you like, and you have thoughts or ideas that will add value to the conversation; by all means, share them!

    If, on the other hand, your primary motivation for commenting is to “get a back-link”; you’re commenting for the wrong reasons, and should probably just stick to sharing your thoughts on your own blog … in my humble opinion. ;-)

    1. Needless to say Todd you scored a 10/10.

      You would have to admit though mate that if people only commented because they had something to say and not because they were looking for some link juice most blogs would be pretty quiet.

      Even the big boys do it, although their reasons may be more market related. They don’t need the juice but they’re just trying to get their name out there.

      I don’t mind people commenting for the juice, but if they expect to do it on my blogs then I make sure they put some effort into it.

  15. Goodness! I do like you, and I love reading every word of your posts! (does that get me at least a few points?)

    Just like one of the other commentors said, there seems to be a bunch of ‘comment’ posts out right now! No lie, I have the draft done for one at this moment! I’ll put a link to this post! (does that get me a few more points?)

    A post I read yesterday was Yaro Starak’s, actually it was his opt-in box (name-dropping, more points? or is it like my trooper husband says, it will get me a ticket.)

    I recognize the need to write valuable comments, but find it difficult to consistently include value to a post. I’m here to learn, not teach. (does that deduct points?)

    I’m anxious to see how I score! Because I know you’ll answer me and I will receive a notice in my inbox, I’ll patiently wait! (more points?)


    1. Linda, naturally you scored 10/10 and that was without all the sucking up :laugh_tb:

      Honestly though not all comments need to necessarily add value to the post itself. Sometimes adding to the conversation, sharing your thoughts and interacting properly with other adds a lot of value in itself.

      In regards to name dropping, that’s never really worked for me. I’ve usually found that people who constantly name drop tend to be a little shallow, especially when they do it to big nose themselves, not that I’m saying that was what you were doing. heaven forbid, you’re too nice a lady for that. :wub_tb:

      1. :)Thank you Sire!
        I appreciate all you said! I got my ‘comment’ post done~ take a look at it! I’m going to look at your affiliate posts up above – I’m ready to monitize my blog!

        1. I’ll be sure to do that Linda. I have a ‘Making Money’ category in which I occasionally post ways I’ve used to make money on the net. If you have any queries feel free to ask for assistance.

          1. I read a post that was Larry Rivera’s “most recent post” from when he commented on my blog~

            I’m very curious what you think. He said one great way to get backlinks is to leave a specific article from your blog in the URL space right here in comments, like I did with an old post of mine – ‘backlinks and how to get them’.
            ps. Larry also likes you, he said “Sire’s the man!”

            1. I’ve seen that done before Linda and I don’t see a problem with it at all, in fact I reckon it would be a good way to get juice to a particular post.

              I’ve actually used it to promote two blogs at the same time. I’ve described how I did this in the following post.

              Yep, and Larry is right, I am a man. :tongue_rolleye_ee:

  16. Blog comments should be free from hatred and profanity against the host blog and any fellow commenter.

    1. Andreas, I’m afraid your comment lacks any real depth. It’s too short and doesn’t add much to the post or general conversation. I deducted two marks for that.

      I also deducted two marks because you haven’t put any effort into it, especially if you knew your comment was going to be graded.

      This brings me to my next point, I don’t think you actually read the post therefore I’m deducting another two marks.

      In total you scored 4/10. If I was having a bad day I would have deleted your comment.

  17. On a unrelated note, the picture is a classic. I see you found it on Flickr and I’ve bookmarked it. Nice find Sire.

    “I discovered near the end that I didn’t have a passion for it and so I decided I would be doing all those kids a disservice were I to continue on.”

    I only wish some of the teachers in our public school system had the same integrity Sire. 95% are great, but it’s that last 5% that kinda screws things up a bit.

    1. You’re not wrong there Colleen, that 5% can actually cause a lot of harm, especially if the kids keep ending up with them as they progress through their schooling.

      Isn’t that teacher a real honey, and check out her apple, it looks just as scrumptious. Man, I wish I had a teacher that looked like her, but then again my thoughts may not have been on what she was saying so perhaps that’s not such a great idea.

      Your score Colleen is 10/10

      1. Btw, the Flickr account that has that picture is a real find. The user has scores, perhaps hundreds of classic images like the one posted here. And, they are not copyrighted. Not exactly sure what freedom we have with an uncopyrighted image, but there are all sorts of cool images in the person’s photostream.

        1. Didn’t know that Colleen, I used a plugin to find it. I will have to check out that photo stream. I reckon if the photos are not copyrighted we would be free to use it. Don’t quote me on that though.

  18. Great post! I think there is nothing wrong about people leaving comments just so they can get the link juice. Thanks for sharing!

    1. This one is a toss up and it whether it went to Akismet or simply have been deleted would have depended totally on the mood I was in.

      Obvious errors are the commentator used keywords instead of a name, and used all the typical facets of a spammy comment such as “Great post” and it’s obvious that only a spammer would think there was nothing wrong with leaving a comment just to get the juice, that is of course unless the comment had something of value which this one obviously doesn’t.

      Score 0/10

  19. Hello Sire, I was just reading over your comment policy again and I noticed it said “To those who do leave comments, I will reciprocate with a comment on your blog.” You don’t always reciprocate. There are often times I commented here and you’ve not reciprocated. That’s ok as I don’t comment here just to get a comment back.

    Oh and my apologies for my earlier comment. I did not quite comprehend that you would only be rating and approving spam comments on this post and not all your posts. Perhaps you should rate the comment low for my lack of being able to comprehend that.

    1. Hi Rose, I do try to reciprocate every comment and there may be times when I miss a few, especially if it’s on an older post.

      There are also times when I don’t which include those commentators that didn’t put much effort into a comment, or those times when I’m having a conversation with someone. That conversation my include several individual comments and I don’t think I obligated myself to reciprocate every one.

      I still think I manage to do pretty well in that regard, a hell of a lot better than most A listers, that’s for sure.

      As to lowering your grade, I don’t think that is necessary.

      1. I’ll follow up via email.

  20. regarding the conversational aspects of blogging and comments need to add to this but I often feel that people leave comments purely with the intention of generating backlinks for their SEO

    1. I often feel that people leave comments purely with the intention of generating backlinks for their SEO

      Yep, and yet that’s exactly what you did, costing you two marks.

      You used a keyword and not a name costing you another two marks.

      Not read the comment policy cost you another mark as did your grammar. Lack of effort another mark giving you a total of 4/10. This comment would have been deleted.

  21. I usually read the post before giving a comment because it would be very hard for me to think about nothing. I mean the typical “Thanks for sharing this info…” or “Great post!”. I even experienced one writer for a particular blog who argued with me about wine. I think he’s claiming that he’s a wine expert. LOL Oh, well…
    ColeStan recently posted…Traditional Gifts for a 25thSilver Wedding AnniversaryMy Profile

    1. Actually, you’d be surprised at how many people formulate a comment on the title alone and then get it completely wrong.

      You are right though, reading the post through leads to better comments. You scored 10/10

      1. Hi Sire,

        Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and commenting there :)

  22. I’m so sick of reading comments about people really enjoying the vital content of the post. C’on seos. Don’t be lazy. You keep teaching!

    1. Wow, I simply can’t see anything of value in your comment. You manage to do everything wrong including using keywords instead of a name. If you’re a bot you’re a particularly dumb one because you scored 0/10

  23. Hello Sire,

    I have always commended you for the time you put into replying to comments. As I see you get some good number of comments and having to reply to each and every one is something! And now you have even added another task, scoring each comments. And I know that wouldn’t be a simple click. I wonder how you get the time to do all this and still visit other blogs to add comments because I see your comments on some blogs.

    Anyway, I agree with what Klaus said that the war cannot be won. But something good will come out of it. You get to improve the comments made on your blog and perhaps improve the comments made by the readers of your blog on other blogs.

    So far I think you are doing well with the scoring, I went through most comments and the scores and I think the few I read was well scored. Kudos and keep it up.

    1. Karo, it isn’t easy but I make the time because it’s important to me to reward my commentators. The time factor does mean though that I don’t get to comment on as many blogs as I wish to.

      In regards to the war against spammers, I think you’re right, it will never be won, but the more people that take up the challenge the harder we will make it for them.

      You scored well too, I gave you a 10/10.

  24. Honestly, I got a hard time thinking of words to say in my comment for this blog. True, that we should also practice good ethics even in just commenting a blog. This is strenuous but at least I gave myself a try to see how much I scored for this.

    1. OK, let me see, you used a keyword and not a name so you lose 2 points and cost you your url as well. You also lost a point because you didn’t put all that much effort into your comment.

      Other than that you did fairly well, so I scored you 7/10.

  25. In my view, there’s an interesting cultural difference between a blog that allows comments and one that does not. A blog that doesn’t allow comments seems to me to be saying “this is the final word on this topic.” To me it seems there’s something formal about such publications — they distance themselves from users; they hold themselves up as a paragon rather than engaging “on the level” with users.

    1. Sorry Sonja but your comment seems to be off topic a little and I had to deduct two points for that. I reckon that may have been due to you not reading the post, minus another point giving you a grand total of 7/10

  26. I was looking for a guide on the internet who would help me with my queries. Thankfully I read your post. You could have been more descriptive as to how we can improve the quality of our comments. I liked Adam’s description too but it was a bit off-track.
    @Nikolay : Wow, you seem to be a bright student in our class. Keep up the good work.

    1. Roberto, when I first read your comment it smelt so much of spam I had to re-read it. You may want to rethink the way you start your comment. – 2 points.

      Not sure you read the post because that had a link in it leading to a post that may have helped you improve your comments. – 1 point

      The whole idea of the post was that people could see how I grade the comments thereby learning the art of proper commenting.

      I gave you 7/10 and I think I was being generous.

  27. Aussie Sire…sir.

    Not sure if I started this comment correctly, and quite frankly – after writing the post I just wrote, which basically tore the ‘100 comments challenge’ a new one, I really don’t care what I score (with respect of course) But here me out…
    I have come across so many comments that would not even get a 0 on the ‘wassup-blog-a-comment-o-meter’ so I reckon just by writing text here that is both coherent and tangible as well as being relevant puts my in a good position to at least get a 5. :)

    I tweeted this with pleasure. Thanks for the rant. I know that wasn’t technically the idea but…. any chance you can judge my rant out of 10?

    1. No sweat Alex. I thought it best to read your post before replying to your comment, because it seemed to me that it may have influenced it in some way. I’m glad that I did.

      Isn’t it a shame that so many people just do not take the time to write a comment that they could take pride in. I mean it’s not like nobody is ever going to see the comment. Everybody that visits a blog sees the comments and judged the commentator on what he or she has said. I thought that alone would inspire people to put a little more thought in what they are going to say.

      A link is only a link, the value of a good comment is the amount of traffic it will bring you, not the juice aspect which I’ve always believed to be the least important factor.

      You scored a 10/10

      1. I hear you Sire,

        Such a wasted opportunity for so many bloggers too!
        Thanks for the score.

        That was the rant or the comment? (I’m gonna assume the comment, the rant was at least a 15 :) )

  28. Twitter:
    You know Sire, someone earlier today (yesterday, since it’s actually 1:45 in the morning) said to a comment I left on their blog that you’d have given me a 10/10, and I had no idea what that meant until now. Grading comments; well, that’s definitely a new one I haven’t seen elsewhere. Made me have to look at all these comments to see what kind of grader you were; not sure if you’ve left enough here for any type of grade curve. And trust me, it’s something I won’t be stealing from you either; way too much work!

    I hadn’t known you wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to be a sports journalist, but I hated learning the theory of it all back in the day. It’s funny how most of us end up doing something else, isn’t it?

    1. Really? Man, I would love to read that comment Mitch so that I could grade it for real. :wink_ee:

      As for the grade curve, perhaps you can work it out as we get more comments.

      Reckon you would have made a good sports journalist too, and who would have though there would be theory involved in being one.

      Anyway, reckon you’re wondering about your grade……you got a 10/10 :thumbup_tb:

      1. Twitter:
        Nah, I wasn’t overly worried about my grade; I know when I’m good! :thumbup_tb:

        By the way, the comment was on Kissie’s blog, just so you know.

          1. Twitter:
            It’s a recent post; best I’ve got for you, until someone makes a comment again & I get another notification.

            1. Found it, will grade you on it later :devil_tb:

  29. I think there is nothing wrong about people leaving comments just so they can get the link juice

    1. Yea, you are quite right as long as the comment was a quality comment that was related to the post in some way.

      Unfortunately your comment was pretty poor costing you two points. You used a keyword instead of a name losing you another two points. You put very little thought into your comment, minus two more points scoring you 4/10

      If it wasn’t for the nature of this post I would have deleted your comment, as it is I just de-linked it.

  30. I am never the first to comment, because I like to see what others have to say that I might agree or disagree with. Often other readers will have a different viewpoint on the topic and I can learn something new.

    1. Hi Kim, there’s nothing really wrong with your comment, but it just sounds too generic so I’m assuming you didn’t read the post. I reckon if you did you would have put more effort into it and so I’ve given you an 8/10, which in itself isn’t all that bad.

  31. Go get a life and stop boring people to death you twat! And I will give myself 10 out of 10 for that one mate! Why because I can!

    1. Really William? Too bad I’m the one to grade it though and you’ve scored 0/10.

      One should never leave an abusive comment, which is what yours is.

  32. The scoring plugin idea is very interesting. I would try to develop it but have a very long higher priority to do list so probably it will take some time like 3-4 months to finish it.

    1. OK Jenna, I don’t think you read the post, only one of the comments so – 2 points.

      Your comment didn’t seem to relate to anything – 2 points

      You didn’t put much effort into your comment – 2 points

      You scored 4/10

  33. I believe some people neglect the importance of having a valuable comment post. They just want to expose something and posting an irrelevant comment was not their first priority. In which, by learning this properly, it will not only help them establish their identity and the links they promote in some other way. They can also keep the website free from unwanted and senseless promotion. English was actually not my first language but in every site I visit, I make sure, ( I hope so :D ) I leave something remarkable.

    1. Hi Allan, considering that English isn’t your first language I think you posted an excellent comment and I have awarded you 10/10 :thumbup_tb:

      1. Hey Sire,

        Wow! Thanks.. thank you so much. :)

        1. The pleasures all mine.

  34. Looks like I can breath easy knowing that I have an advantage of being given ‘special consideration’ for not being a native English speaker. :)

    It’s interesting to note that this post gained a lot of comments that are more wordy than usual, perhaps after noting that most ‘long-ish’ comments made earlier were given high scores.

    My blog receives its fair share of spammers. I used to think that spammers target only blogs and sites that have high PR or have high traffic. Seeing that mine gets infested with the same spam as those cool high profile blogs out there, I’m beginning to think that spammers have absolutely no qualms about where their unethically obtained links go.

    Well Sire, this idea of rating your comments (manually) is cool, no doubt. Maybe I could also apply this strategy on my blog sometime. :)

    1. Hey James, I think the comments that are more ‘wordy’ than normal belong to those commentators that actually read the post and wanted to receive a good score.

      I’m only scoring comments on this post as it takes a lot more time and these days I’m a little strapped for time.

      You scored 10/10 James, well done mate.

      1. Wohoo, thanks for the generous score Sire. :clap_tb:

  35. Your idea is very interesting. I hope someone would develop a plugin so that you can score each comment easily and if the score is too low, the link would be removed automatically.
    Peter recently posted…SQL LIKEMy Profile

    1. I think there is a plugin that allows people to rate comments but that is as far as it goes.

      I’m not sure you read the post so I’ve deducted a point. Your score 9/10
      Sire recently posted…How To Change Your WordPress Theme HeaderMy Profile

  36. wellcome my website
    An automotive website with daily updates on new and future vehicles, motor shows, the tuning industry, classic cars and more.

    1. :guns_tb: Spam Bot :furious_tb:

      Score 0/10

  37. Hi Sire,

    After reading your post I was reminded of my former English teacher in high school who was fond of giving us bring home readings for recitation the following day. When my turn comes I feel really nervous because my English is too poor. I’ve realized the same thing now. I have to be very careful in giving comments. Though English is my second language I realize that if bloggers would only read, I believe he/she can give something. Thanks for this Sire. I’ve learned a lot of things from you. God bless you.

    1. You are so right Tamara, actually reading the post arms the commentator with the ammunition needed to write a good comment.

      You scored 10/10

  38. Hey, if I read a post that has no personal meaning for me I don’t write a comment because it would surely be a lame one! Because now-er-days people leave a comment mostly for the cause of link building. And I don’t want to be one of them. I feel we should comment only if we feel there is something really that we have should be shared with others too.

    1. That’s an admirable quality Jame, a shame that most people don’t share it.

      Truth be told though I don’t mind people commenting for the link, otherwise I wouldn’t be a do-follow blog, but I do expect them to take the time to write a good comment.

      Score 10/10

  39. Hi Sire and all the commenters…. This morning I came in to find 6 comments on a post I wrote last week about health warnings on the use of laptops.
    6 comments = Success! This was a buzz for a new blogger and I immediately approved the first one…. but then I realised that the following comments were all pretty much the same, with verbs and adjectives changed here and there.
    Uh Uh…From buzz to bust in ten minutes. :-(

    I then read Ben’s post on the benefits of having a ‘comment policy’, and that led me to your post on ‘comment quality’. I learned from your examples on spam (If I had read them earlier I wouldn’t have approved the first comment). Now I have to read “101 Important Rules”.
    I could be here all day!
    By the way the lady in red photo conveys much about reading & education.
    Julia Hayes

    1. Hey Julia, it’s nice to see a new face. I’m glad you found something of value on this blog, it makes it all worthwhile.

      As to that photo, isn’t it the best, especially considering it was taken some 60 or so years ago?

      You scored 10/10 :drunk_tb:

  40. Sire I really like the idea of having a post like this where you score comments. This sure makes it crystal clear exactly what you like or don’t like in commenting tactics. Of course the people that this post most applies to are the ones that won’t take the time to actually read it. So unfortunately it might not really change much.

    The simple fact is that commenting is largely a link building tactic. So there will always be people trying to take shortcuts in an attempt to build more links. Until they really improve spam filters, there will always be low quality comments to weed through.

    I recommend you link to this post right below the contact form on all pages. That way it will be very easy for people to reference. Too many blogs just don’t bother writing out their commenting policy or it is just too hard to find.

    1. This sure makes it crystal clear exactly what you like or don’t like in commenting tactics. Of course the people that this post most applies to are the ones that won’t take the time to actually read it. So unfortunately it might not really change much.

      You are so right Jeremy, which is why bloggers should delete those comments. Once they notice their comments aren’t being approved they have to change their ways or forever be banished from commenting.

      Linking to the post sounds like a good idea, although I do have a comment policy which isn’t all that hard to find.

      You scored 10/10

  41. Thank you for the heads up on all the rules of commenting. I am new to this so i would like to find out more about the proper way to comment without coming across as spam.

    1. Hey Joseph, you could have put a little more effort into your comment, minus 2 points. You also lose a point due to sloppy grammar, it doesn’t take long to use a capital I.

      I don’t think you read the post so you lose 2 points for that as well. You will find the good bloggers would have deleted your comment for the above reasons.

      You scored 5/10 and I think I’m being generous.

  42. This is my first comment on your blog I’ve been reading for round about 3 months. This by the way ;) … Clicking through all the blogs I’ve ever read I’ve noticed the same phenomenon you’re describing. It’s really funny. – I am a blogger, too. My dealing with commenting other blog is that I don’t comment each post, because I all to often have nothing to say. But, when I have something to say I often comment a post later than the others, because I usually think about this interesting post for a longer time (sometimes several days). But, when I have the right words, I hope (I am from a small place and my English isn’t fast …), I go back and comment – anyway the post was published 5 or 14 days ago. So, if this post impressed me, first I think about – and then I comment it – maybe ;)

    … and like this post :)

    Best wishes, you do a great job! Really!

    1. Allen, I can understand how hard it is to a post when English isn’t your preferred language, and I get where your coming from when you say that you would rather take the time to collect your thoughts before leaving a comment. Taking all that in consideration I am honored that you took the time to leave a comment.

      You scored 10/10

  43. Twitter:
    Hi Sire,

    What has impressed me the most about your blogging is the fact that you get a lot of comments and people leave good comments at that.

    The only thing I let slide is the grammar issue. I dropped out of high school in the tenth grade. I did go back and got my G.E.D (General Education Diploma) but my spelling and grammar can be terrible at times.

    I have even gotten emails from people telling me they will never do business with me because I am unprofessional. Since I have been blogging more though my grammar and spelling has been getting better.

    My opinion is not to judge a book by it’s cover because you may miss out on a good story.

    Other than that I will really take head to your advice on the proper way to leave a comment, because obviously you are the man.

    Does Sucking Up Get Me Points? :thumbup_tb:
    Larry Rivera recently posted…Network Marketing Blog – Are Your Blog Comments WorkingMy Profile

    1. I’ve never had a problem with your grammar Larry, and when I referred to grammar in the post I’m talking about those people who could do better but don’t bother because they’re too lazy. Therefore they don’t capitalize words that need it and don’t even bother to use a capital i when referring to themselves. The way I see it that sort of comment makes them look bad, let alone the post they’re commenting on.

      You’re always top in my book mate, and you scored 10/10

  44. Thanks for teaching comment rules. I learned much things from your writing.

    1. Umut, if it wasn’t for this post I would normally have deleted your comment, but I reckon this time around I will have to be happy with delinking it instead.

      I doubt you read the post, your comment was way too short and gave the impression that all you were looking for was the link juice. I couldn’t really find any positives in your comment as so I gave you a 0/10 I’m afraid you failed the good comment test.

  45. It’s unfortunate that many people these days use blog commenting as a mass spam tool to try to pick up a few backlinks. What people fail to realize that if you follow the rules, things work out much better in the long run.

    The thing I love most about commenting on blogs is that I usually find some awesome blogs to come back to each day. It can also open up a lot of doors in terms of networking, especially if a blog owner contacts you because they are interested in hearing more from you on a certain subject, or they may even check out your blog, which can lead to partnerships. As they say, the possibilities are endless.

    Thanks for posting up a reminder of how to comment properly for all of those who leave comments on various blogs and may have “forgot”.

    1. Hey Bryan, of course you know you’re going to score well because your comment added to the post.

      As to all those people who use ‘blog commenting as a mass spam tool to try to pick up a few backlinks’, I reckon if more people deleted these types of comments they will have to learn to change their commenting strategy or forever live in a world where their comments never see the light of day.

      Oh, nearly forgot, you scored 10/10

  46. Twitter:
    And you graded me well; smart man! :guns_tb:

    1. Of course Mitch, I know you too well to do otherwise. :innocent1_tb:

  47. Sire.. I think by starting to grade people’s comments there is a much higher chance of readers who will comment properly. (Well it seems like it after going through the comments except for one you are making an example of a spam comment) Nice to see someone taking commenting so seriously like you do. :thumbup_tb:

    1. I’ve always taken it seriously Bryan, if you don’t believe me just take a gander at all the posts I’ve done on the importance of commenting.

      Yep, you’re right in saying that grading the comments have improved their quality but There’s more than a couple that didn’t come up to scratch.

      Your comment is and example of how a good comment doesn’t necessarily have to be a long one. Your score 10/10

  48. I think the best way to show people how you want them to comment is to comment in that way yourself. If you want people to write long and thoughtful comments then do it yourself on their blogs. If you don’t really care about building up relationships then just write short comments (although I wouldn’t recommend that).

    1. That is true Julius, but you shouldn’t be doing it just so others can do the same on your blog. You should do it because it gives others the impression that you know what you’re talking about, because it builds your persona, and because it’s the right thing to do.

      You also scored 10/10

  49. Hey Sire, I think that most people do know how to comment properly but I think some are just lazy and are hoping to help themselves with very little effort. Nothing in this world comes easy so why would this be any different.

    Like you said there is no problem in commenting to reward your site but at least put some effort into it.

    I must admit I did not read all the comments but boy you do get a lot of quality ones so I apologize in advance if someone stole my thunder in previous comments.

    1. Yeah, that’s the problem with this world today, everybody wants something for nothing. That’s why all the scam artists make money because they know people will get sucked into their get rich schemes.

      I suppose it’s like you said, the same applies for commenting, people want the link juice but they don’t want to work for it. Well, if they want juice from my blog they either put some effort into it or their links will mysteriously disappear.

      Thanks for dropping by Danny, you scored 10/10

  50. Hi Sire,

    I can imagine the kind of stern but effective teacher you would have been had you not decided to take another direction just before finishing your studies.

    Perhaps you should have become a teacher after all since it seems that you can’t resist giving people lessons about commenting and other subjects.

    You also like helping fellow bloggers by teaching them what works for you.

    You can’t deny that you like to teach after all.

    Teaching people the proper way to comment is an everlasting job and effort that will be always needed.

    At least half the people that bother to leave a comment have a distorted or no idea about the need to give value in it.

    There are self promoting or spam comments with no regard for the blog where they leave their comment and it’s readers.

    Then there are comments that are given only as a lip service and which add nothing but empty flattery in order to get a link.

    The average OK comments show that the commenter at least read the headline and some part of the post.

    The excellent comments which are quite rare exceed all expectations and add more value sometimes than the post itself.

    I have received every kind of comment mentioned above.

    I find that some commenters improve, especially if I ask them to tell me more the next time they visit.

    They are the serious people who may not have any clue about how to comment when they are just starting out.

    These are the people that will really appreciate your teaching efforts.

    The spammers will likely never mend their ways while at least some of the lip service commenters may be open to learning how to add value if they really want to get the link.

    If not I have no problem with sending their comments to the trash.

    Vance recently posted…How To Get More Readers- 10 Tips To Make Your Blog More PopularMy Profile

    1. Always glad to have you drop by Vance, because I know I can always rely on the quality of your comments.

      There is something that I’ve forgotten to mention, and that is the commentator that actually returns to a post to continue the conversation. Most leave a comment never to be seen again, but those who care about what is transpiring normally come back to see how things are turning out. Naturally it helps if you supply them a means to subscribe to the comments, something many bloggers fail to do.

      10/10 for you Vance

      1. Yes, it’s nice to have people who comment return and continue the conversation.

        From what I’ve seen most bloggers have the subscribe to comments option.

        In case of total newbies they most likely don’t have it and may not even realize that they can subscribe to comments.

        But if they are serious about commenting they usually learn very quickly.

        I know that when I was starting out I had no clue for a while but most of the time I went back to the blogs I commented on to see if there was a reply.

        Usually there wasn’t but at least I found out if my comment was approved.

        When I saw a reply to my comment I was real happy.

        You are one of the most responsive people when it comes to comments and your comments are a treat to read.
        Vance recently posted…How To Get More Readers- 10 Tips To Make Your Blog More PopularMy Profile

        1. Thanks Vance, I do try and I’m pretty sure most people appreciate it.

  51. Hello Sire, This is my first time to comment on your blog. I am presently working in my company as the designation is SEO. I always try to be write a good comment on the blogs. Some times they get approved but most of the time not accepted. I don’t know why this happened with me. I am always confuse how would be the way for writing a attractive comments on the blogs. After reading your blogs i get the little bit idea for comments.I will try to writing a good comments. I am very much impress to see your way of writing. This blogs giving very much idea about the blogs commenting. I admire your work and giving positive ideas. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information with us. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi David, although it is truly unfortunate I believe that some may be deleting your comment because your English isn’t to their standards. This is a real shame as they should be giving you the benefit of a doubt. I’m sure if they tried to write a comment in your native tongue their comment would be nowhere near as good as the one you left here.

      You keep trying David, not all bloggers are completely heartless. I scored you 10/10
      Sire recently posted…What You Post Could Cause Google To Disable Your Account!My Profile

  52. Hey friend,

    First of all Thanks for sharing this.

    I would like to tell you that this topic is extremely wonderful and I really liked it.
    I always like to read on these topics.

    Rajnish Kumar

    1. Hey Tips For Blog, I doubt very much that leaving comments like this will encourage anybody to visit your blog. Your keywords, which I delinked, say you offer tips but your comment shows a lack of knowledge in blogging otherwise you would have left a better comment.
      Using keywords and not a name – two points
      Not reading post – two points
      Comment of little value – two points.

      You scored 4/10

  53. Good evening, Sire.

    It’s great visiting Wassup, again. It’s been awhile.

    I have not been making the rounds of all the blogs I like as often as I used to, but I’m feeling pretty good today and decided to go exploring.

    Even on the blogs I try to read most of the time, I’m rarely leaving comments, but when I do, I try to say something that will add to the conversation and really don’t care about the “link juice.”

    I always enjoy reading what you have to say and I think you’ve topped yourself on this one. I know, even on my best days, I would not have taken on a job of grading all these comments and the extra work of pulling bad comments out of the spam trap and de-linking the keywords.

    Whew! That’s a lot of work.

    I see a lot of great comments on this post and I’m willing to bet that most people (other than the spammers) took a little extra time to write something of value on the topic.

    I’m not a bit surprised by that.

    We know we’re fighting a losing battle, but still we continue to seek out real people who write real comments about what we have to say. Deleting all the spam and other comments that are self-serving, or which add no value to the post helps keep our own blogs cleaner, but doesn’t do much to educate the people who don’t care.

    On the other hand, I think you have really helped a few people see the difference between good comments and those that otherwise would have disappeared into the Askimet spam trap or simply would have been deleted by you.

    I think this is one of my shorter comments. (grin)

    All the best,


    1. Hey John, glad you’re feeling a little better mate. I reckon I could have picked a better time to write this post as it has added a bit to my work load. Still, it had to be done and if it’s taught just one person to write a better comment is was worth the effort.

      Hope your health improves with each passing day, and it goes without saying that you scored 10/10

  54. Hi sire
    This article describes in depth about how to tackle spam comments.Even though there are few plugins out there to stop spammy comments,nothing can beat a real webmaster.Adding comments policy helps,but when we own multiple blogs with hundreds of visitors each day it consumes a lot of time.I am planning to outsource comment verification in the near future.

    1. Actually Linda, this post had nothing at all to do with tackling spam comments and all to do with teaching people how to write good comments. The title alone would have informed you of that.

      I gave you a score of 4/10 and you would have scored a lot better had you read the post.

  55. Good comments and bad comments- I have just installed commentLuv on my blog and noticed an increase in comments- some mentioned something related to my blog others dont and you know they have cut and paste the comment to every blog they visit. These just get trashed- what is the point of being lazy- Grant

    1. Hey Grant, sorry mate you lost two points for using keywords instead of your name. Other than that your comment is OK, so you scored 8/10

  56. I don’t blame you for deleting bad comments. A lot of the comments I see on blogs pay NO attention to what the actual content. Infact, I think a lot of the times the people don’t even read the post and just put something like “good post” to make the writer not delete their comment by sucking up.

    But what is the rating system you are talking about on comments? I didn’t know links/comments were rated?

    1. Hey Rob, normally they’re not rated but for the purpose of this post I’ve been rating comments as a way of teaching others how they should be commenting.

  57. The commentluv plugin idea is very interesting. I would try to add it to my blogs but have a very long higher priority to do list so probably it will take some time like 1-2 months to finish it.

    1. I don’t know why that would be the case John, it installs in less than a minute.

      Anyway, I’m afraid you didn’t score all that well because the post had nothing to do with the commentluv plugin so I doubt if you read it at all. Your comment also lacked substance and you put very little thought into it. I for one wouldn’t follow you back to your blog or site for that matter.

      I scored you 4/10
      Sire recently posted…Don’t Mess With Mature WomenMy Profile

  58. Aloha Sire,

    Wow, thank you for sharing your personal journey on almost becoming a teacher. I am so proud and inspired that you decided that it would not be fair for the children if you didn’t have the passion for it! That is absolutely one of the most “giving” statements I have ever heard! It doesn’t surprise though because as I have gotten to know you through your blog and my blog, I can see how Big your heart is!! :biggrin_wp:

    Thank you for always teaching us what we should do and what we should not do! I love it when you teach something that seems pretty basic, however, it really is not basic for most of us out here! I appreciate you taking the time to explain a lot of the “elementary” steps and why the steps exist. It helps people like me so very much!

    Much aloha my friend,
    Kellie :)

    1. Hi Kellie,

      I’m not sure if I could teach you anything, you are already so knowledgeable, if anything you’re the one that can teach me.

      Great comment and you scored 10/10….now where is my apple?
      Sire recently posted…My Experience With Real Writing JobsMy Profile

  59. Sire,

    This is one of the fantastic idea to score a comment or rather a bloggar and that’s why you have been providing an opportunity to the bloggars to access themselves for the comments they make on other blogs. This is great way to improve myself and I am eagerly waiting for my score.

    I further agree that the comments should add value to the post and should not be a mare repitition of the contents that have already said in post.


    1. Hi Lalit, it’s obvious to me that you have read and understood the post and because of that you have been able to think about what to write something of value in your comment. You have done all the right things and so you have scored 9/10

  60. thanks for the tips on how to comment on blogs the right way. I have a few blogs that i check daily as the topics they discuss interest me. I always try to join the conversation where it’s possible. If i have something to add, I say it. If i don’t have anything valuable to contribute, i keep moving.

    Everyone who wants to comment on blogs should have to read this topic first!!


    1. Hi Jason, I’m not sure if you read the whole pose otherwise you would have taken more care with your grammar/ punctuation. I scored you 6/10

  61. Commenting to blogs is the best way to communicate with other people. It is important to at least make it a decent comment not only to avoid possibility of deletion, but also to show some respect to the blog owners and to appreciate their efforts in writing their post as well.

    1. All good points about the importance of commenting Chris. You may want to add that its also important because good comments help to build a good reputation which is very important in the online world. You scored 9/10

      1. Honestly, I’m trying to avoid leaving irrelevant comments in blogs because I don’t want to feel guilty of my act afterwards. Like what I’ve said, I want to respect others and to respect me as well. You really placed score at the end huh? Now, would you consider making my score 10/10 because of my reply? LOL

        1. Nope, maybe if you had left an apple or something on the teachers desk :lol_tb:

  62. I have to admit I have been guilty of leaving short, and fairly pointless comments on blogs in the past. This is often due to people purely trying to use your blog as a jumping off point for their own advertising campaign.

    I feel one of the most important factors in a blog response in neither spelling, nor grammar. I feel the actual content of the response being relevant to the blog is far more important, and feel it should be something which people may read and wish to reply to. This in turn should expand the conversation topic further and enhance the piece which was written by the original blogger.

    On a side note after reading some of the comments below i feel i have to add the following:

    “I’m really sorry but my dog ate my homework and i couldn’t remember what to do!”

    1. First off Martin I would like to score you 9 out of ten for your effort.

      As to the grammar and spelling I would have to disagree, unless English is not their native tongue. Whatever you may think people will judge you on your comment and that includes spelling and grammar.

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