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Taking The Time To Think Before Clicking Submit

I think there is a time in everyone’s lives when you regret having said something. This could be because you were angry or because you were so caught up in the excitement of the moment that you let something slip out that was better left unsaid.

While this is true in the real world it should never happen in the online world because when online you have the time to step back from any given situation before writing a post, commenting on another bloggers post or even when replying to a comment left on your blog. The repercussions of not doing this can be seen on my In Defence Of A Bloggers Right To Review A Product where the blogger concerned did a lot of damage to his reputation, so much so that many people said they would never deal with him again.

I would like for you to take a moment from your busy schedule to watch this video as  it highlights the point I am trying to make. This video clip shows how not taking the time to think before speaking can lead to some very dire consequences.

Cool huh? So let that be a warning to you as you float around the blogosphere, think twice, or even three times before clicking on the submit button, because once you’ve done that it very hard to take it back.

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  1. That vid was absolutely brilliant. And yes, as bloggers we should always reread what we have written before submitting.
    .-= ray´s last blog ..The Psychic Mafia =-.

    1. Glad you liked it Ray, I hope everyone else does as well, at least enough to retweet it :tongue_rolleye_ee:

      1. Good point. All retweeted now.
        .-= ray´s last blog ..The Psychic Mafia =-.

  2. I always say what I mean and mean what I say. Once or twice I thought better afterward and apologized/retracted, but not as often as some folks reading me might think. lol
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..The Official DEDC Comment Policy =-.

    1. At least you have the guts to admit you’re wrong and apologize Dennis, there are so many that haven’t.

  3. I often wish I could change my comment – not because I said something mean or callous but usually just for editing spelling or poor wording.

    Love the video :laugh_tb:
    .-= Ned Carey´s last blog ..Purple Cow =-.

    1. Good thing I have that option for people, have you ever had to used it Ned

      1. Oh definitely. Here and on other blogs that have it.
        .-= Ned Carey´s last blog ..Purple Cow =-.

  4. Twitter:
    Man, I wasn’t getting it initially until the last part, and then I busted out laughing. My wife asked what I was laughing at, so I had her come in to watch and she busted out as well. Classic!

    And you’re right, online you do have time to check things out further. To anyone who’s ever seen that clock clicking down saying you only have so long to do something, most of the time it’s a lie.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..My First Look At MS Office 2007 =-.

    1. Yeah, that ending was pretty good and unexpected wasn’t it?

      If you keep showing your wife this stuff she’s going to ask you to stop hanging around with me lol

  5. Really very nice overview. We always should be careful before submitting anything, it may be blog post or may be comment. Both are after all make value on our reputation.
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..Make money with an unique PHP script – PHP Dir Submit =-.

    1. That is so true Chandan, and when you’re a blogger your reputation means everything.

  6. Leaving comments on somebody’s blog is engaging in a conversation and if you can’t deliver a decent one, then who else is going to talk to you? Keeping your best foot forward and being real goes a long way.

    What goes out of your mouth is sometimes a reflection of who you are as a person.

    On my blog, I normally delete lame and senseless comments to save some guys out of shame which means I’m doing them a little favor. :wink_wp:
    .-= Mathdelane @Software Critics´s last blog ..Security Alert: “Biet tin gi chua, vao day coi di” Virus on Yahoo Messenger =-.

    1. Yeah, that’s exactly how I look at it Mathdelane; “Hey dude, you should be thanking me for deleting your lame ass comment, because if I left it on it would only embarrass yourself”. :laugh_tb:

      1. Or probably they just don’t bother. Sad to see some are mistreating the benefit of DoFollow & KeywordLuv. Sigh..

        How did you find these hilarious videos? The second time I watched this I laughed all the way after knowing what it was all about. So true, better think twice before hitting that ‘send’, ‘submit’ button.

        Social/Blogging Tracker
        .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..How to Improve Facebook Engagement by Decluttering News Feed =-.

        1. I get them in my email Ching Ya. Actually, quite a few of my posts are derived from one email or another. It takes a bit of thought but I can usually work a post around them.\

          Yes you’re right, it’s definitely funny the second time around.

  7. Damn Sire you did it again. You find the best videos. It’s called open mouth insert “??”. Only in the case it wasn’t a foot was it? Hee hee!
    .-= TheFlyOnTheWall´s last blog ..Tip of the Day: Homemade Chicken and Dumpling =-.

    1. What can I say, I just have remarkable taste for funny videos. :wink_ee:

  8. Oh Sire, you made me remember what my dad used to say to us, actually he says it a little differently that the tongue is one of the smallest parts of the body but when used wrongly could burn down the tallest building. What you said is so true, i wish i had time to read the article link you attached, i’ll come back for it. Good job man. It’s bad i didn’t quite get what the man said at the end of the video (slow internet connection)

    1. No worries Karo, it might be better you didn’t know :innocent1_tb:

  9. Haha, that is a naughty video. It’s a good idea as far as getting publicity for that beer company, though!
    .-= Sara@Snuggie Pattern´s last blog ..Snuggie Pattern for Adults – SHOCKING Photos =-.

    1. That was a naughty video wasn’t it :devil_tb: :lol_tb: Sort of makes you wonder if it’s still being aired or if it’s on the banned list.

      1. :cool_wp: Who knows, nowadays they might have just made it for the internet.
        .-= Sare@Snuggie Pattern´s last blog ..Snuggie Pattern for Adults – SHOCKING Photos =-.

  10. Haha what a great video. Good laugh. I’m with Dennis though. I say what I’m thinking and if I’m wrong I will apologize and do what it takes to make it right. The one thing that makes me tick is hypocrites. There is no way I’ll think twice about telling someone they are being a hypocrite.
    .-= Anthony @ Innovatively Simple´s last blog ..Motivation in a Bottle =-.

    1. I’ve been known to put my foot in my mouth on occasion Anthony, which is just one of the reasons I love blogging so much.

    2. I know from experience that you say what’s on your mind Anthony. It’s not bad though!

      1. Hey Aaron, now you’ve got the idea, good on you mate. :clap_tb:

  11. OMG (that was for the video)

    As for hitting submit / or send in the case of emails, been there, got the t-shirt ;-)

    I try to restrain myself from extreme opinion, but sometimes I just have to burst out loud what I think ;-) SY

    PS Is there an edit option for comments on this blog? ;-)

    1. Sure is, but there is a time limit, once that expires your comment is locked in. :smoke_tb:

      Love to see that t-shirt :wink_ee:

  12. I was definitely not expecting that ending to the video.

    You typically can’t take back what you say. But you can take back what you submit. If you make a mental error, hopefully a regular reader or a friend will catch it. Hopefully, people judge you based on your body of work and not just on one post.
    .-= Dr. Kal@Weight Loss Tips´s last blog ..Seasons 52 – The Healthy Restaurant =-.

    1. The problem is Doc that some people don’t see the error of their ways be because if they did they would change. I’ve also noticed that people who behave in this way have usually placed themselves on a pedestal looking down on people that they believe below them. In reality they’re just up themselves.

  13. What a naughty man you are Sire.
    I heard recently that you can get an addon for emails, which asks you to solve a puzzle before it would send the email. Gives you time to calm down and change your mind.

    Might be a good idea for bloggers.
    .-= Keith Davis@public speaking´s last blog ..Flying in formation =-.

    1. Don’t think that would work Keith, their would just be a whole lot of people thumping the hell out of their keyboards. :laugh_tb:

  14. I always try to reread what I write due to my poor grammar sense and that really help me to reduce personal problem with other bloggers. By the way, very funny video.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..MovieRecipes: Find Food Recipes Which You Watch In Movies =-.

    1. Thanks Arafat, and just so you know, a lot of people who don’t have problems with their grammar should be doing as you do. Good on you for double checking.

  15. Love the video and was not expecting it to end like that. Very funny!!! Did that air on television or just the internet. Either way, too funny.

    The video illustrated your point clearly. I agree with that point in my own comments. That’s why captchas should expire after 20 minutes. That gives the commenter or poster plenty of time to cool off/calm down/get their head together.

    It’s just a good thing I don’t have voice recognition to autopost my comments on the drive to or from work. That would be brutal.

    I too delete the flaming comments, not just because I don’t particularly like the tone, but also to preserve some readers’ (no names please!) integrity and reputation. I do not allow profanity in comments ever.
    .-= Keith@Norman Rockwell Art´s last blog ..Apr 14, Girl at Mirror, Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Cover 1954 =-.

    1. I’m not sure if it ever aired live Keith, but I’m sure if it did some puritan would have complained and had it taken off.

      Voice recognition to autopost comments? Somehow I don’t think that is something I would ever use, unless there was a way for it to filter out the swear words. :laugh_tb:

  16. I wasn’t getting it initially until the last part, and then I busted out laughing

    1. Yep, you need to see it right to the end to get the joke. I’m glad you liked it.

  17. Good that you mention this life lesson that I’m sure some have learned at greater cost than others. The video is very funny. Just after thinking about it for awhile, I began wondering … how did the other guy feel about it?

    In the interest of the greater good, world peace in our time, and any offense my question about the other guy in the video may have caused — apologies here all ’round


    1. Now that would all depend on his sexual persuasion QwkDrw. Most blokes I know wouldn’t have taken him up on it at all.

      1. True that!

  18. Haha, well written article! I have definitely hit that “Submit” button too soon in the past. There are also times that I take too damn long to press it as well though! I’m still working on finding that happy medium.. I could over analyze my own posts forever, and never get them posted.. But at the same time, I could post too soon and have broken links, or just wording that is incorrect.
    .-= Ryan Cowles@Metacom Creative Design´s last blog ..Free Texture Pack by Metacom Creative – Cardboard, Notebook, Paper, Envelope, etc =-.

    1. Hey Ryan, I’m not one to over analyze my post. Once I’ve written and scanned it for errors I hit that submit button as I’m so anxious in getting it live. That doesn’t mean I don’t fix up errors that I come across at a later date, and if I miss any Mitch is always happy to point them out lol

  19. OMG! That video was hilarious!

    I suffer from foot-in-mouth and have learned the hard way to stop and think before spouting off. Sometimes it still spews, but I’ve gotten much better. Thank you so much for sharing this. :surprised_tb:
    .-= Anne Bender´s last blog ..You Pledge, Cascadian Farm Donates =-.

    1. I wish I was there to see the look on your face while you watched that video Anne. I reckon that would have been a scream. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post.

  20. Hilarious!

    And I would NEVER hit submit before thinking! ;)

    I regret many things I have done online, both with posts and comments (my site and elsewhere), sometimes our nature takes over and we hit ‘submit’ just like we would say something too fast. I am trying to think before I submit more these days, I kept a post open all day yesterday before commenting…. it didn’t help much, I still let him have it.
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..Is Negative Publicity Good Publicity? =-.

    1. I reckon most people have Kieth, and I think it’s great that you are now taking the time to consider what you have written before submitting it.

      1. Still not perfect at it though! LOL But atleast I can admit and see my own flaws and try to work on them…
        .-= Keith´s last blog ..Colleagues or Competition =-.

  21. I have *almost* written some things that I knew I would regret later. That is the beauty of the internet – you have that moment where you can stop, reread, rethink, and then rephrase. If you really think about it, there are tactful, polite ways to express your displeasure over just about anything.
    .-= Kristi@Blogging Tips´s last blog ..Top 5 Social Media No-No’s To Get Away From =-.

    1. There sure is Kristi, and if you really can’t think of a nice way to say something without blowing your top, well it’s probably best left unsaid. Who was it that said ‘If you can’t think of something nice to say, then say nothing at all,” or words to that effect.

    1. Thanks Jack, but the video was only part of the post, the important part was the written content. :wink_ee:

  22. The video was hilarious and proves your point well. We have to think and look over what we write both on our own blogs and with comments. Don’t let our emotions get the best of us. We leave a footprint for all to see on the internet.
    .-= Connie´s last blog ..Visibility magazine an interview =-.

    1. Yep, and we sure don’t want them to get the wrong idea when they follow those prints now do we?

      Thanks for dropping by Connie.

  23. I have learned my lesson when it comes to this stuff, there’s always more people looking then you think and even the people you might not want to target or upset with something will end up getting bent by it.

    For me it’s a little more risky too because I have customers that follow me, if I post things that they get pissed about it will just create media problems and issues like that.

    I always think 2x before I hit submit, when I’m drinking maybe 5x… once in a while no times, haha.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..The Perfect Tan TV Commercial by Extreme Tan and Smoothies =-.

    1. Yep, when you have your own business and you are exposed to the public you really have to be careful, especially when you have gorgeous girls around wherever you go.

  24. That’s so true. But sometimes you’re in a hurry and realize too late that you wanted to put things differently. At least for E-mail (Outlook) I’ve read a gret solution somewhere. You can configure the system to send out each mail with a configurable delay of let’s say 5 minutes after you click send. During that time, the message remains in your out box and can still be edited. I’ve been using that ever since and it has allowed me to save face many times.
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..Wireless Picture Light And Accent Light =-.

    1. That’s a great idea. Also you will find that there are many blogs, mine included, that will allow you to edit your comment but there is a time limit to it.

  25. When i’m writting on blogs and forums, most of the time, i don’t take time to re-read my text, it is when i click submit and re-read it after that i notice my errors or bad orthograph and sometimes i write so quickly that i even forget to type a word and mispell many words. xD

    1. My advice to you Sushie is to slow down and enjoy what you’re doing. Sometimes rushed comments can cost you more that what you save in time.

  26. When writing is re-writing, why cant reading be re-reading? Corporate houses keeps emphasizing this topic, especially while drafting emails and sending it out. Its always good to read what we have drafted before hitting the send button. Once sent nothing can be done…

    1. Yep, and in the corporate world the last thing you want is to appear inefficient. Thanks for your comment.

  27. Good idea!i love the aids

    1. See, this is a perfect example of what I call a spam comment and I fed it to Akismet. Don’t worry about the link I changed the keyword and link to point to my site. Don’t want the comment to be a complete waste.
      Sire recently posted…Blog Save The Akismet, Long Live The AkismetMy Profile

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