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Taking Off Your Clothes For The Greater Good


It doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter what your doing, sex is lurking somewhere waiting to pounce. There’s sex on TV! There’s sex on the Internet. There’s sex in magazines, there’s even sexting of which some say it should be illegal and some are just amazed it exists.

There’s sex in advertising, because everyone knows that sex sells. There’s raunchy hot steaming sex and there’s the quicky in the back seat of a car sex. People are either doing it, talking about it, wishing they were getting more or watching as it’s happening all around them. Heck, I reckon if you looked hard enough you’d even find it under the kitchen sink.

American model and television host Michele Merkin.
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There is so much sex that it’s starting to create problems around the globe, especially because our kids are being exposed at such a young age. A lot of people blame the parents but honestly I reckon they’ve got their hands tied because there’s no much they can do unless the lock their kids under the basement. If you want to blame someone then you just have to point your finger straight at society and all the do-gooders who are society’s stumbling block because they won’t let you do anything in case it may hurt someones sensibilities or rights.

Well, I’ve had enough and I’ve thought of a way where we can put all this nonsense behind us, but I need your help, every single one of you, because the only way this will work is if we can make one very important global change.

The World Must Go Naked


That’s right, we must persuade our leaders to pass a law where everyone has to go around their daily business completely naked. Imagine if this was the case sex would be taken right out of the equation. I admit that like every great idea there are pros and cons and I wish to discuss some of them here. But being only one man it’s inconceivable that I can cover every single one of them so I ask you all, my loyal followers, to contribute in the comment section everything that I have missed.

OK. Let’s now consider some of the PROS and CONS.

  • PRO: The demise of The Bold and Beautiful! If you take clothes out of the equation there would be no more Forresters or Jaqui M and the show would fall on it’s ass.
  • CON: There would be no more plastic surgery inflating a woman’s boobs to massive proportion because without support they would be hanging around their kneecaps in no time at all.
  • PRO: While the above would be a con there’s also a positive for all small breasted women as their pert little beauties would be highly sought after, thereby saving all the jobs of the plastic surgeons in Rodeo Drive
  • PRO: No more sex in advertising! Those lazy buggers will have to think of something more intelligent and inspiring to sell their products rather than shoving tits and asses in our faces.
  • PRO: No more being dragged shopping with the other half forced to suffer in silence while they shopped for women’s clothes including bras and panties.
  • PRO: Getting to rub on that tanning lotion so that they don’t get sunburn. :devil_tb:
  • CON: It’s going to get damn cold in winter. Oh well, we may have to suffer a little for the greater good of humanity. Perhaps someone can invent some sort of lotion that can be rubbed onto all that naked luscious flesh that can keep out the cold.
  • PRO: No more need for metal detectors at schools and airports because there’s nowhere to hide weapons
  • CON: No more body searches. Too bad guys, suck it up and find something less entertaining to do.

Can you see the potential if we could just do away with clothes? Honestly what do you reckon, are you going to get behind me or not?

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  1. Perhaps someone can invent some sort of lotion that can be rubbed onto all that naked luscious flesh that can keep out the cold.

    This is both a pro and a con. Con because it hasn’t yet been invented/marketed but a pro because it would be a thing you would need to do with a partner :)

  2. Count me out. I am too old to change my ways.

  3. PRO: No more lugging along bags and suitcases at airports when we travel. Toothbrushes and shampoo are all we need to bring along.

    CON: All airports will have to remove the conveyor systems and security xrays.

      1. All the more reason to push through with this plan, Sire.

        1. Well, it’s only going to work if I get more people backing the idea, especially the women :innocent1_tb:

  4. CON: The male teenage years would have to been spent in solitary confinement. Oh wait…

    1. LOL. Teenage boys aren’t the only ones with that problem sometimes. :-)

  5. Twitter:
    Con: There are some bodies that we really don’t want to see naked

    Con: There are many seats that you’d hate sitting on after certain people were sitting on them naked

    Con: Ick! lol

    1. Mitch’s first con was the first thing I thought of. I don’t know about where you are Sire but up here the population is rapidly aging and there ARE a lot of bodies you probably don’t want to see naked.

      His second con is something else to think about – many get quesy about a little sweat on the equipment at the gym. Imagine how they’d feel about other uh dampnesses.

      I mentioned in your other post that nudity and sexuality are simply not the same thing. We have taken this obsession with clothing or lack thereof too far. In my younger days clothing at home, swimming pools, hot tubs or sleeping was optional and usually not worn.

      That was before satellites could take close-ups and microphones and cameras in cell phones and computers could be remotely activated. I used to say if someone had binoculars and wanted to watch me swim so what; now I like rooms with closed doors and covered windows.

    2. Yep, I can see that could be a problem guys, but then again the sale of towels will go up and so the towel manufacturer will see that as a PRO.

      I used to deliver milk to an old folks home and I’d occasionally see a naked resident and I didn’t find that repulsive at all.

      As to big people, well perhaps having to go naked would inspire them to lose weight which would improve their overall health which in fact would make it a big PRO.
      Sire recently posted…Important Link Love That You Should All ReadMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        You have a stomach stronger than the average man, Sire. You read my story about the health club; you know how easily I can be freaked out. :sleep_tb:

          1. Twitter:
            I figured you had, you sneak. lol Nope, I think some things are just better left unseen.

            1. On can always avert their eyes but then they may accidentally walk into something they would rather not see. Would make for some great reality TV don’t you think? :laugh_tb:

    3. Yes I would have to agree with Mitch too. Of all the people you see on a daily basis, how many of them do you want to see naked? How would you stand going to family dinners or worse yet family reunions?

      1. You could always exclude the family home, which would mean that more people would rush home until they reshaped their bodies for the outside world, once again making it a PRO. :tongue_laugh_ee:
        Sire recently posted…Blog Save The Akismet, Long Live The AkismetMy Profile

  6. I am totally with you on this one! We hide behind our clothes. I’ll tell you this much, you would see ALOT more people exercising to keep their bodies tight! Great article.

  7. Twitter:

    I think my 2 year old daughter is already on board with your plan … we just can’t keep clothes on her, no matter how hard we try.

    As for me though … yea, that might scare too many people … so if it’s all the same to you, I think I’ll just stick with clothes. ;-)
    Todd Morris recently posted…Ultimate Frisbee For A Fun PT DayMy Profile

  8. Ehm, no, thank you, I am over 40 and pretty sure that nobody wants to see me walking the streets and going shopping “a la naturelle”BTW, seems also that adsense is not displaying on this blog post, perhaps due to the overuse of the “s..” word? SY

    1. I’m over 50 and I’m willing to do it, ‘for the good of mankind’ :drunk_tb:

      As for Google, who would have thought it was such a prude that it couldn’t deal with sex. Perhaps it’s just jealous because it knows what it’s missing. :laugh_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Blog Save The Akismet, Long Live The AkismetMy Profile

  9. Hey the world have become sex maniac and we can’t help it at all. Sex is being used to sell almost everything even though there are clearly products and services where sex should not be used. But sometimes, using sex to sell makes a lot of sense.

    1. That’s true Pete, there are times when using sex to sell a product is warranted, but nowhere near as much as it’s being used today.

  10. hahaha, such a drastic global strategy, I think.

    But seriously, you made a good point there: if everyone got naked, those advertisers would be scrambling for another effective means of promoting their products.

  11. Twitter:
    It would look like one of those “punked” shows; I probably wouldn’t watch, thinking it was mean.

    1. I was thinking more along the lines of “Funniest Home Show Videos”

      1. Twitter:
        I know you were lol :dry_tb:

  12. Oh Sire,

    Did you have to talk about SEX?

    You know the lady is busy with work here, reading this just started putting ideas in her head. And believe me, the ideas are not related to work at all!

    Anyway, like you said, sex sells. That’s one thing that would always keep sex relevant. That and hmmm… You know, one just loves the screaming that comes with it. Oh forgive me please, hope there are no kids here!

    I’m sorry dear, I can’t stand behind you in this one.

    If everyone starts walking about nude, then it becomes diffcult to tease the men just by raising up the skirt a little or wearing a very low down V neck dress that reveals the…. you know what I mean :smile_wp:

    1. Yep, that’s me, I just can’t help bringing sex into the conversation no matter where I am.

      I agree with you too, in that I much prefer seeing a woman wearing revealing clothes than just seeing them walking around naked, which is part of the point I’m making. :tongue_rolleye_ee:

  13. I wanted to post a comment on the Askimet post, when I got distracted by the word Sex in this post :)

    CON: Once upon a time, before the Internet, nudity was rare what made it seem more interesting. Today I can’t even open a newspaper site on the Internet without some b**bs jumping out of the page. Not that I mind, but it got simply boring now.

    1. Sex and distraction sort of go together I reckon Luc. I have to admit though mate that you’re right in a sense, covering the right parts and leaving something to the imagination is more appealing as far as I’m concerned.

  14. LOL awesome article. It’s articles like these that the blogosphere needs more of. Why? Because it lifts your spirits and just makes you laugh and think at the same time.

    1. Yep that’s me Eric, I write titillating articles that make people think. :tongue_laugh_ee:

  15. Honestly, I consider using sex to sell a cop-out. If you can’t come up with something great – use sex. Sexual beings? Yes, but we’re more than that… Not to mention the social consequences of using sex as sell tool.

  16. For someone to see the ad, they have to look at it. For something to make you look, it has to be compelling. That leaves two options: Horror or sex. I’ll take sexual attraction as the attention-catcher over fear any day.
    Richard recently posted…Mon Bel AmiMy Profile

  17. I see your point, and I have to admit that would work to some extent, but I fear what my parents and grandparents would say about this :)

    1. Not much they can say if they’re also naked Mia. :tongue_wink_ee:

  18. Hey what about people with a big tummy like me. I would get damn embarrassed to see myself naked rather to see others seeing me naked. But that advertisement point is true may be the advertising companies would find out some better and innovative themes to promote products rather than nudity.

  19. Sex sells. It’s one of those marketing ‘facts’ that everybody knows. Certainly the media reinforces this idea, bombarding us with dozens of scantily-clad women in every possible commercial outlet, hawking everything from light beer to garden tractors. All these high-priced ad executives must believe using gorgeous models to promote their products works.

  20. Sex appeal can increase the effectiveness of an ad or commercial because it attracts the customer’s attention. It’s human nature to be curious about sex. A pair of long legs on a billboard is more likely to catch (and hold) a guy’s attention than a puppy, regardless of how cute it may be. Even women are drawn to them, perhaps with the desire of having goddess-like legs.

    1. True, but what are they looking at the product or the legs, and in regards to the billboard, by the time they’ve finished looking at the legs they’ve driven by and don’t even know what’s been advertised. :tongue_rolleye_ee:
      Sire recently posted…The Validity Of Old Sayings As Per EmailMy Profile

      1. Totally true. There’s been several occasions where my attention gets caught by the main image on the billboard, but as Sire said, if the image has nothing to do with what they’re advertising, then what’s the point?

  21. Ugg I would be a hermit. Plus I know my luck. I would go out in the backyard, picking up dog poop or something, at the exact time Google Maps took a street view photo of my location, and then I would be stuck in the picture for who knows how many years before I would get a shot at a better pose. :P I vote for clothes!

    I enjoyed reading all great comments on here.

  22. So very true! PRO: No more sex in advertising! Those lazy buggers will have to think of something more intelligent and inspiring to sell their products rather than shoving tits and asses in our faces.

    CON: You’ve got to be kidding me. I feel bad enough with cloths on! And, I don’t want to see cold naked men. I mean even when some of them are not cold – it shrinks. :-)

    1. True, but then there’s another PRO: You know for sure when they’re exited to see you :tongue_wink_ee:

  23. Wow, going to work naked would be weird. It could work, but I’m sure many would also feel the urge to get down and busy.

    Sex sells advertising and that will always be the case, we are all longing for that look or feel and the advertisers know that ;)

  24. Con: Seeing people naked won’t be as fun anymore and thus sex will be less pleasurable :(

  25. I will gladly get naked for a greater good. As long as I can stand next to these women.

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