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Making Money With Amazon Is It Possible?

Over time I have proven to myself that there are many ways to make money online. I started my online money making career by doing surveys online and created my first website to offer for free those survey sites which were proven to work. I designed The Elusive Pot Of Gold without any experience in web design so you can all stop laughing :lol_ee: After a while I expanded it offering other services and even tried other ways of monetizing it.

It was in an attempt to improve the SEO of that site that I got into blogging and now blogging has overtaken my online life as I hardly ever update my Elusive Pot Of Gold site. It’s also through blogging that I have shared many of the ways that I make money online, but out of all my online money making efforts the one site that I haven’t been able to crack is Sure, I’ve made some small sales, mainly on my Top Sexual Aids site, but nowhere near enough to reach my payout level. That being the case I thought I would try using a WordPress plugin to see if I could increase my Amazon revenue. As usual I went for the free version because I know most of my readers would prefer to go that route. The plugin I settled for is WordPress Amazon Associate because it fulfilled the three things I expected from it.

Three Important Criteria For An Amazon Plugin

  • It was free
  • It was easy to use
  • It had Geo localisation capabilities. By that I mean that it doesn’t matter if the buyer was from America, England or Even Germany, as long as they bought the product from my site I would get the commission

WordPress Amazon Associate fulfilled all those requirements

WordPress Amazon Associate

Just so you know you can download this plugin from within your dashboard. Once you’ve activated there are a few things you need to do so as to utilise all of the plugins features.

  • First you need to start an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account. You sign in by selecting the I am a returning user and my password is option.
  • Once in you click on the Security Credentials link on the left and when that page opens you click on the Access Credentials link which scrolls down some so that you can access your access key and secret access key. You will need that information for the plugin so that you can validate the credentials. Once validated the warning message disappears from the top of the page.
  • Once you have that out of the way you need to join the relevant Amazon country sites so that you will be paid when visitors from that country buy any of the products you are offering. Once you’ve joined you enter the associate tag into their relevant spot.

Amazon Associate Plugin

Getting Amazon Products Is Easy

Once you have the plugin up and running all that remains is using it to implement Amazon products into your posts or pages and I’m happy to say this is extremely easy to do. I’m sure that the main reason a lot of people fail to post Amazon products into their posts is because it is all too hard, logging into Amazon, searching for a product and then copying the code, and so they don’t bother. I know there are a lot of times when I didn’t bother because it was such a pain. Now it’s a piece of cake. If I want to paste a link to a mobile phone I simply do a search for mobile phones and then select whether I wanted the product to appear as;

Amazon Affiliate Link

 BlackBerry 8520 Unlocked Phone with 2 MP Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi–International Version with No Warranty (Black)

Amazon Affiliate Image


Amazon Enhanced Link


Then again I may want to include one of the many available widgets like my personal favourite, the carousel.

All in all this plugin makes it extremely easy to place Amazon products into your posts and pages and also lets you select from several widgets to place into your sidebars. Perhaps now making money with Amazon will be more than just a pipe dream, especially now that I’ve increased my customer base form one country to several.


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Five Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

As a blogger I’m a bit of a plugin hog and I firmly believe that it’s the huge suppository of available plugins that make WordPress the huge success that it is. Don’t get me wrong, even without the plugins WordPress is the best blogging platform out there but adding plugins to the equation just makes it do so much more. There are plugins that deal with spam and there are plugins that make WordPress blogs more efficient. There are plugins that reward your readers, like commentluv and do follow,  and there are plugins that help you with your quest to make an online income.

Which brings me to this post where I plan on showing you what I believe to the 5 best free wordPress plugins for the affiliate marketer, or indeed any blogger that wants to boost their online income.

5 Essential Affiliate WordPress Plugins

  • Affiliate Link Cloaker: Developed by Joe Brewer I believe theWhat do Affiliate´s Want? Affiliate Link Cloaker to be an essential part of your affiliate plugin arsenal. This plugin does more than just cloak your links, it also makes them appear more professional as well as being ‘geo’ aware. This means it will send American who clicked on your Amazon link to the American Amazon site and any English person who clicked on a link to the English Amazon site. There are also several other unique qualities like making the links nofollow as well as setting up keywords so the links are placed automatically in posts when those keywords are found.
  • Fast Secure Contact Form: If you want to become successful you have to make yourself available to anyone who’s looking for added information, information that could well lead to a sale. Mike Challis’ Fast Secure Contact form is a perfect tool for making you available to your prospects.
  • Max Banner Ads: I wrote a post about Max Banner Ads where I talked about it’s ability to rotate ads so as to help prevent ad blindness. A great utility for incorporating your affiliate banners.
  • SEO Smart Links: Developed by Vladmir Prelovac SEO Smart Links allows you to turn words selected by you into affiliate links. You control whether you want them to appear just in your post or in your comments as well. Turns those words into links in all your posts including past ones.
  • MediaPass Subscription Plugin:  Perhaps not one for affiliate marketers per se but definitely one that can used to add to your online income. When I originally told you about  MediaPass it involved installing a code on your blog but now they have developed their own WordPress plugin. For the plugin to work you need to be a member but that’s not a problem because its free to join.

Well, there you go, now you have another 5 plugins to check out to see whether or not they will suit your blogging needs. But don’t go away just yet because there is more for you to do before you continue on your blog hopping way.

Don’t Leave Before You

  • Leave a good comment: Remember that a good comment has much more value than a mere backlink as it builds your brand by showing others you know what you’re taking about and has a greater potential for building traffic to your site
  • Promote this post by sharing with your Social Network! Telling me what a great post this is and then not giving it a Tweet or using one of the other social media buttons at the bottom of this post is a pretty empty gesture. Also, keep in mind that promoting this post also promotes your comment giving it more exposure making it a win, win situation.

Cool, now that you’ve left a comment and shared this post with your social network you are free to leave. :tongue_laugh_ee:

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Installing A Custom Header On Your WordPress Blog

Most bloggers would agree that it is important to choose the right theme for your blog. While there are a lot of great free themes out there most of them have a major flaw and that is they are way too hard to alter the way they look in order to claim it as your own. I mean what is the point of having your blog look like every other blog using the same theme. If you want your blog to stand out from the rest then it has to look different from all the others on the Internet.

One way to do this is to change the theme’s header. The problem is unless you know CSS and PHP it is very hard to do. I’ve lost count of all the themes that I discarded simply because I couldn’t work out how to change the header. I hate to think of the hundreds of hours I wasted in not only searching for those themes but in trying to work out whether or not I could change the header. That is until I got my hands on FlexSqueeze!

In my last tutorial I showed you how to do a post on WordPress. While most of us would take this for granted there would be a whole lot of people out there who I’m sure would love a how to guide just to make sure they don’t do anything wrong. In the above WordPress Tutorial I will be showing people how to fit a custom header to their blog. While FlexSqueeze comes with a lot of built in headers it’s always best to install one of your own, especially if you would like it to display a company logo or to represent your brand whatever that may be.

I reckon I’m actually getting a hang of doing these tutorials and it sure helps when you talk about something you enjoy doing. If you liked the video do ol’ Sire a favour and head on over to YouTube and give it the ol’ thumbs up! :thumbup_tb: Oh, a tweet wouldn’t go astray too :drunk_tb:

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More On LA, Las Vegas & Rewarding Your Readers

In my last two posts I wrote about my trip to the US and I thought I would continue the thread because so many interesting things happened there and I have a lot to share with you. Those posts talked about tipping and good service and I tied them into how we could improve our blogging.

It would be unreasonable to expect that no matter where you go in the States they would treat you like pure gold. There were a few places where the service was shocking. The first happened to be in the Bank Of America. As there were a few questionable people hanging around the ATM I decided to go into the bank to withdraw some cash. After walking through this weird system, obviously something to do with security, that involved two doors where only one person was allowed to enter at a time.

hollywoodviewI approached a female bank teller about withdrawing some cash. Man, what a sour puss, I reckon she must have missed out on getting laid that morning. Anyway, she says she needed to see my passport to which I replied I only had my driver’s licence on me, which happened to be acceptable everywhere else we went whilst there, Nope that wasn’t acceptable but I was welcome to use the ATM outside. I’m sorry but that made no sense to me whatsoever, it’s not like the ATM could check my ID. What really cheesed me off was her condescending attitude.

Another occasion of bad service happened at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Let me set the scene by quoting what Caesars Palace says about the Spanish Steps.

The warmth of the sun and cool desert breezes. Imagine the ambiance of Spanish Steps, where you can enjoy a frozen fruit cocktail amid the outdoor market atmosphere of the Roman Plaza. The Spanish Steps in Rome were completed in 1725 and lead to the Trinita dei Monti. Like the original, the Las Vegas Spanish Steps serve as a vibrant, outdoor meeting place.

Spanish Steps

Yep, it was our last day in Vegas and Anna and I had some time to kill before catching our plane back to LA and then home. We had walked past the Spanish steps the night before and thought it would be great to relax there while sipping a frozen cocktail. We approached the bar where they had two empty containers representing the sizes available. I pointed to the smaller of the two and said, “I will have two that size, one watermelon and one lemon.” He came back with three and I said, ” Sorry mate I only asked for two one of each flavour.” “No,” he replies, “you asked for two watermelon and one lemon!” I argued the point which caused him to pick up the spare frozen cocktail, hold it in the air in front of me and then to drop it in a bin, making it plain that he wasn’t at all happy.

storm trooper

Sorry, that’s no way to treat a paying customer. Firstly you never argue with a customer, that’s why they have the old’ The customer is always right’ saying. Secondly, you never try to make a customer feel small by using actions meant to intimidate him. Needless to say he didn’t get a tip.

There were a few others but they were minor and not enough to spoil our holiday. I only mentioned them to prepare others for when it happens to them. It’s unreasonable to expect everyone in the service American service industry to be perfect, because no matter where you go in this wonderful world of ours you’re always bound to come across some bad apples.

Something else I noticed while over there is that so many place offer their customers an incentive to encourage them to return. It got me to wondering what we as bloggers could do to encourage our readers to do the same. Most of these have been covered in previous posts but I think, especially for the new readers, I will touch briefly on them again.

  • Go DoFollow: Don’t worry about all those bloggers who tell you it’s wrong to go dofollow because it will increase your spam and it will ruin your PR. There are plugins to deal with spam and I’ve been dofollow since day one and I’ve still managed a PR4.
  • Install Commentluv: A great way to reward customers is to install the commentluv plugin. Once they learn that commenting will give them a titled link for their last blog post, and if they’re a member they can choose from their last 10 posts, they will continue to return for more.
  • KeywordLuv: Another great plugin to reward those who hollywood boulevardcomment on your blog. This plugin allows them to leave their name and a keyword and you all know how important keywords are to SEO.
  • Keep It Simple: By this I mean don’t make it difficult for people to comment. Most people are busy and they do not want to jump through hoops just to leave a comment so forget those stupid captchas and comment systems that require people to be logged in, such as Disqus and Intense Debate, to leave a comment. Rather than those captchas use GASP instead as it’s the simplest way of defeating those damn spam bots.
  • Return The favour: What better way to reward your commentators than to visit their blog and leave a quality comment in return. I’ve found this to be the best way to build long term relationships.
  • Subscribe To Comment Plugin: This is one that many bloggers forget and yet it can bring a lot of return traffic. There are a lot around but make sure you select one that only sends out an email when someone replies to a comment directly and not one that sends and email every time someone leaves a comment.

Naturally you also want to provide the best content possible because if they don’t like what you’re putting out there isn’t much incentive to return. I thought about offering a free eBook but then that may be good for getting them to sign up for a list but it’s only a one time offer so it won’t necessarily get them to return on a regular basis and that’s what we really want now isn’t it?

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