Time Is Running Out On CommentLuv Premium

Yes, there’s only hours left if you’re looking at taking advantage of Andy’s phenomenal deal on ComentLuv Premium. Hang On A Sec, WHAT’S That?

News Flash!

As a valued CommentLuv affiliate I have just been informed that Andy is going to extend the sale for another 36 hours! So you still have time to take advantage of those great sales. Personally I feel that $40 for this plugin is way too low, and believe me once the sale is finished you will never see that price again, but Andy being the generous bloke that he is has thrown in some excellent freebies to sweeten the deal.

Free Bonus Downloads With Commentluv Premium



  • Free eBook: You get an awesome ebook with 5 amazing comment getting articles written by well respected bloggers. The eBook deals with important topics such as how to strengthen your article marketing and 5 powerful tactics to getting more comments.
  • Microsoft Word Templates: You get a pack of Microsoft Word templates to allow you to create your own awesome looking ebooks that you can use as ethical bribes to encourage people to opt in to your lists.
  • Bonus Plugin #1: The Dashboard Luvvers Widget (premium) will show recent comments made on your site along with how many comments they have made,  a link to that comment authors recent post, their avatar, their comment and you get links to see all their comments and if it’s had a reply or not! You can find all comments made by that user which is a great tool for determining whether or not the user is a spammer or not.
  • Bonus Plugin #2: The WP Mail Ads plugin was previously sold for $27 and did fantastically well. You can use it to add your own message on the end of every email that your WordPress blog sends out. This is truly a great marketing tool and even has a graphical stats page.

You see, there are even more reasons for not missing out on Andy’s great offer. You all know how great the old plugin was and how that had more benefit for the commentator than it did for the blogger. Well CommentLuv Premium also looks after the blogger and does it very well. If like me you own more than one blog then you can’t5 afford to not buy this plugin now as doing so gives you an unlimited license allowing you to install it on all your blogs. Miss out and you will have to purchase a separate plugin for each blog which would cost you hundreds of dollars. Not to mention you will be missing out on all the freebies.

Joining now makes you an instant affiliate allowing you to offer it to your list and readers. You could easily make your money back as long as you don’t leave it too long.

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CommentLuv Premium Adding To Revenue Stream

In my last post I told everyone how you have to be prepared to Be Prepared To Spend Money To Make Money. Most of you would agree that the best way to make money pushing any particular affiliate is if you actually own or have tried the product. This is because people are more likely to believe what you have to say if they see you suing the product. There is no point me trying to sell a MacBook Air to someone if they see me using a PC! If on the other hand they see me using a MacBook Air and I can demonstrate to them all the features it has they are more likely to buy one from me.

The products that I actively promote on this blog are products that I use, such as my theme, Market Samurai as well as other products. The fact that people actually see me using the products that I recommend is their greatest selling point. That is one of the reasons that I have decided to purchase CommentLuv Premium. I don’t think that anyone would argue with me when I say that commentluv is one of the best WordPress plugins out there. Yet as good as it is Andy has added many features that make this a plugin people would be willing to purchase, and as owners the ability to promote it to other bloggers.

What Makes CommentLuv Premium So Great

That’s right, CommentLuv Premium is great and I believe adding it to your plugin arsenal will lead to sales because people will want the features it has to offer. Things like;

  • It has 5 plugins in one: These include KeyWord Name, Andy’s version of KeyWord Luv, Twitter Link, Gasp, DoFollow and of course, commentluv Read the rest of this entry
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A New Milestone As My Mail List Hits 50

I’m not all that big on doing milestones, although I have done one or two in the past, but I thought this particular one deserves a post. I started my list way back in December last year when I wrote a post called Why The List Hater Has His Very Own List. Since that time my list has grown to a whopping 50 members! Yeah, yeah, I know that is a piddling amount and you know I don’t really care because I know that at least my subscribers are a dedicated bunch who have joined because they are interested in what I have to say.

I’ve done a few posts about my list since then including Why I Chose MailChimp Over Aweber which is really a review about MailChimp, one that has brought quite a bit of traffic to this blog. I can safely say that to date I am more than satisfied with their services and I have no intention to change.

Why I Am Happy With List Numbers

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that I’ve never really supported having a list, the reasons being that most people abuse their list by continually trying to sell them something. I vowed when starting my list to never do that to my subscribers. I think when looking at my low list numbers you really need to compare the way I promote my list to the way others do it.

List Building Techniques

Their Methods

  • The use of annoying popups!
  • Give away freebies to get them to join. A lot of the time they turn out to be less than useless

My Methods

  • I don’t use these on any of my blogs
  • Nope, don’t do that either although I do reward those you do by giving them some linkluv.

Those are the two main ways that others get people to subscribe to their list and apparently they work quite well but I personally dislike them and so I will not be using them on my readers.

Until recently my numbers were even lower and in fact I was even getting one or two who were unsubscribing which resulted in the post Why People Unsubscribe From Your List! Since them my numbers have been increasing slightly faster but it wasn’t because of that post.

Read the rest of this entry

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