A Whole Lot Of Link Luvin Going On

For those newbie bloggers out there who may be wondering as to why so many bloggers insist on their link luv feasts where they, sometimes weekly, link to a whole heap of blogs, well I hope the following three points may clear things up a bit.

  1. To reward their commentators:  There are many who feel, and rightly so, that this is a great way to reward those commentators who come back time and time again to add their contribution to their posts.
  2. Sharing a great find: We’re all mates right? So if we come across a great post, that has inspired us, why wouldn’t you want to share it?
  3. Hoping for some reciprocation: I’m sure that even though most bloggers do not actually say outright that they want some link luvin in return, they hope that some of the luv that went out will actually come back in one form or another. Sort of like the old, ‘you scratch my back and I will scratch your back’ mentality.

I would like to point out that point three hardly every occurs when commenting on the so called ‘Pro Blogger’ bloggers. It seems that bloggers like John Chow and Darren Rowse just don’t seem to have the time to reciprocate any favors, heck they don’t even have the time to reply to some of their commentators. Sure they’re blogs are a whole lot busier than ours, but then their pros who have made it to the stage that their blog is their job, whereas many other bloggers have to hold down a job as well has maintaining their blogs.

Still, this post isn’t about a rant at all, I just got side tracked there a bit, it’s about sharing some link luv with those of you out there who have either commented on my blog, or whose blog I have read that had struck a chord in me leading to some link luvin.

Most of you who visit my blog know of Kristi of Kikolani fame, but rather than link to her post about Google Trends :innocent1_tb: I want to tell you about her new venture. It’s her DoFollow Blog Directory and Compendium where you

will find out everything you want to know about DoFollow, and where to find DoFollow friendly sites.

If yours is a dofollow blog and you want to advertise the fact you should check it out, as Kristi plans to make this the best DoFollow resource center on the net, one that goes beyond the normal dofollow posts you will find as it also allows you to mention any addition features your blog may offer, such as CommentLuv, whether or not Keywords are allowed and the presence of the  Top Commentator plugin etc. The fact that she also won Doug’s professional Custom Banner Giveaway Package will ensure that her new site will stand out from the rest.

Trey’s post at Swollen Thumb Entertainment have always been an interesting read, but his A Better Approach To Leaving Comments I found to be a par above the rest. You all know how important I believe commenting is to a blogs sustainability, I’ve been on about it long enough, well Trey has managed to put it in such a way that everyone reading the post will leave a wiser commetator, and if they don’t, well there may be something wrong with them.

Mitch of I’m Just Sharing is an excellent blogger and I am constantly astounded that he is not up there with the big boys. He writes extremely well and is always willing to try something new. Not one to give up, if after giving an idea a good run for it’s money, if it’s not working the way it should be he is willing to change as can be seen from his post, Post#500 Something New For Me.

Now, not everyone is a fan of becoming a dofollow blog, because it sometimes does lead to people leaving stupid nonsensical comments just so they can get a link back to their site. Don’t they realize that there is a spammers hell waiting for them? :devil_tb: Luckily Todd of Todd’s Tips has found a plugin that will enable you to Reward  Only Your Blogging Friends With DoFollow Links.

Ever since moving from Blogger to WordPress, on her own domain not that free WordPress.org thingy, I reckon it’s safe to say that Ching Ya has never looked back, as can be seen from the amount of comments she’s getting from her happy readers on 16 Social Bookmarking Plugins to Promote Your Posts.

Ever wondered how to create  a One Page Adsense Site for your niche? Well that link I’ve just provided will take you to Brian’s Exreme Ezine which is full of marketing tips and other little tid bits.

Last but not least I best not leave out Cheryl who’s ‘Marketing Help Blog’ is a treat, especially her post on how to Get Backlinks Indexed Faster. Also, if you haven’t had Sheryl comment on one of your posts, you don’t know what your missing. When Sheryl leaves a comment you just know what your going to get and I always read them with some trepidation :laugh_tb:

Well, I reckon that’s enough link luvin for one post, and I know you must be tired from examining all those links, so I would like to leave you with a little video. I may have spatterings of the ‘F’ word so don’t watch it if you find it offensive.


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Andy Bailey’s Comluv Now Live

Most of you who know me and have read my posts know how I’m always stipulating the importance of hosting your own blog. Knowing this you are probably wondering why this post is promoting Andy Bailey’s Comluv Network?

In case you’re wondering, the  Comluv Network is another of Andy’s projects, and like all of his projects he has his commentluv members in mind. If you are one of the smart ones who has already joined the movement and registered your blogs then you can also have your own commentluv blog. Why would you want to do so? Well here are a few reasons for giving it a go.

  1. You have a WordPress blog that is ready to go that is not using any of your own resources
  2. It gives you another link to all your blogs and sites via the blogroll
  3. Already commentluv enabled.
  4. Increased exposure, by highlighting certain topics via this new avenue
  5. Your helping Andy out which is the least we can do considering all that he has done for us ;)
  6. Adsense enabled so you can earn as you blog

Anyway, considering it’s free I figure I would give it a whirl and so I have started yet another blog, Top Software Online! Man am I a glutton for punishment LOL.

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Rewarding Top 10 Members Of Cool Blog Links

Cool Blog Links came to life on December 12th 2008. I did a post about it called Cool Blog Links Now Live, and although it hasn’t got a huge membership I’m still quite happy with it knowing that I haven’t really promoted it. This post is partly an update but mainly I want to reward the top ten members of my blog links site.

  1. Lolly Bolly Holly Feet: Now I knew that there were a lot of people who may have a feet fetish, but not to the degree that it has given this site the No.1 position ever since they joined. As you can guess the site centers on the bare feet of beautiful women, but it’s not the beauty of the woman that’s important as the emphasis is all on the bare feet.
  2. Brad’s Tiny World: Isn’t all that tiny as it packs quite a punch and is all about Celebrity Rumors and Local News and Newspapers. Those of you interested in American Idol may be interested in the American Idol Results, 10 Go To 9.
  3. Work From Home Business Blog: This is Peter Lee’s blog and if I’m not mistaken, he’s moved up a few spots in the last couple of days and you can find the explanation for this sudden surge in Latest Case Study On Twitter. Way to go Peter.
  4. So You Want To Be A Banquet Manager: This is a very interesting blog and not that long ago was fighting Brad’s Tiny World for second spot. His post about his newest waiter just goes to show how sometimes the cuteness factor is all you need to help you keep a job that little bit longer.
  5. What A Load Of Bullshit: This is one of mine and it’s doing consider it’s Google Slap. Just goes to show that PR isn’t everything. Speacking of Google and PR, have a gander at the 10 Reasons Why Google Took My PR!
  6. I’m Just Sharing: My mate Mitch owns this blog, and just like our chess games we are in a constant battle to keep in the lead. Mitch, you may be in front of Wassup now, but you know it ain’t going to last! :guns_tb: His posts are usually a lot longer than mine, Product Vs Advertising Ads being no exception, and have a lot of information, but they lack the Aussie flavor and that ain’t his fault at all, being a Yank and all. :laugh_tb:
  7. WassupBlog: Yep, that one is mine, and as you can see I’m just behind Mitch, but not for long.
  8. Scenic Adelaide: Wow, what do you know, another of my blogs. Hey, what do you expect. after all I do run Cool Blog Links, and I will have you know that my blogs make it to the top ten on their own merits.  This is one of my Photo Blogs, and the photos, just like this one of the Adelaide Convention Center, are all about Adelaide and the surrounding districts.
  9. The Prompt Writer: This blog is run by Christine Senter, a cool blogging mate, who is very talented and has just made it In The Top 100 non design blogs. Other bloggers listed include Mashable, Copyblogger, and Matt Cutts. She’s so modest she hasn’t even told me about it yet. You just wait until I see you babe. :nono_tb:
  10. 21st Century Affiliate Marketing: The tenth spot goes to John Dillbeck’s blog which is all about ‘News and views about affiliate marketing in the 21st century’. I reckon that John must be one of the most verbose bloggers I know but only because his posts, just like Are Traffic Exchanges Worth Your Time?, are chocker block full of information.

Well, it just goes to show that being a member of Cool Blog Links can get you some unexpected, highly prized one way links to your blog, as I will be doing another update post at a later date to see whos in the top 10; It could be you. Membership is free, all you have to do is implement a small code on your blog which allows the site to keep track of visits and such, giving you another way of seeing how your blog stacks up against other members.

Cool Blog Links is hosted on Web Hosting Pad and once I get time I will be adding another site there to keep it company, as at the moment it’s all on its own.

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