Best Wallet Ever?

OK, guys, this isn’t your typical post. I’ve recently posted a YouTube video about what I thought was a really fashionable man’s wallet. The problem is when my wife saw my new wallet she said it was a woman’s wallet, which is why I called the video, Is This A Man’s Wallet? Would A Man Dare Use This Wallet? So, even though I thought it was the best wallet ever, man’s wallet that is, my wife’s comment has brought it into question.

Best Wallet Ever Fiasco

Anyway, I’ve embedded a poll within the video. The survey states, Is This A Man’s Wallet with a simple yes or no selection of responses. My problem is that at the moment the result stands at 50/50. Please, folks, I love my wallet, and I really need you guys to help me out and take the poll and vote for it being a man’s wallet.

So please, head on over to YouTube by clicking this link and give me the boost I need.

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