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Hey guys, you won’t believe this but I’ve found another really cool watch! Who would have thought that there were so many cool electronic watches out there. So far I’ve written about the Casio Men’s Watch which doubles as a TV remote control; I then wrote about the Fluds Mens Boombox Watch and finally, so the women wouldn’t feel left out, I wrote about the Ladies Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

What I love about this next watch is that its under $30 making it very affordable. Something else I love about this watch, being a gadget loving sort of guy and all,  :innocent1_tb: is that it’s a Spy Watch with Hidden Camera,  Microphone, Video Recorder and USB 4gb. Not bad huh. Naturally I’ve imported one from Amazon using WP Zon Builder, so that you can read the reviews. I noticed that eBay had a whole lot of different ones that you may want to check out as well.

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Adding Videos Or Photos That Add Value To Your Post

Honestly, I sometimes just don’t understand why some people do the things they do when writing a post. Have you ever read a post that has a video tacked on the end that was completely unrelated to the post itself? You will usually find that it is of a humorous nature and the blogger just stuck it there in the hope the reader would find it entertaining. So what if he did, if it didn’t add any value to the post then as far as I’m concerned it was a waste of time and precious bandwidth.

Photos aren’t such a problem but you do come across a post or two where it seems the photo’s only attribute was that it was a nice photo.

Personally I try to write around a photo or a video because I feel it adds so much more value to the post. The way I do it is if I find a kick ass video I write my post around it and in that way it has to be relevant to the post in general. The post Have You Ever Thought It Should Have Been Me is a good example of how a video can complement the post. Do this correctly and you’ll find that readers will appreciate your posts a whole lot more and once they realize that the video adds value to the post there is more chance they will actually watch it.

Another mistake I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do is that they will post a video and that’s it? SEO wise that would have to be the greatest mistake ever because it doesn’t give the search engines anything to go on. What you need to do is to tell people what the video is about. Sum it up for them giving your opinion on it or something and if you can use SEO rich keywords, all the better.

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