This Has To Be The Best WordPress Comment System

I know there are a lot of people out there who are looking for that special WordPress comment system, one that will make their blog stand out from the rest. I know this because the post I wrote, What Is The Best Comment System For WordPress Blogs, generated a lot of interest, both in comments and in the amount of traffic it gets from the search engines. In that post and in others I’ve always maintained that the default system is the best and I’ve always bagged other comment systems like Disqus, Livefyre and Intense Debate, until now!

The biggest negative those other comment systems have is the extra hoops they put their commentators through just to leave a comment. This one bad point so outweighs any positive features  that it’s pointless installing them. I know bloggers who use them will swear by them but if they’re that good why do most of them revert to the default system?

And The Best WordPress Comment System Is?

If you’re going to install any plugin you want to ensure there are benefits to either you or your commentators. If it’s beneficial to both of you then you’re on a real winner.  :thumbup_ee: This is especially true when it comes to your comment system as it plays such an integral part to a your blog. Considering its importance I thought I would never install a new comment system as I didn’t think you could improve perfection. How wrong I was!

From all the emails I’ve been getting I know that many of you have noticed something different about the comment system I’m no using. Well, you can stop tearing your hair out  :wallbash_tb: because this post will finally reveal all. You’re going to want to read it because without the knowledge contained within you’ll find it extremely difficult to find the right one.

I’ll give you a tip though, it was developed by MailChimp! Yep, the one I use as my autoresponder. I believe this to be important because as a well renowned company they’re not going to put their name on an inferior product. You’ll see their logo on the setup page so it also acts as a great advertisement. I’ve put a bit of a video together for you so I can show you how good this comment system really is.

As you can see I haven’t gone all out in the video as I like to keep my videos short and simple. The video shows you how the comment system works and also how to get the plugin via your WordPress dashboard. If you want a more detailed video as well as a more in depth review you should head on over to Kimberly’s blog and read her post WP Social Plugin For WordPress. If it wasn’t for this post who knows how long before I would, if at all, come across this rather unique comment system. Yep, I continue to call it that even though the guys who put it together refer to it as a Social plugin.

Kimberly has run a few tests and has found it to be compatible with Commentluv, Commentluv Premium, ReplyMe, KeywordLuv/KeywordName and Subscribe To Comments. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with my Smiley plugin which is cool as I’ve found another to take it’s place.

You should also note that your comments will no longer be displayed in the way you were used to as Social uses it’s own method of displaying comments, one that I am pretty happy with. Another positive aspect of this plugin is that you can set it to automatically Tweet your post as well as posting an excerpt to your FaceBook once you have published your post. That’s great for people like me who constantly forget to market promote their posts.  :thumbup_ee:

OK, if there are any questions you know where to leave them. I’d really like to get your feedback on this plugin too. Do you like it? If you do why and likewise if you don’t.

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