Making Money With Amazon Is It Possible?

Over time I have proven to myself that there are many ways to make money online. I started my online money making career by doing surveys online and created my first website to offer for free those survey sites which were proven to work. I designed The Elusive Pot Of Gold without any experience in web design so you can all stop laughing :lol_ee: After a while I expanded it offering other services and even tried other ways of monetizing it.

It was in an attempt to improve the SEO of that site that I got into blogging and now blogging has overtaken my online life as I hardly ever update my Elusive Pot Of Gold site. It’s also through blogging that I have shared many of the ways that I make money online, but out of all my online money making efforts the one site that I haven’t been able to crack is Sure, I’ve made some small sales, mainly on my Top Sexual Aids site, but nowhere near enough to reach my payout level. That being the case I thought I would try using a WordPress plugin to see if I could increase my Amazon revenue. As usual I went for the free version because I know most of my readers would prefer to go that route. The plugin I settled for is WordPress Amazon Associate because it fulfilled the three things I expected from it.

Three Important Criteria For An Amazon Plugin

  • It was free
  • It was easy to use
  • It had Geo localisation capabilities. By that I mean that it doesn’t matter if the buyer was from America, England or Even Germany, as long as they bought the product from my site I would get the commission

WordPress Amazon Associate fulfilled all those requirements

WordPress Amazon Associate

Just so you know you can download this plugin from within your dashboard. Once you’ve activated there are a few things you need to do so as to utilise all of the plugins features.

  • First you need to start an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account. You sign in by selecting the I am a returning user and my password is option.
  • Once in you click on the Security Credentials link on the left and when that page opens you click on the Access Credentials link which scrolls down some so that you can access your access key and secret access key. You will need that information for the plugin so that you can validate the credentials. Once validated the warning message disappears from the top of the page.
  • Once you have that out of the way you need to join the relevant Amazon country sites so that you will be paid when visitors from that country buy any of the products you are offering. Once you’ve joined you enter the associate tag into their relevant spot.

Amazon Associate Plugin

Getting Amazon Products Is Easy

Once you have the plugin up and running all that remains is using it to implement Amazon products into your posts or pages and I’m happy to say this is extremely easy to do. I’m sure that the main reason a lot of people fail to post Amazon products into their posts is because it is all too hard, logging into Amazon, searching for a product and then copying the code, and so they don’t bother. I know there are a lot of times when I didn’t bother because it was such a pain. Now it’s a piece of cake. If I want to paste a link to a mobile phone I simply do a search for mobile phones and then select whether I wanted the product to appear as;

Amazon Affiliate Link

 [amazon_link id=”B002KQLUVU” target=”_blank” ]BlackBerry 8520 Unlocked Phone with 2 MP Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi–International Version with No Warranty (Black)[/amazon_link]

Amazon Affiliate Image

 [amazon_image id=”B002KQLUVU” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]BlackBerry 8520 Unlocked Phone with 2 MP Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi–International Version with No Warranty (Black)[/amazon_image]

Amazon Enhanced Link

 [amazon_enhanced asin=”B002KQLUVU” /]

Then again I may want to include one of the many available widgets like my personal favourite, the carousel.

[amazon_carousel widget_type=”SearchAndAdd” width=”460″ height=”200″ title=”Top Mobile Phone Products” market_place=”US” shuffle_products=”True” show_border=”False” keywords=”mobile phones” browse_node=”” search_index=”Electronics” /]

All in all this plugin makes it extremely easy to place Amazon products into your posts and pages and also lets you select from several widgets to place into your sidebars. Perhaps now making money with Amazon will be more than just a pipe dream, especially now that I’ve increased my customer base form one country to several.


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10 Essential WordPress Plugins For The Smart Blogger

I reckon there are two things that set WordPress apart from other blogging platforms, the amount of quality themes available and the plugins. There are so many plugins out there that you can do almost anything you want with your blog. I don’t know about you guys but while visiting other blogs I’ve often wondered what plugins they were using, That being the case there may even be some of you who are wondering about the ones I use.

The obvious ones are commentluv, dofollow and keyword luv plugins, but for the purpose of this post I won’t be including them as I figure most bloggers are familiar with them. I think it more appropriate that I write about the ones that work behind the scenes, the ones you don’t see, or even the ones that you may see but don’t know what plugin is making it work.

you & me, me & you

  1. Quick Cache: Over the years I’ve tried several caching plugins and I settled on this one because apart from doing the job well it is the easiest caching plugin I’ve come across. It even has a ‘clear cache’ icon that can be accessed from every page of the dashboard.
  2. FT Signature Manager: This plugin’s actually designed so the blogger can place a signature at the end of the post. I on the other hand saw another use for it, one that’s proven to be quite profitabe. I’ve used it to advertise the Flexsqueeze theme, yep, that’s the one you’ll see at the bottom of thisand every post.
  3. Insights: This plugin is a real time saver as it can search the net for information, pictures and videos etc. for your blog posts. It will even search your own blog.
  4. LMB^Box Comments Quicktags:  This plugin inserts a quicktag toolbar above the comment form. The toolbar alllows the commentator to insert smilies, links, quotes and other funtions into the comment. What I love the most about it is that it has a large selection of smilies. You will have to modify your comments.php for this plugin to work.
  5. Max Banner Ads: I did a post on this plugin called Rotating Banner Problem Resolved By Max Banner Ads.
  6. Microkid’s Related Post: This plugin allows you to select posts that are related to the one you’re currently working on and places them at the end of the post. Great for interlinking your posts and for giving your reader a selection of related posts.
  7. WordPress Database Backup: This plugin is absolutely essential, especially if you’re a slack blogger like me who never backups their blog. With this plugin it’s all done automatically. I have mine set up so that it sends me the backup via email on a daily basis.
  8. Stats: I love this plugin. It supplies all the stats I need. At the top of the page it gives you a line graph of views per day. It will also show you the top posts and pages for today and yesterday, as well as referrers for the last two days. The best thing is that it also shows what links people have been clicking on, and all on the same page.
  9. OIOpubliasher: This is another essential plugin that I use on all my popular blogs. It allows advertises to automatically pay for adspace on your blog. It’s one of the few plugins that I’ve paid for, and it’s paid for itself many times over.
  10. SEO Smart Links:  I use this plugin to link keywords and phrases with affiliates that I am promoting. You could even use it to link to individual posts in your blog that’s been specifically written to promote an affiliate. You can have it set up so that it only works with your posts or you can include your comments as well.

Naturally I use a lot more plugins but I consider these to be a more essential than the others, yeah, even the smilies, I can’t live without those. If you had to pick just one of these plugins which one would you choose and why?

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Is Disqus Costing You Comments?

Let’s face it, if you want more people commenting on your blog it sometimes takes more than a good post to get it out of them. AS s a blogger you want to make it as easy as possible for people to comment on your blog. Even though there are so many spam comments floating around many bloggers have decided not to use captchas, moderating comments manually, because they don’t want to present hurdles to their commentators.

I remember awhile back when Mitch wrote a post having a go at Disqus and other third party commenting systems, and then not so long ago Mad about the Banreading a post comparing Commentluv with Disqus, although I don’t think you could call commentluv a commenting system, where the blogger is trying to work out which one to go for.

Personally I don’t like blogs using Disqus and it’s gotten so that I now finding myself scrolling down to see whether the blogger is using Disqus and if they are I don’t even bother reading the post. The only time I will comment on a Disqus blog these days is if I’m reciprocating a comment left on this blog.

I just don’t see the advantage to the commentator for having it installed and if it’s not making life easier for them then as far as I’m concerned it’s a waste of CPU.

Still, that’s just my opinion but I am really interested in what others have to say on the matter and so I’ve decided to run a little poll. It’s a simple yes or no answer but I would really love for you to leave a comment as to why you voted that way. I would also appreciate you Tweeting the post so as to get as many people involved in the poll as possible.

Have You Refrained From Commenting Because It Was A Disqus Blog?

View Results

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