FlexSqueeze Latest Update Absolutely Rocks

I’ve been waiting for this update for quite awhile now so you can imagine how exited I was to receive an email saying it was available to download. Man, I doubt that anyone has ever seen me move so fast :laugh_tb: Yes, this blog is now running on the latest FlexSqueeze and I must say that the improvements Ryan’s made has made it even easier to customize than before.

He’s even added a few things that were missing in the last version, mainly drop down menus and you now can have multiple squeeze pages on the same blog, one of the suggestions that I think I may have made on his forum.

Seeing as how there are so many changes, more than I could possibly include in this post without boring the crap out of you, I thought I would put together a little video using my Total Screen Recorder Gold. The video will highlight some of the main changes and will also show you how easy it is to customize your blog.

I have to admit that after installing the latest update I found that the color picker wasn’t working. I immediately went onto Ryan’s forum, yes he does give support, and after giving him access to my admin area he found out it was conflicting with one of my plugins, Digiprove, which I spoke about in the post telling you how all my posts were copyright protected. Once he tracked down the problem he had a solution for me that very night.

Now I know some of you are thinking that you’re not ready to pay for a theme and that you’re happy with the free theme you’re currently using. That’s fine but I ask you, how much money is you free theme making for you? Not a cent right? Well apart from the fact that this is probably the easiest most versatile WordPress theme you will ever come across, being a FlexSqueeze Theme owner will make you money. I got my money back within the first two months and since then it’s all profit. I can honestly say that it is my best affiliate to date as well as being the most reliable performer.

Imagine, you will finally have something that you can promote and sell on your blog, and unlike all those bloggers who are promoting a theme they’re not even using, you will be promoting one that you use and others seeing how excited you are about your theme will be more likely to buy it.

Note: After viewing the YouTube video I was shocked to see the poor quality of the reproduction.They’ve obviously downgraded the quality as when looking at it on my computer it was perfect.

Edit:Since this post there has been another update. You can check out some of the unique features at this post.

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Thesis Theme Is Just Not Flexible Enough

I did a post a little while back called My First Impression Of The Thesis Theme in which I outlined my disappointment in the theme itself. Whilst is was better than the majority of themes around it didn’t live up to expectations for one simple reason, that reason being, as far as I was concerned, it didn’t do what it said it would.

Not a coder? Not a problem. The Thesis option panels allow you to command your site with ease, while Thesis does all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. You’ve never had this much control over your site before, and this is precisely what makes Thesis indispensable to critical webmasters all over the globe

After reading that I bought the theme thinking that now I would finally have complete control over how my blog would look. Now don’t get me wrong it did give me a lot more control than a lot of other themes, but as far as being a complete ‘plug and play’ package I found it sorely lacking. Naturally if you are a bit of a geek and like playing around with codes and things you can do a lot more with Thesis than other themes, but I, like a lot of other bloggers out there, am completely clueless when it comes to coding and I need a theme that is almost completely mouse driven. I need a truly flexible theme.

Well, I searched far and wide until finally I found what I consider to be the ultimate theme, the FlexSqueeze Theme! Once installed you simply go to the Theme  Option page and follow all the instructions. You can change almost every facet of the theme from the width of the theme to the width of your post content to your sidebars. The following is just some of the things that you can do with this theme.

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My First Impression Of The Thesis Theme

There has been so much hype over the WordPress Thesis theme that I finally decided to purchase it and try it on this blog. As you can see it’s no longer active, mainly because I like my previous theme a whole lot better. I am however running it on my Load Of Bullshit blog, after all, there’s no reason to let all that money go to waste.

I wasn’t overly impressed mainly because I expected so much more from it. I expected it to be more of a ‘plug and play’ theme where all it would take is the click of a button and things would happen. Take for example the placement of a header. With the theme that I am currently using on this blog, all I had to do was point to where the header image is located, make a selection to say I wanted it to display and presto it was there. With Thesis it involves a whole lot of CSS manipulation and if you are not CSS proficient, which I am not, you are forever cursed to search the Support Forum for a solution. I did find one but I haven’t implemented it yet.

It does have a lot of features but to access them you do need to manipulate either the PHP or CSS files and while I will get to them in time, I was hoping for something a whole lot simpler to use. I will do another update once I get my head around this theme, but for now I ain’t at all impressed.

UPDATE: While Thesis has improved a little it’s still not as easy to use as it’s made out to be. I’ve since found a theme that is easy to use, straight out of the box. Read all about it at THIS POST!