Finally, A Plugin That Improves The Quality Of Your Comments

It looks like Andy Bailey has been at it again. For those of you who are new to blogging Andy Bailey is the wonder behind the Commentluv plugin, a plugin that is so popular hundreds of thousands of bloggers use it. Something else you may not know is that Andy recently released the CommentLuv Premium version. Being a premium version Andy has filled it with heaps of extras to make it worth the price.

I’m not going to go through all of the plugin’s attributes because I’ve already listed them in my post CommentLuv Premium Adding To Revenue Stream. What’s that, how can it add to your revenue stream? Quite simple really as it is a lot easier to sell something to your reader if they see that you’re actually using the product yourself.

CommentLuv Now Improving Your Comments

The thing with Andy is that he is never satisfied with the end product and he is always tinkering with it to make it better. When developing the premium version of the plugin he wanted to ensure that it rewarded the blogger as well as the commentator. With his latest update Andy’s revamped the GASP portion of the plugin.

For those of you who don’t know GASP helps reduce your comment spam as it virtually kills off all robot spam. With this latest update it

now also helps to reduce the human spam. Here is the plugin’s extra feature;

You had some more options added to GASP to allow more advanced heuristics. You can now specify the minimum amount of words

required in a comment and the minimum time a user has to be on the page before leaving a comment. You can also set GASP to warn the user why their comment is not being accepted. You will also have to enter your username and password again to activate this new version (for security reasons). You can also show icons next to the last blog post link if the user clicked any of the social enticement buttons. See the changelog to see details (on the main page sidebar) (this message will be expire after 60 seconds)

Phew, lucky I managed to copy all that before it self destructed :lol_ee:

I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who do not use plugin because they’re afraid that it will attract too many spam comments to their blog as people try to get that extra link back to their sites. Well, that may be true for the original plugin, it’s definitely not true for the premium version, especially not now.

Think about it! What is the most common spam comment you get? It’s the nice post or some other generic comment that is quick and easy to leave and adds nothing of value to your post. I can now set the plugin so that they now have to sit and think about what they’re writing if they want their comment to be accepted.

The other common mistake that spammers make is not reading your post. They now have to spend a predetermined time on the post before their comment is accepted. Heck, if they have to do that they may as well read the post :wink_ee:

Of course there will be many who won’t want to take that extra time or put in the extra effort to leave a good comment and so they will just move on to the next blog, hopefully not a CommentLuv Premium blog :tongue2_tb: , but so what? You don’t want those sorts of comments and by moving on they’re just saving you the time of having to delete it or worse still, stressing over whether or not you should delete it.

So, there you have it, CommentLuv Premium can now improve the type of comments you get. :thumbup_tb:


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What Type Of Commentator Do You Aspire To Be?

Who's The Dick Writing Comments On My Blog
Image by Laughing Squid via Flickr

As bloggers, when we write content our intention is to lure in commentators, not just the casual browser, but those fellow bloggers and web surfers. We want our content to strike a chord in them, one that will cause them to pause for a moment, reflect on what they have just read and to then say, “Hey, that was good and I have something that I want to say to add to what I have just read!”

The trouble is that the web and the world around us are full of all different types of commentators. Some are leaches that take what they can and leave nothing in return, and others add a little wisdom improving the quality of the content. I have come up with the top three of each group.

Top 3 Obnoxious Commentators

  1. Robotic Commentators: These commentators are not human. I’m serious. You’ve obviously seen some of them, their comments make absolutely no sense and are completely unrelated to the post. The reason being that they were made by a script that is programmed to leave the same comment on every blog, forum or whatever. That is why some blogs use ‘captcha’ to filter out these moronic posts.
  2. Hit And Run Commentators: These are those moronic turkeys that usually don’t even bother to read your post. You are probably familiar with these commentators as all they have to say for themselves is “Good Post”, “Nice blog” or sometimes just a smiley face. It’s probably not their fault as they probably don’t know how to string more than two intelligible words together.
  3. The Spam Link Kings: Their whole purpose is to promote some stupid affiliate or to con somebody into parting with their hard earned cash. These commentators may or may not have something to say that is relevant to the post, but whatever they say they always finish with a link to their crappy site. As if it wasn’t enough that we let them have their link when they use the comment form.

As bloggers we all have to deal with these obnoxious commentators and most of us deal with them in the same way, we delete them. New bloggers, unfortunately, tend to hold on to them thinking that building up their ‘comment count’  makes their blog look more popular. Wrong! It actually makes the blog look less professional and you are better off without these worthless comments.

Next I want to outline my top 3 normal commentators, of which only one is truly cherished by every blogger.

Top 3 Normal Commentators

  1. Roaming Commentators: Many bloggers fit into this category. These bloggers search the Internet for posts that offer the opportunity for them to leave a thought provoking comment. The problem with these guys is that you will probably never see them again. They are also known as one hit wonders.
  2. DoFollow Commentators: These have emerged with the advent of DoFollow Blogs. Some are motivated purely because they know that there comment will be picked up by the search engine. There is nothing wrong with this as long as they do not fall into the ‘obnoxious commentator‘ category.
  3. Boomerang Commentators: These commentators are the pick of the bunch, the ones that all  bloggers aspire to. They are the ones that continually return to your blog, and it’s because your content has struck a cord in them, one that lures them back time and time again to see what other commentators are saying, to add to the conversation yet again and to also check to see what new post has been added.

The lesson to be learnt from this is that as a commentator, you do not want to belong to the fist group, and even in the second group you should aspire to becoming the highly sought after Boomerang commentator as the more other commentators see you, as long as you leave quality comments, the more relaxed they become around you and the more likely they are to visit your own blog.


So ask yourself, “What group do I fall into?”, and if it’s the wrong one, it is not too late to do something about it.

As all bloggers have different experiences, and if you can add to either of the two lists I would dearly love to have you comment, just don’t be obnoxious about it.

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