What Is The True Power Of The Blog?

Those of you who may have been following me for awhile may well remember my post, Blog No Evil, The Forth Wise Monkey, where I talked about how one should always blog with integrity and how it shouldn’t be used to attack another person just for the sake of getting noticed. I also mentioned how there is a certain power behind the written word. In this post I want to talk about the True Power Of The Blog, which really consists of more than one attribute. The Power Of Expression I think this is important for many bloggers, that they are able to do something online that they are unable to do in the real world. I think this is one of the very reasons why I like blogging so much as it has allowed me to actually get my thoughts out into the open rather than keeping them bottled…

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Sire’s Big Moment A Total Flop

As I lie basking under the warming sun, memories of a time long ago,when bloggers wielded a great amount of power, came flooding back to me. It was the year 2015, five years before the holocaust. The place happened to be the historic Adelaide Festival Theater¬† where the latest blogging convention was being held and I just happened to be the guest speaker. By that time I had reached Pro Blogger status and my popularity was so great that the room was filled to capacity. I remember when I stepped on the stage how the murmur of the crowd rose to a roar as soon as my presence was noticed. After a moment of basking in the adulation I raised my hand to signal that I wanted them to settle down. As soon as the roar subsided and I knew I finally had their attention I commenced with my¬† speech….

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