StumbleUpon My Social Media Of Choice

There are lots of ways to share your favourite posts. Some people Tweet them. Some like to share them with their FaceBook buddies. Because of the SEO benefits of having images in your posts there are a lot of bloggers out there happily sharing their stuff with Pinterest as well. Personally I like to share my posts with all of them but my favourite is StumbleUpon. If you”re not a member you can join here.

Wikipedia says…

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine (a form of web search engine) that finds and recommends web content to its users. Its features allow users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests using peer-sourcing and social-networking principles.

Toolbar versions exist for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari. StumbleUpon also works with some independent Mozilla-based browsers.

The thing is StumbleUpon is not really a form of search engine. I know I’ve never used it to search for stuff, although I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who do.

Speaking of sharing your own stuff, there are some out there, like my mate Mitch, who don’t feel comfortable about Liking Their Own Stuff. Me, I have no trouble at all being the first person to share one of my posts.

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Is Pinbutton Attraction Plugin As Good As They Say

I’m sure that most bloggers who blog for money would agree that traffic is very important for generating income. It’s why they bust their chops doing SEO so they can rank well in the search engines. It’s also why many of them join those social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. I’ve been hearing a lot about Pinterest lately but until a couple of days ago I’ve pretty well ignored it. The reason I finally decided to sit up and take notice was because it suddenly dawned on me that I could be neglecting a good traffic source.

What is special about Pinterest, and makes it different from most of the other social networks, is that it’s a photo sharing site. What is important to bloggers is that it has many SEO benefits. Rather than go into them all here you can read all bout it from the following article, All You Need To Know About Pinterest For SEO. Before I get into the guts of this post I’m going to show you some stats taken from the above article.

Who uses Pinterest?

  • The average Pinterest user is female between the ages of 24-54
    • Over 90% of Pinterest users are female*
    • 33% of users are between the ages of 35-54*
  • 50% of Pinterest users are parents
  • Pinterest users are extremely active:
    • 12 million unique monthly visitors*
    • 2.2 million of those users post daily*

The important things to note from those stats are that Pinterest users are extremely active, that there are 12 million unique monthly visitors and that 2.2 million of them post daily. That being the case I believe it would be unwise for us to ignore Pinterest as a good traffic source, which is why I bought the Pinbutton Attraction plugin by Chris Guthrie.

What The Pinbutton Attraction Plugin Does

Sure, you could easily place the Pinterest code somewhere on your blog so that the Pinterest button appears with your other social network buttons, but is that the best place to put it? I don’t think so. The best place is on the image itself! Take the image below for example. Hover your mouse over and see what happens. If I wanted to I can have it so the button appears all the time and in any of the four corners of the image.


This is so much better than having it in the sidebar, at the end of the post  because it allows the user to ‘Pin‘ the actual image that they like. If they did it via the button in the sidebar it would bring up every image on the blog and then they would have to find the one they liked. Therefore the Pinbutton Attraction plugin gives the user a much better experience.

All in all it is a pretty good plugin but it does have one major flaw. When I purchased the plugin I was under the impression that it would allow me to place the Pinterest button on all the images on my blog. Imagine my surprise when it didn’t work. Actually I wasn’t all that surprised because if something like that was going to happen it always happens to me. Heck, I’ve been known to buy something, plug it in only to find out its a dud and then have to take it back to the store for a replacement. :hairout_tb:

Anyway, I put in a support ticket and we finally worked out that my problem was most of my images aren’t registered with the WP system, meaning that I did not use WordPress Add Media to import the images because most of my images are hosted on Flickr. This means that every time I want to include an image from Flickr I have to manually add the rel=”pinme” attribute to the anchor tag around the image. A bit of a pain but one I’m willing to put up with to get an edge on those bloggers who haven’t harnessed the power of Pinterest yet.

If you do use the WP Add Media system the plugin works like a dream allowing you to choose whether or not you want the image to have the Pinbutton attached.

Does Pinterest Increase Your Traffic?

Well, that all depends on the images you place on your blog. The better, more interesting the image the more likely someone will ‘Pin‘ it. The more people that ‘Pin‘ it the more traffic you’re likely to get to your blog. What we need to remember is you’re more likely to have someone ‘Pin‘ you if your blog utilizes a Pinterest button and even more likely if that button appears on your images.

If you want to take full advantage of Pinterest then it is in your interest to grab your PinButton Attraction plugin now.


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