Top Photo Editor

I admit I’m not the best photographer out there. I’ve always known that a top photo editor would help me to improve my photographic images but those top photo editors were always out of my reach. Not only that, they were way too hard to use, like Adobe Photoshop for instance.

Effortless Top Photo Editor

What I needed was an affordable, effortless top photo editor. I didn’t think I would ever come across one until it miraculously happened. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to Skylum’s Luminar 3.

Top Photo Editor Luminar 3

Luminar 3 excited me so much that I had to upload a video showing people just how easy to use Luminar 3 is. The video is called, Luminar 3 Review Is Skylum’s Luminar Worth It? You’ll notice in the video that there were times when I seemed to be stumbling around, and that was because Luminar 3 was so new to me. And yet, because it was so easy to use, I managed to get the whole thing to work.

Luminar 3 Libraries

One of the many features of Luminar 3 that makes it one of the top photo editors is the Luminar 3 Libraries, something most top photo editors don’t have. Luminar 3 Libraries makes it so easy to organise your photos. I believe that Luminar 3 is better than most other photo editors. It’s star ratings, I show you that feature in my Luminar 3 tutorial, is perfect for organising the Luminar 3 libraries even further. With the star ratings, you can view your images depending on what star rating you’ve given them.

Luminar 3’s best feature would have to be the one-touch editing offered by Luminar Looks. You simply select the one you would like to use, whether it be portraits, landscapes, dramatic or whatever. You would then choose the one that makes your image pop the most. Even easier is the ‘Quick and Awesome’ one-click photo editing mode. Once again, my Luminar 3 Final Review, final because I doubt I will need to do another one, shows just how effortlessly ‘Quick and Awesome’ editing is.

I’m now so confident using Luminar 3 that I now have another Gig on Fiverr enhancing landscape photos.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Skylum’s Luminar 3. When you go to YouTube to watch my video you should consider subscribing to my channel. I’m always looking for new subscribers.

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Making A Header For Your Blog Is Easy

It is so lucky for you guys that I’m a bloke and not a woman because if I was a woman I would be so pissed right about now. You know what its like when your special lady gets her hair done, buys a new dress or maybe some shoes and you fail to notice. First you may get the old silent treatment and then there may be the old banging of pots and pans and heaven forbid if in a moment of desperation you mention her monthly cycle  :furious_tb: Imagine the mood she would be in if a week went by and you still didn’t notice :guns_tb: Yep, its like I said, lucky for you guys that I’m a bloke because it’s been a week since I’ve changed the header and I’ve had heaps of comments, many of them from regulars too, and not one of you even noticed. Even if you did nobody bothered to mention it. Too bad really, because I had planned to give away $100 to the first person that noticed so at least I get to keep the cash :laugh_tb:

Designing A Header For Your Blog

Where possible I always try to design my own header because I know that doing so will make it unique and being unique helps tom make you stand out. I actually made two headers and I had to choose between the one you see now or this one.

The thing is that I’m not all that good at designing things from scratch so what Like to do is to take a photo of something and then editing it to suit my needs. The images that you see here are from the Bird Of Paradise plant that is growing in my garden. I took several shots of it and then used PhotoShop to crop it into what you see here.

I liked these images because although simple they are really very striking, it certainly is a lot different from the one I was using before. The beauty of doing it this way is that no artistic talent was necessary. The only thing you need is a camera, an interesting subject which can be absolutely anything and some software to crop it. Naturally if you know your way around PhotoShop you could really work wonders with it.

I think I may actually put a portfolio of headers together so that I could perhaps offer it for sale or even as a free gift somewhere along the line.

Some Photo Editing Tools You Can Use

There are a lot of editing tools that you can use, some of which I have included below. There are also websites like Flickr that offer online editing features that may do the trick. However you decide to do it you will get an immense sense of satisfaction every time you see your blog sporting your a header that you designed. [amzn_product_inline asin=’B003B32B2I’] [amzn_product_inline asin=’B005HTIWIQ’] [amzn_product_inline asin=’B0043RU29A’] [amzn_product_inline asin=’B004XXQMB6′]

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