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Proof That Passive Income Exists

Yesterday I wrote a post called Online Passive Income, Is It Possible? In that post I explained how I believed that you could create a passive income online. I went on to show how I was on my way to do it via my Online Lottery Site.  I say on my way because like all things online it takes time to build an online income, passive or otherwise. All those sites that say differently  are just yanking your chain.

I was pretty proud about that post, at least until I got to bed. While laying there I was thinking to myself..”why should people believe what I had just written? What makes it any different from all the other hype they read on the net? That being the case why would they even bother to follow my example?” That was when I decided to write this post which shows exactly what I have made so far this month through my online lottery site.  In other words, I’m going to show proof that passive income exists. Read the rest of this entry

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Online Passive Income Is It Possible

Online passive income is what almost every internet marketer strives for but very few actually achieve. According to the ever popular Wikipedia, passive income “is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.” Naturally, an online passive income is when you’re able to do this online.

They say that the money is in the list and for a lot of people that is true. Not me though because I don’t shove affiliate products down my subscribers throats. I’n sure many of you have subscribed to one or two yourself and you’ve probably noticed that you get the same offers from different people arriving in your inbox at roughly the same time. Some of these people have huge lists and probably do rather well at it. The question is, is this what you would call a true online passive income?

I would say the answer to that is no. Why? Because they have to continually look for products to sell to their subscribers. If they didn’t their money would dry up and they’d have to go back to finding a real job. They also have to find more bait to grow they subscriber base as they drop off from being continually bombarded with crap email.

Online Passive Income A Reality

The only way to find a real online passive income is to have something that people are willing to pay a monthly subscription to. This is not easily done. Andy Bailey is trying his hand at it by getting people to subscribe to updates for his commentluv premium, which I wrote about in this post. If you were smart you would have taken the opportunity of paying for the plugin outright, as I did, with lifetime free updates.Unfortunately, that opportunity is now gone. Read the rest of this entry

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What You Need To Do To Make Your Blog A Success

Most people who become bloggers do so with high expectations of striking it rich. You can’t even blame them because the net is full of people promising they can show them how to make a whole lot of money online, saying that all they need is a blog or a set of websites. A few have actually done it and they get a whole lot of traffic because people think if they stick around long enough some of that fortune will rub off on them. Others haven’t come anywhere near making a decent online income but they write as if they hold the key to financial freedom. Unfortunately they manage to fool a lot of people, all those newcomers who come online to hopefully improve their financial status.

Many who fail to reach their dream of financial freedom continue the online life because they’ve come to love blogging. After all it has so much to offer, you get to express yourself, to share your knowledge with others and the interaction with your commentators is truly sublime. Unfortunately the rest will give up in disgust once they’ve come to realise it wasn’t as easy as they were made to believe.

Now, I’m not here to tell you that I have the secret because I haven’t and saying any different would make me as dishonest as all the rest. However, over the years I have discovered certain things that every blogger needs to know if they want to make their blog a success.


El Alto, BoliviaThis is the most important part of making money online and yet most of those people selling their ‘secret to success’ fail to mention it. All they tell you is get your niche online and the money will start to flow in. Start up another ten and you will increase your income tenfold. Unfortunately no traffic means no customers which means no money and ten times nothing is still nothing.

Getting traffic is possible though but it takes a lot of work and a fair bit of time to drive traffic to your site. What makes things worse is you don’t want just any traffic, you want targeted traffic. This means if you have a blog that is selling computers you don’t want people coming over who are looking to buy dog collars.

The way to get targeted traffic is all tied into the keywords you use in your domain name, your headings, blog titles and posts. Even that is not going to work unless the search engines think you have something of value, and the way to do that is by getting backlinks via blog commenting, forums, writing articles but most importantly by writing brilliant content so other will link to it. My post How I Am Marketing My Online Lottery Niche highlights some of the strategy I’m using to market my latest blog.

A Product To Sell

Most everyone will tell you to make money online you need something that you can sell, preferablyscreen3 your own. Unfortunately most of us don’t have that and so we do the best we can by placing Adsense ads on our sites or by promoting other peoples products as an affiliate. I’ve had a bit of success selling products like FlexSqueeze (a brilliant blog theme), Market Samurai, web hosts and a few others. The problem with those products is once you sell someone a product they’re no longer a potential customer, at least not for that product, which means you’re forever looking for new customers.

In my post The Secret To Online Success Is Passive Income I outlined a few methods I used that were making me money on a regular basis. I also spoke about my latest venture, one that I am confident will be my biggest earner because I am now selling a product that people buy on a regular basis, lottery tickets. I am now in the process of driving traffic to Buy Online Lottery Tickets with the knowledge that every time I gain a customer I will make money whenever they purchase a lottery ticket online. I’m also offering others the opportunity to become a MyLotto affiliate giving them the same opportunity to make money online, knowing that I also make a percentage of their sales.

Building Your Brand

InteractionAt the beginning of the post I said the most important facet of making money online was driving targeted traffic to your blog, well that’s not quite true, there is something way more important. The most important part of your online businesses is YOU! You are the face of your business as everything you do online affects the way others perceive you. That being the case it doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your blog because if your online profile is suspect you’re screwed.

By everything I’m including blog commenting as this is by far the most popular method used by bloggers to market their blog. I’ve known this from the beginning and I am constantly surprised by the amount of people who fail to use commenting to their advantage. This is probably because done properly it takes time and many prefer quantity over quality failing to see that a lot of poor comments only serves to hurt their brant. If you’re not sure what constitutes a good comment I suggest you read Teaching People The Proper Way To Comment as I used this post to grade people on the quality of their comment.

One thing to remember while online is that unlike the offline world you have time to think before responding to any negative comment, or feedback on one of your products, that you may receive. Never, ever, let anger cloud your replies because once you blow up online you reveal to everyone your loss of control and lack of professionalism. Two posts taking about this subject that you may find interesting ate Kristi’s 3 Questions To Ask About Offensive Content On Your Blog, although you can apply this to a lot more than just blogging.

Social Media

Social media is an important facet of your online business and one that I still have a long way to go as far as online promotions go. It’s also very important as far as branding goes and so you have to be very careful how you conduct yourself when using them. Something that many people fail to realise is that almost everything you do online is open to public scrutiny and that being the case acting in a manner that can be seen as untoward by others can cost you business. So be very careful what you say online or even what you link to. You may think that something you saw online was extremely funny and so you tweet the link to all your followers not thinking that many of them may find it very offensive.

When it comes to social media it’s my opinion that ChingYa would have to be the online social media guru, blog posts like her 7+ Major Tips In Enhancing Your Upgraded FaceBook Page just goes to show the wealth of her knowledge. You could do a lot worse than going over there and learning from what ChingYa has to say.

Phew, I don’t normally rave on like this but I reckon I just had a lot to say, and even so there is probably so much that I left out. This is where you guys come in by using the comment section. What are you doing to make your blog a success? What have I missed out and how can we help each other to attain our goals.

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In my last post, The Secret To Online Success Is Passive Income, I told you all about how the secret to making money online is to pick those products that offered you a good source of passive income. I also told you, because of my past success in promoting lotteries, how I intended to boost my income by starting yet another blog, this one being a niche blog that is all about offering people ways of buying lottery tickets online. While I purchased several domains for this purpose I decided on Buy Online Lotto Tickets as the one best suited for the purpose.

Once I decided on the domain I needed to work out who was going to host my latest blog. At first I thought I would use BlueHost and I was part way through signing up a new account when I noticed they didn’t accept PayPal and I really wanted to start using up some of my PayPal funds. I could have used the add on domains feature which would have been free but I really wanted it to have it’s own IP address so the traffic wouldn’t slow down my other blogs.

I then checked out HostGator who I use for three of my blogs, and yes they did accept PayPal. As I had no intention at using add on domains I went for their $3.96/month plan, although I did have to sign on for three years to get that great price I was fine with that because this blog was going to supply money for me well into my old age. :smile2_ee: Once the account was open I set up my latest WordPress using their auto feature, so much easier than doing it all yourself. It even came with a plugin that I’ve never seen before but is loaded with cool features. More on that in another post. :smile1_ee:

To cut a long story short, in a matter of a few days my latest blog is now live. My first post lists The Top 5 Reasons For Buying Your Lottery Tickets Online. It’s even got it’s first comment, although once I’ve finished this I’m going to delete it because the commentator did not adhere to the blog’s comment policy. Even though the blog only went live two days ago I’ve already been asked by major lottery site to become an affiliate for them. I’m talking about and as an affiliate I can now promote lotteries from all over the load. As an affiliate you would also be able to tap into this lucrative market.

As an affiliate I was able to use their links on my page. Although I’ve used this page to highlight the benefits of joining with a spattering of links to all the most opportune landing pages I plan on refining it even more adding even more value to it.

I’m so glad that I bought the FlexSqueeze theme because it’s made setting up the new blog, giving it a real professional feel about it, so easy. I have no plans for using Adsense, Infolinks or any other revenue earning network as I don’t want to distract the attention of my visitors from the sites main purpose, that of providing them with the means of purchasing lottery tickets online.

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