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Will Adbeans Affect Your PR

I’ve already done two posts on Adbeans, mainly Using Adbeans To Increase Your Online Income and Update On Adbeans – Can You Make Money With Adbeans? I wasn’t planning to do anymore posts but something came up that I felt wass of the utmost importance to a lot of my readers, especially those who are concerned about their PR!

Firstly, let me say that I have had no problems with Adbeans themselves as they have always paid me my dues. Unfortunately Google does have a problem with me using them and because of that they have decided to strip the blog where I was using their ads of it’s PR. Yep, it went from a PR3 to PR0. No biggie for me because I’ve never been too worried about PR but I reckon because I’ve lost my PR Adbeans won’t be sending any more jobs my way. That’s cool too because those links weren’t really related to my blog which is probably the main thing that tipped Google off.

Is Google A Hypocrite?

Speaking of Google, one has to ask the question as to whether or not Google is being hypocritical when it comes to certain things. Take for example my top sexual aids or my load of bullshit blogs. The first was stripped of Adsense because of it’s sexual content and the second because Google didn’t like the domain name. It seems that Google doesn’t wan’t it’s advertisers exposed to things of a sexual content or even to things that some may find offensive, like the word bullshit for example.  :tongue_laugh_ee:

Take the post I did a little while back called Friday Funnies #36 Is All About Boobs for example.  Knowing Google, I made sure there were no Adsense Ads within the post itself. That normally is enough but it seems that without even reading the content Google found the content offensive enough to make sure there were no ads displayed in the sidebars. Go ahead, have a look and you will see two blank spaces where the ads would normally appear.

So, even though it seems Google’s morals may be high enough to ensure that it isn’t associated with anything that others may find offensive it’s quite happy to direct people to porn and sex sites as long as they’re willing to pay for the ad space. The screen shot below shows the results when I did a search for top sexual aids and as you can see from the arrows the ad shows that Google is happy enough to display those sites as long as they get paid for it. BTW, my site appears still on page one  :thumbup_ee:

I understand that some advertisers may not want to appear on certain sites but then I’m sure there are many who do. You would think that Google with all it’s algorithms and stuff would have a way keeping certain ads out and allowing others in. Perhaps by configuring an “adults only” switch for us to use when placing ads?

What do you think, is Google a little harsh when it comes to the way it treats it’s publishers? Rather than just yanking our PR or playing around with out SERPs should it give us some warning first so that we can fix the problem or at the very least so we can explain the reasons behind doing what we did?


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You all know how important comments are to me and how much I value them, and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. We instal plugins to help us delete spam and we moderate the ones that get through deleting them if they don’t come up to scratch. The problem is that I’ve now discovered some of those commentators who leave comments on our blogs are not who they say they are.

You may recall the post I did on My Experience With Real Writing Jobs where I mentioned joining Freelancer. As it happens they offer a wide range of jobs and some of them are from people who will pay others to leave comments on blogs. The obvious reason for getting someone else to comment in their place would be they don’t have the time, or couldn’t be bothered to do it themselves, That or perhaps their English isn’t all that crash hot. Here is a copy of one such task found on Freelancer.

We need 100 high PR (PR3+) blog commenting for 7 of our sites, the comments with our anchor text backlinks must be coming from PR3+ sites from the pages it self and not the domain name. Heres what to follow:

1) Must have your own list with 100 sites – All must be dofollow blog.
2) No Spam comment – quality only so the post/comment sticks
3) No blackhat method.
4) Must have the page rank of 3 plus
5) the page’s outbound link can’t be more than 25
6) spread sheet report is a must
7) Send 2 example links of where you will be posting

If you don’t have any experience in blog posting please DO NOT BID.

So what you will be doing is posting 7 comments with 7 of our different sites linking back to our sites via anchor text. We need 100 blog comments per each site so in total of 700 blog comments done manually on high PR sites.

Paying $70 for this whole project, must have your own list, please provide 2 sample links! Thank yoU!

So basically you’re getting 10 cents per comment which doesn’t seem worthwhile considering all the work that’s involved. First you have to find dofollow blogs, that alone isn’t too hard, but then the actual post you choose has to have a PR3 ranking, which could be a little more difficult. Now you tell me, if you’re getting paid peanuts, how much time are you going to spend on a comment?

I think its these very comments, that are of a very low quality, that are getting past the GASP plugin. I know there’s probably a lot that wouldn’t disapprove of this saying it’s a legitimate form of outsourcing. That may be true but as far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t take the chance of ruining all the hard work I’ve put into building my brand by letting someone comment in my place, and if you have to take the time of checking every comment individually you may as well do it yourself.

What say you good readers, would you outsource someone to comment in your name? Do you like the idea of someone commenting on your blog in the guise of someone else? Personally I’m not in favour of it and I liken it to be almost as bad as those robotic scripts that spam our blogs on a daily basis.

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DoFollow NoFollow War Compared To The Toilet Seat Saga

What’s that, you don’t know what the toilet seat saga is referring to? :doh_tb: What planet are you from, Venus or perhaps it’s Mars. :laugh_tb: Well, for as long as I can remember there have been arguments between men and women as to which is the natural position for the toilet seat, is it up or is it down?

Most women will say that it’s down, not surprising as that saves them the hassle of putting it down if it’s currently in the up position. Men on the other hand don’t particularly care, if it’s down those who love their wives lift it up rather than having to rely on their aim. If they remember they will place it in the down position but normally they just wander off in search of another beer. This could result in having to put up with their wife screaming at them because they failed to check before sitting down. Honestly ladies, you just have to be more observant. :devil_tb:

You’re probably wandering what all this had to do with dofollow and nofollow? It only just came to me today during a conversation with Mitch via the comments on my post about the Ttoilet seats natural poitionop 5 Reasons That People Aren’t Advertising On Your Blog. Most people who do not want to piss Google off do not do paid ads and if they do they insist on using the nofollow attribute. Even the guys who developed WordPress built it into the code so that all links showed up as nofollow in the comment section.

To me the question is what is the natural attribute on a link, is it dofollow or is it nofollow? Unlike the toilet seat saga I believe that there is a definitive answer and that is it’s obviously  DOFOLLOW? Think about it, whenever you link to a site it is automatically a DOFOLLOW link, you have to physically add the NOFOLLOW attribute to make it do something that is unnatural to it’s true being.

So, who do we blame all this confusion about what form of link one should be using? Ultimately it’s all Google’s fault, Google and the other search engines. Originally it was touted as being the savior for all the comment spam that was hitting the blogs but I personally feel it goes deeper than that. Later on we’re told that it was interfering with Google’s algorithms and how they wanted to represent a ‘purer’ search results to their users. One can only wander if that’s the absolute truth or if there is an anterior motive?

So when you are deciding which path to take when choosing between the two types of link think about the link itself and how it must feel when you force it to do something it’s not designed to do.

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First off I would like to mention that I’m not all that fussed with either of them, but of the two I much prefer Alexa. The main problem I have with Google‘s Page Rank is the way it seems to dominate some bloggers lives. They are so taken up with trying to improve their PR that it affects their blogging style, or worse still, ruins their blogging experience. I noticed long ago that I became a much better and happier blogger once I stopped worrying about PR.

With Alexa it’s entirely different as it’s rating is supposedly due to the amount of traffic that your blog receives. Most people assume that it’s all derived from those surfers who have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their browser. If this is the sole method Alexa uses to acquire data then I would say it was rather limiting as toolbars are only available on Firefox and Internet Explorer.

I have several blogs and so I decided to compare the Alexa Rating of the two busiest ones, this one and What A Load Of Bullshit. Of the two Wassup Blog has the better ranking 71,076 compared to 431,546, but of the two What A Load Of Bullshit gets more traffic. If this is the case why does Wassup Blog have the better ranking? Surely it can’t be because there are more people with the toolbar that visit one blog over the other?

A couple of months back I started to increase my posting frequency to see if that would increase my ranking. I figured more posts would generate more visits which would in turn increase the ranking as more visits equals more traffic. I can safely say it worked as my ranking went from 120,000 to just over 60,000. Unfortunately I was unable to keep the momentum up due to things happening in my offline life and once I slacked off I noticed my Alexa ranking starting to slowly increase.

So on these findings I could make the assumption that posting frequency increases your Alexa Ranking but I know that Mitch of I’m Just Sharing posts more frequently than I do and yet his Alexa Ranking is 115,681, and whist I don’t have access to his Google Analytic my Cool Blog Links site shows that Wassup Blog gets more traffic than he does although still not as much as my Load of Bullshit blog.

This gets me to thinking that perhaps there is another or several factors that Alexa uses in it’s algorithm? If you think about it they would be pretty silly to just rely on one factor, their Alexa Toolbar, to base the way they rank individual sites, although one can safely say that traffic has a lot to do with it.

So, I got to thinking, what is it about my site that differs so much from Mitch’s that enables me to outrank him? The answer could well be  because I have Alexa’s widget, as can be seen in my sidebar, installed on my sites where Mitch does not. This leads me to assume that the widget passes on certain information to Alexa, information that is used to help gauge a more accurate ranking.

So, although my Load Of Bullshit site get’s more traffic than Wassup Blog I update it a lot less frequently. Could it be that the Alexa widget is able to pick up when new posts are made using that as one of the many factors in it’s algorithm?

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