Why Alexa Is More Important To Me Than Google Page Rank

First off I would like to mention that I’m not all that fussed with either of them, but of the two I much prefer Alexa. The main problem I have with Google‘s Page Rank is the way it seems to dominate some bloggers lives. They are so taken up with trying to improve their PR that it affects their blogging style, or worse still, ruins their blogging experience. I noticed long ago that I became a much better and happier blogger once I stopped worrying about PR.

With Alexa it’s entirely different as it’s rating is supposedly due to the amount of traffic that your blog receives. Most people assume that it’s all derived from those surfers who have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their browser. If this is the sole method Alexa uses to acquire data then I would say it was rather limiting as toolbars are only available on Firefox and Internet Explorer.

I have several blogs and so I decided to compare the Alexa Rating of the two busiest ones, this one and What A Load Of Bullshit. Of the two Wassup Blog has the better ranking 71,076 compared to 431,546, but of the two What A Load Of Bullshit gets more traffic. If this is the case why does Wassup Blog have the better ranking? Surely it can’t be because there are more people with the toolbar that visit one blog over the other?

A couple of months back I started to increase my posting frequency to see if that would increase my ranking. I figured more posts would generate more visits which would in turn increase the ranking as more visits equals more traffic. I can safely say it worked as my ranking went from 120,000 to just over 60,000. Unfortunately I was unable to keep the momentum up due to things happening in my offline life and once I slacked off I noticed my Alexa ranking starting to slowly increase.

So on these findings I could make the assumption that posting frequency increases your Alexa Ranking but I know that Mitch of I’m Just Sharing posts more frequently than I do and yet his Alexa Ranking is 115,681, and whist I don’t have access to his Google Analytic my Cool Blog Links site shows that Wassup Blog gets more traffic than he does although still not as much as my Load of Bullshit blog.

This gets me to thinking that perhaps there is another or several factors that Alexa uses in it’s algorithm? If you think about it they would be pretty silly to just rely on one factor, their Alexa Toolbar, to base the way they rank individual sites, although one can safely say that traffic has a lot to do with it.

So, I got to thinking, what is it about my site that differs so much from Mitch’s that enables me to outrank him? The answer could well be  because I have Alexa’s widget, as can be seen in my sidebar, installed on my sites where Mitch does not. This leads me to assume that the widget passes on certain information to Alexa, information that is used to help gauge a more accurate ranking.

So, although my Load Of Bullshit site get’s more traffic than Wassup Blog I update it a lot less frequently. Could it be that the Alexa widget is able to pick up when new posts are made using that as one of the many factors in it’s algorithm?

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