The Honest Truth About ACME People Search Engine

I want to be different from those people who join an affiliate and then promote the heck out of it, even if they haven’t tried it, just so that they can make a few extra bucks. I definitely wouldn’t promote a product that I didn’t believe in.  I specially would not want to promote a product as being a real money spinner if I didn’t find it to be so.

Seeing as how it’s been a month now since my post called How The People Search Craze Could Put Money In Your Pocket,  I thought it fitting to do an update on how things are progressing. First things first though, I reckon I should tell people my findings of some of the promises that were made.

  • FREE Advertising of Your Search Engine for 24 Hours After You Complete Three Easy Steps

I will take Tissa’s word for this, but what I can say is that 24 hours of advertising netted me one hit, and no sale, which is not surprising as most people would tell you that only a small percentage of people clicking a link actually purchase a product. I wouldn’t join AcmePeopleSearch just because of that promise, there has to be more substance to a program than simple promising 24 hours of free advertising.

  • A Guaranteed Bonus of $125.00 AFTER You Earn $75 (Your Incentive to LEARN how to Earn)

That promise is 100% true, as can be seen from the image posted in my Quick Update On People Search Money Opportunity post. You will notice the $125 sitting there waiting for me to earn the other $75 so that I can collect the lot. Nothing wrong with dangling a bit of a carrot as far as I can see.

  • Personal Support from Tissa Godavitarne and a Community of Successful and Helpful Users

Also true as I’ve always got quick and helpful replies when posting in the forum, although I haven’t tried contacting Tissa directly.

  • Free 30 day when completing step 3!

That one is true too as completing that step simply subscribes via PayPal but doesn’t actually become active until 30 days after joining, thereby ensuring you thirty days of free access. I opted out of the subscription just before it was due as I thought I would wait until the system makes enough money to pay it’s own way. Read the post Quick Update On People Search Money Opportunity to see the benefits of completing step 3.

So, now for the crunch, how much did I make in the first month? Not a bloody dime, but then I didn’t expect it to come rolling in after only a month. I can see it’s going to take some time and so I will continue to explore ways of marketing it. Things like my Squidoo Lens, my Squeeze or Landing page, Traffic Exchanges and any other avenues for promoting it that I come across.

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Moneybackco Now Offering Coupon Codes

A couple of months back I did a post on Moneybackco and how the company was all about saving people money. Well it seems that someone from over there came across that post and asked me if I could tell you guys about some special deals they have on offer.

It seems that apart from the normal cash saving avenues, re my last post, they’ve also got coupon codes available. For those of you not familiar with coupon codes, or promotion codes as they are sometimes referred to, it’s usually a ticket or docket of some sort that you can exchange for a greater discount on a particular product. When buying online it’s normally a code that you can enter to get a better discount than you normally would.

Moneybackco has several pages of promotion codes covering a wide range of products. I’ve had a quick look and I noticed that while it’s usually 20-30% of there was one on the first page that offered a savings of some $400 off! That’s quite impressive. I clicked through to see where it would take me and I landed on Dell’s home page. I’m not sure how the discount is applied to the product, as it’s only available on selected Vostro systems.  I assume that once you land on the selected page you would have to search for those products that the coupon applies to.

Still, I can see where coupon or promotion codes, whatever you want to call them, can offer the discerning customer even greater savings and seeing as how the economic climate is still pretty crappy, I reckon any potential savings can be considered money in the pocket.

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How Twitter Can Actually Earn You Some Cash

While I haven’t done as many Twitter posts as my mate Mitch I have got a few under my belt. One of the first being about adding the Tweet My Blog plugin. This plugin was supposed to tweet my posts automatically as well as making me some cash on the side. It did the first well enough, except for the ugly banner on top of my blog for all first time visitors, but it failed to make me any cash, not even a dime. The plugin is no longer on this blog, as I now use feedburner to tweet all new posts.

I’ve also done a post on whether Gremlins had invaded Twitter describing an anomaly where I was following all these people that I didn’t actually want to follow, and how I checked those who I was following who didn’t return the favor.

OK. that’s it, so I reckon unlike Mitch I haven’t written all that much on Twitter,  :innocent1_tb:   and just to show you how much he has written about it you should check out his TweepSearch post.

But this post is not all about Mitch, it’s about a new way I’ve found for making money on the Internet, and you all know how I love sharing these ideas with you guys, and yes this one involves Twitter. Seeing as how there are heaps of people who use Twitter it’s not surprising that people out there are using this to market their products or services.

I’ve only just joined Sponsored Tweets through Shoemoney figuring if he was using it there had to be some value to it. At the moment I’m earning a dollar for every tweet I do for an advertiser, but apparently those who have a huge following can earn a lot more.

The way it works is, once a member, you get a DM, or email whichever you choose, from an advertiser wanting you to tweet their product or service. You would then decide whether or not it’s one you would promote. If you’re agreeable you would tweet the ad with the relevant prefix letting your followers know that the tweet is a sponsored one. Sometimes the tweet will not be published until the ad is approved, but once it’s out there you will be paid.

Sounds like a pretty good deal so I signed up. If necessary I will do an update to tell you how it’s all going.

BTW, I am currently trialling another scheme that will earn you some money, it won’t make you a fortune but every dollar counts. I’ll do a post once the money’s in my PayPal account.

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