Why Zaparena Is No More

Do you guys remember my first ever post on Zaparena called Put Money In Your Pocket And Generate Traffic To Your Blog!? Well, that was the first of many posts promoting a site that I believed actually worked, one that not only generated traffic to your blog but also put a bit of money in your pocket. There were those who said Google would penalise sites who used it and I proved them wrong. There were those who didn’t like the scantily clad women portrayed in their ads and I explained to them that you didn’t have to have those ads if you didn’t want them and I chose to have them because I happen to like scantily clad women? :lol_ee:

 Can You Make Money With Zapunited?

Well, as you can probably tell those ads no longer reside on this blog and let me tell you that is not by choice. What used to be Zaparena is now Zapunited and anyone still displaying Zaparena ads they now link to the zapunited site. Note to self, remove all Zaparena ads from my blogs. I displayed the Zapunited ads in place of the Zaparena ones to see how well they perform. When I noticed they were only generating a minimal amount per click I emailed them.

 I explained how I have advertisers who pay me $30 a month to display a banner on this blog and asked what I could expect from their advertisers. I received an answer saying that I would earn more if I displayed the ads under a post. Somehow I think they missed my point because I wasn’t enquiring on how much they would generate per click I wanted to know what it was worth for them to display their ads on this blog. As you can see from this image there is one ad spot available

earn money with zap united?

 On this blog when there is an empty spot like that someone would fill it by paying me thirty bucks a month. I assume that someone will be getting some cash when that spot is filled but it’s not me unless someone clicks on that ad. I’m not sure I’m happy with that unless it generates well over a dollar a click and I get over a hundred clicks, combined, a month. Anything less and that and as far as I’m concerned it’s simply not viable to display their ads.

I know some of you out there are saying that Zaparena didn’t pay that much for their ads but then you’re forgetting the main reason I displayed their ads is because they generated targeted traffic to my blogs. There is no such advantage having zapunited ads and so they have to pay their way.

I reckon I will give them a months trial to see how they work out. Once the month is up you can expect another post updating you on the results and on my decisions as to whether or not they will have a place on this blog.

As a regular reader I just have to know, do you miss seeing all those near naked women. :lol_ee: As to whether or not you can make money with zapunited, only time will tell.

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Update On Buy Online Lottery Tickets

As it’s been just under three months since the birth of Buy Online Lottery Tickets I thought it would be a good time to do an update on how things are going. To date I’ve pretty well kept to the strategies outlined in my How I Am Marketing My Online Lottery Niche and I’m sure that those of you who have read that post would be interested in hearing how things are tracking so far.

Naturally an important part of any successful site is traffic and the cheapest way to get traffic to your site is to rank highly for your selected keywords. I used Market Samurai to help me choose the domain name buyonlinelottotickets.com so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what keywords I was aiming at….Buy Online Lotto Tickets :drunk_tb:  OK, let’s see how I’m ranking for these, and other closely related keywords.

SERPs For Buy Online Lotto Tickets

For those of you who don’t know, SERPS stands for Search Engine Results Page and getting a good result in the SERPs means getting on the first page the search engine results.

  • Buy Online Lotto Tickets: I still don’t rank for Google but I’m #1 on Yahoo and Bing
  • Buy Online Lottery Tickets: Again, zip for Google but #1 on Yahoo and Bing
  • Buy Lotto Tickets Online: Google is such an arse because they still won’t rank me :annoyed_tb: At least Bing and Yahoo are more generous as I’m #2 with them
  • Buy Lottery Tickets Online: Yeah, you guessed it, nothing on Google but #2 on Bing and Yahoo.

Sort of makes you wonder what Google’s problem is doesn’t it? :smile2_ee: What is really weird is although they don’t recognise it as far as SERPs go, they’ve see fit to grace it with a ranking of PR3! :lol_ee: Even some of the internal pages have received a PR1 ranking. That alone would make some bloggers a little green with envy. :sick_ee:

Analytic For Buy Online Lotto Tickets

Google Analytic

While it appears to have flatlined there for several days, that’s only because I forgot to transfer the Google Analytic code after updating the theme. Even so, you can still get a rough idea on how the site is tracking and while traffic is still relatively low it’s to be expected considering the age of the site.

As for the traffic sources, 33% have been sent from search engines, a number that will increase once it starts ranking highly in Google.

traffic source overview

The only thing left to tell you is how much income the site is actually producing. So far, it’s only made a couple of conversions but at least they are producing a small but steady income. I still have high hopes for the site and I’m sure that over time as I continue to grow my member base it  will provide me with a nice steady income.

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When Will You People Get A Damn Gravatar

This post is very important so I want you to read it carefully and to pay very special attention because if you don’t you’re liable to do something wrong that will get your comment deleted. First off I want to ask you a quick question. Do you know why so many bloggers insist on an actual name and not a keyword? It’s quite simple really, because when they reply to the blogger they would prefer to know who the heck they are talking to. No-one really likes to say; “Hey Cheap Web Hosting, I really loved your comment because you added so much quality to my post……..” Nope, I wouldn’t put up with that, no matter how much grovelling you do, and neither would any decent respected blogger. If they have any sense at all they would do what I do and that is to delete your comment.

This post isn’t about using a keyword instead of your real name though, but it is about something just as important, it’s about taking the time to get a Gravatar. You know, that little photo that appears next to the comments that people leave. I’m getting a little tired getting comments that do not have a registered gravatar. In fact, I am so tired of them that I’m not going to accept any comment on this post that does not have a Gravatar!

Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?

In essence your Gravatar is your brand, that being the case it is just as important as using your name instead of a keyword, and seeing how its absolutely free why wouldn’t you register a Gravatar. Before you do though you may want to consider the following.

  • Even though you may have a company logo I personally suggest
    you use an actual photo of yourself as this is more likely to get people to trust you. I used to use a random graphic that I thought was pretty cute but it wasn’t until I started using a personal photo that I actually started making sales.
  • Ladies, even if you are endowed with a great set of knockers, please include your face as well, because if all I have to look at is cleavage I doubt very much that I will notice your content, and it is your content you want people to notice isn’t it?
  • This one is the most important of all, by not having a Gravatar it’s highly likely that some of your comments may come across as spam and that is the last thing that you want to happen!

So why wouldn’t you consider getting a Gravatar, especially when its free and so easy to set up. All you need remember is when signing up is you need to use the same email that you use when blog commenting because it is linked to that email. That’s it folks, so if you haven’t got one yet you had better head on over to Gravatar and get one now.

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