The List Is All About YOUR Money

When they say the money is in the list they are right on the money! The money is in the list but the problem is that most of the time it’s your money and not the other way around. If you think about it, most of the time, the person whose list you’ve just joined doesn’t care about you at all. The last thing on their mind is making you a fortune because all they’re really interested in is increasing their own.

It’s like when you used to get those phone calls telling you that they can show you how you can make a couple of thousand dollars a week. Now they ask for your email address so they can send you the information promising you a followup call. What do you think that followup call is going to be all about? They’re going to try and sell you something, that’s what!

How Not To Get Sucked In By Lists

Send Me Your Money
Send Me Your Money (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The way I look at it if those guys were making so much money why are they bothering me with it. It’s not because they want to share their good fortune, although that is what they want you to believe. Nope, they need you to buy whatever they’re selling so they can continue to live the life they’re used to.

The guy behind almost every list you’ve joined is just the same as the guy making those obnoxious phone calls. They don’t care about me, they’re only interested in getting their hands on my hard earned money. If they really were interested in me they would do more than just send me some generic email in the hope that I would buy whatever it is they were selling. You’d think the least they would do would be to personalize it somewhat. I don’t mean that they should send a different email to everyone on the list either. Nope, what I mean is they should personalize it by writing something that tells me exactly what it can do for me. Most won’t though because they have no idea what the product their selling does because they haven’t actually outlaid the money to buy their own.

But never mind all that. You want to know how not to get sucked into buying stuff from lists you’ve subscribed to.

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How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine

Most blogger become bloggers because they believed it was the best way to make money online. Some time back I wrote a post called How To Make Money Off A Popular Post which actually turned out to be a really popular posts as it gave the average blogger a way to make money from any post that provided unique content, content that people would be willing to pay for!

I wrote that post after an exhausting and fruitless search to find a plugin which would do the same thing as MediaPass, the site that allows you to make money from a particular post.. The problem is, as good as MediaPass is it has one major drawback which is they take a greater portion of the potential income a blogger can earn from any given post. I figured something was better than nothing so I was happy to join.

The Best Way To Monetize Your Blog

Let me tell you though that I did not give up my search for that elusive plugin and since then I have found two and this post will give you a quick review of both and why I settled on the one that you see working on this post. The problem is it’s going to cost you 50 cents to see those reviews!

There’s a few reason why I have gone this route, even though I know it may upset some regular users, the main one being to test whether or not people would be willing to pay for this type of information. I’ve also set the price so low so as to make it more attractive.

Before you decide it’s not worth your while to pay the 50 cents to reveal those reviews, perhaps because you feel no-one will be willing to pay for your content, just keep in mind that these plugins will allow you to sell anything from ebooks, videos, training posts as well as earning something from those special valuable blog posts. So, without further ado I present to you two plugins that could finally turn your blog into a real money making machine….

[ppw id=”4712797″ description=”How To Make Money With Your Post” price=”.50″]

WP Pay-Per-View: is my plugin of choice and it’s the one I used to monetize this post. I chose this plugin because the first plugin I purchased, Restrict Content Pro, had one major flaw in that you had to enable the blogs registration feature for it to work. This was fine except that my blog started getting all these spam registrations which I had to continually delete. Not so with WP Pay Per View.

This plugin will protect your post, page or any part of your content from prying eyes until such a time as they decide to pay to view that content. You can set whatever price you want and you can also set a value so they can see all your protected content for any number of days. As you can see from the selection themselves it is very professional looking and it is integrated with WordPress, Twitter, FaceBook and PayPal saving your customers the hassle of creating accounts to get their payment processed. As you know the easier you make it for them the more likely they will part with their money.

Restrict Content Pro: This is touted to be the Premium Content Plugin and its actually the first plugin that I purchased. It’s a little harder to set up but the video instructions that are built into the plugin dashboard are easy to follow, the only problem I found was that I missed the section about enabling registrations on the blog for the plugin to work. I tell you, it had me scratching my head for quite some time until I finally found that little tidbit of information. :hairout_tb:

Having to enable the blog’s registration feature was the only thing I didn’t like about this plugin and the reason I decided to try WP Pay-Per-View. If your blog is already setup for to allow subscribers then you may well consider this as your premium content plugin.

If it wasn’t for that small flaw this would have been my plugin of choice and I’ll probably use it on one of my other blogs where I’m not to fussed with user registration. The plugins dashboard is really quite comprehensive allowing you to set subscription levels, discount codes, keep track of members as well as payments. It will even allow you to download members and payments as CSV files.

WP Pay-Per-View

This is definitely my plugin of choice, both for ease of use to the blogger as far as setting up your content for sale as well as making it easy for your prospective customers to purchase those products

Restrict Content Pro

I would have given this plugin a 5 star rating if only it didn’t require me to enable the registration portion in the general settings of the dashboard. Actually, that one flaw almost earned it 3 stars but it is still a very good plugin.


Again so to reiterate you can use this plugin to sell more than just the content of a post. Here are a few examples where you could use any of these plugins.

  • Sell Your Ebook: You can have the link to your eBook, PDF file or even an mp3 file hidden in your post giving access to those willing to pay for it.
  • Solutions To Problems: People search the net looking for solutions to any given problem. We as blogger normally give that information away for free. Heck some of us even use plugins like ‘buy us a beer or coffee if you like this post’ hoping those who got something from it will give us a donation. Well, getting them to pay up front, and many will do it, is a more profitable option.

I’m sure you get the idea and I’m also sure you can come up with a whole lot of other ways where you can use this plugin profitably. The question is are you willing to invest in your blog in order to make the money you deserve?

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Why You’re Not Getting Sales On Your Blog

I’ve often wondered about this and I’ve even tried to compare blogs to real word businesses in order to find an answer. Let’s consider a couple of real world businesses to see where some differences may lie. The first one that comes to mind, probably because I’ve been associated with this type of business for most of my life, is the supermarket or corner deli. As long as their premises are neat, tidy and welcoming and their staffs attitude is professional and friendly they’re likely to convert almost every person that comes into their store into sales. The main reason for this is people who come into this type of store are looking for something that they need then and there.

Now lets look at a store that sells TV’s, Hi-Fi systems and the like. They may find it a little harder to convert because not everyone that walks into their store is ready to buy a product then and there. Many are window shopping or even looking for the right product at the right price. However, it is possible to convert these casual shoppers as long as you have the properly trained staff. Staff that are able to approach the prospects without scaring them off. Who are able to get out of the prospects what it is they are looking for and then convince them that they are not only able to offer the best deal but the best after sales service as well. Done correctly, even if the prospect leaves the store many will come back, especially if they do not receive the same service elsewhere, to complete the sale. I know this to be a fact because it’s happened many times while I was working in such a store.

Knowing Who Your Customers Are


In the above examples, as in other such businesses in the real world, they have the advantage in that people walking into their stores know what they’re selling and more importantly are probably wanting to buy something from them, if not now at a later date. This is generally not the case for our blog visitors, especially if the blogger has been using the wrong keywords to attract prospective customers.

Are You Using The Wrong Keywords?


This is something every good blogger must ask themselves. How often have you left in disgust because you landed on a site that had absolutely nothing to do with what you were searching for. While some may blame Google for it the problem usually lies with

Keywords are Important!

the site owner for using the wrong keywords. Their mistake was all they were interested in was traffic rather than getting a lower amount of targeted traffic which has more chance of converting. While traffic may be good for lowering your Alexa ranking its pretty useless unless the people who land on your site are actually looking for the products you have on offer. Traffic that isn’t targeted can be likened to customers who rush into a store just to get out of the rain. They may look around while there but they’re not likely to buy anything and once the rain stops they will continue their journey to the store which has what they’re looking for and are therefore more likely to make a sale.

I have to admit that before Market Samurai I never used to worry about keywords because it was all to hard and I know now what a great mistake that was. It’s better to do some keyword research than to not worry about it at all because otherwise you’re not getting the right traffic reducing any chance at converting traffic into sales.

Knowing Your Audience


An important question to ask yourself is who exactly is reading your blog. This is

Preaching to the wrong audience is like talking to the wind. It’s a waste of breath!

because if you know who your readers are then you have more of a chance at selecting the right products to sell to them. The real reason many bloggers are failing when it comes to marketing is because they’re pushing the wrong products to the wrong people.

Say for example you know that your audience consist mainly of teenagers then you would want to provide products that would interest them. This could be anything from ways of treating acne to the latest iPhone. Find the right products and then you’re finally on a winner.

Take this blog for example, it’s not a niche blog and yet it still provides me an income. Most of my readers are bloggers and therefore most of my money comes from selling blogging related products. My biggest seller to date has been the FlexSqueeze theme and other products include the plugins like CommentLuv Premium and even Andy’s latest IM Graphics plugin. The reason for my success with these two plugins is getting in early and being able to offer them at a discounted price. I’m sure that those who purchased the plugins from me in the early days also offered it to their readers thereby recouping their costs and perhaps even making a profit.

Just so you know those images you see in this post are all thanks to Andy’s latest updates to his IM Graphics plugin and if you act quickly you may still get it at the introductory price. My last post not only explains how it works it also shows you.

So, if you can find out who your audience is you will have a better idea at what products you can market to them Having a niche blog makes the job a lot easier but niche blogs can be boring resulting in poor posts and therefore poor conversions.

The question for many of us is how do you work out who your audience is? The obvious answer is by interacting with your commentators. I’m afraid that alone may not be enough and so I ask you, my loyal and knowledgable readers, how to we learn what category or people are reading our blogs so we can successfully market to them?

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