AliExpress Stores Review Update

Yep, it’s time for an AliExpress Stores review. That’s even though I first introduced you to them last week! That was when I wrote about the Xpress Stores Pro plugin and how it helped me to create 4 of my very own online stores. You can read that post here. That post also had a video showing you just how easy it is to create those stores. Naturally the post also has links to my online stores. Even if you did happen to check out those stores I’d have another look because tanks to FlexSqueeze2 I’ve made some minor adjustments and they look even better.  :whistle:

AliExpress Stores Review And Progress Update

AliExpress Stores Review

Yep, only a week and I’ve made my first ever sale! So, what did I sell, I’m so glad you asked.  :tongue_laugh_ee:

AliExpress Stores Review 2

That link takes you to the smart band bracelet I wrote about in this post. It wasn’t that post that sold it though as I wrote that after the sale. To my best knowledge this is the sales page that sold the smart band bracelet, which was probably accessed from the smart wristbands product page.

It took me over a year to make my first sale with Amazon and apart from stuff I’ve personally sold I’ve never made any money on eBay. Probably would have helped if I had an eBay store. :wink_ee: So, to get an almost instant sale from my first ever online store I think is pretty impressive.

Naturally it could have been a fluke, but it’s been my experience that flukes rarely happen in the online sales world.

What I have to do now is to promote those stores. and I reckon the best way to generate more interest. I’m hoping by writing more posts about products for sale in those stores linking to those products is the way to go. Just like the one I linked to in this post. Hopefully Google and other search engines will also pick up on those posts and start sending more traffic to my stores.`


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Using YouTube To Leverage Traffic To Your Site

I love creating YouTube videos. It’s true that wasn’t always the case. The thought of putting a video online used to terrify me. Now, I’m always thinking of new videos to put online.

Last December, man I can’t believe it was that long ago, I wrote a post on How To Make Money With YouTube! Since writing that post I have continued to upload videos and they are actually making me money. Not heaps of money, but then it’s a work in progress.

Yesterday I uploaded my latest YouTube video which you can watch below. I have to be completely honest though. The idea for the video was not my own. The idea came from one of Marc Sylvester’s, the creator of The Logo Creator, tutorials.

Using my Camtasia for Mac, The Logo Creator, Google search and my Aussie wit I put together the first of what I hoped to be a series of videos together. One that I’m hoping will not only make me heaps of money but will also send a truck load of traffic to the best ever sports betting site:innocent1_tb:

Using YouTube To Leverage Traffic

To be successful the video had to be sports related. It also had to be something that could attract a lot of interest. As Marc pointed out this type of video has attracted a lot of attention in the past and so there is no reason why it shouldn’t do so again. Just check out the image below.

Using YouTube To Leverage Traffic To Your Site

Notice how the fist video has received over 11 million views in just a year! Man I’d be happy with just 10% of that.

It took me a lot longer than normal to produce that video. I had to source the best high qualaity photos on the web which I could use. I then had to place them in the right order and come up with something smart to say that would amuse the viewers.

Finally I added a photo with the promise of more hot sports babes  with a link leading to my Hot Sports Babes posts. That way I get the traffic as well as increasing my YouTube earnings.

Just a couple of things to finish off. I just notice that with only 66 videos I now have 206 subscribers. That’s more than I have for this blog.  :party:

If you like the video I’d love for you to give it the old thumbs up.  :drunk_tb:

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Not Making Money Online? Its Not You, Its Them

After last weeks Friday Funnies I thought it best to get serious for this post, and what is more serious than talking about why you’re failing in your efforts to make money online. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not you, it’s them! Well it could be you if you’re not doing all the right things. Let’s face it, in order to make money online there are certain things that you should be doing that will help you to bring in a dollar. Thing’s like hosting your own blog and using a professional theme. Let’s not forget that you should also be providing great content and making sure you utilise the right SEO in order to get the right targeted traffic!

So, let’s say you are doing all the right things and despite all the hard work you’re putting into your online business the money just isn’t finding it’s way into your PayPal, Moneybookers or perhaps even your Neteller account. Have you ever thought that maybe it’s not you at all, that maybe it’s everybody else’s fault? Let’s have a look at exactly whose fault it is shall we.

  1. Habitual Link Clickers: I get a lot of these. They are the casual surfers who can’tclick on link help themselves but to click on a link, that is of course except for those links that actually pay you when people click on them, like Adsense links for example. It’s like these turkeys have a sixth sense or something, as if they know which links will make you money and which won’t and they always click on the ones that don’t. Perverse bastards, getting a kick out of leading bloggers like us down the garden path shouldn’t be allowed. :tongue_laugh_ee:
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