Money Making Potential How I Improved It

It’s true, not all blogs have the same money making potential. Niche blogs have a greater potential for making money as long as you choose the right niche. My first niche blog was my sexual aids blog and because of the nature of the blog it can’t host Adsense ads. That being the case it relies solely on selling online products. It’s currently running at a profit but nothing that would make you sit up and take notice. Considering the amount of effort I put into it and the traffic I’m pretty happy with it’s performance.

My second niche blog was my online lottery site. I am able to use Adsense on this site but it doesn’t perform at well, probably because Google displays the wrong ads. This doesn’t bother me because it’s my best performing niche site to date. I know I can improve its performance but I just haven’t allocated the time to do that.

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Increase The Money Potential With WP Zon Builder

I can’t believe that I wrote 15 posts last week! That’s the most I’ve ever written in one week, 10 of which was on this blog. It wasn’t all that hard either and the only reason I was able to do it was because of {WP-Zon-Builder}! You could actually say that WP Zon Builder provided the inspiration for the majority of those posts as well as a lot of the content.

I hadn’t planned to do that many until after I wrote the first post of the week, Casio Men’s Watch CMD30B-1A. I hadn’t used WP Zon Builder for awhile and I had forgotten how easy this remarkable WordPress plugin made it to promote Amazon products. I was so excited I wrote the post Are You Taking Advantage Of Christmas Sales? on the very same day! I’ve never done that before.

In case you have seen this plugin in action you should watch this video.

That particular video has actually turned out to be my third most popular video with 1,689 views. It also brings a lot of visitors to this blog as people come to read the review I did on the plugin.

The reason for this post is to let people know that there is a right way and a wrong way to use the plugin.

How To Get The Most Out Of WP Zon Builder

Because the plugin makes it so easy to pull stuff out of Amazon’s enormous range of

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The Secret To Online Success Is Passive Income

Sure, everyone tells you that the secret to online success is to have a list but a list is absolutely useless unless you have a product or series of products that you can sell. Let’s face facts, one good product just won’t cut it because once you’ve sold it to your list the money just dries up until you find another good product to sell. It’s important that whatever you’re offering your list is of great value to them otherwise your list, the one you took so long to build up, will start to shrink.

They say affiliate marketing is the way to go but once again you’re facing the same problem, you’re forever trying to sell something to people. How many affiliates have you joined where they’ve promised you can make a great income, but more than that you can also earn heaps by signing people up under you. The problem is that everyone is so busy building their downline no-one is making any sales and so no-one is making any money.

This is why the first thing I do is try the product affiliate to see whether or not there is money to be made and once I’ve proven it can be done I write a post to show others how I did it. So you see I’m not selling the downline aspect, I’m showing them how to make money. If they decide to join up under me and follow my example not only will they make money, a percentage of their earnings will find it’s way to me. That is what a passive income is all about.

The trick is to find something that is free to join and isn’t too hard and time consuming and actually has the potential to make money. I’ve found several that works and I’m going to use this post to link to them.

  • How To Make Money Off A Popular Post: This post describes how you can use MediaPass to turn a post into a passive income machine. As long as your post provides useful content, content that solves a problem or shows others how to do something better, then it can earn you money. I’m happy to report that others have followed my lead and are doing fairly well from it. I’m actually making more from their efforts than from my own. I’m in the process of creating more posts where I can use MediaPass so that I can catch up.
  • Final Update On Snap Dollars: In case you’re wondering as to the reason I’m linking to updated posts, its because they provide links to all the previous posts thereby giving all the information possible. SnapDollars is one of those sites that could be making me more money if only those who joined under me pulled their finger out and got some work done. :lol_ee:

Apart from these and other minor players there is one passive income avenue that I’ve decided to exploit further. When picking a product or service to promote its best to pick one that people need to purchase on a regular basis. One that is earning me an average of $40 a month is Oz Lotteries and all from a few posts I had written. You see, once someone signs up under me I earn a commission every time they purchase a ticket, which they do on a regular basis, and when there’s a jackpot my earnings go up. So I figured what I need is a site dedicated to online lotteries.

Naturally the first thing I needed to do was to find the right domain and to aid me in this I used Market Samurai‘s Domain Feature. I used to do this online by typing one site after another to see if it’s been taken. The problem with this was that I used to forget which ones I had tried.

Market Samurai Domains

With Market Samurai I simply typed all the domains I could think of and then asked it to search for the ones that were available. I told it to concentrate just on dot coms  and not to come up with any offshoots. Out of the ones it narrowed it down to I chose three that I liked, getonlinelotto, getonlinelottery and buyonlinelottotickets. Not wanting to miss out on any of them I decided to purchase all three using DYNADOT for only $9.75 each. For an extra $2 I could have domain privacy meaning I could hide my personal information cutting back on email spam and the like.Heck I reckon at $5 per month I’ll even use them to host my new site.

Once I had them all parked, for free with the possibility of earning some money while I decide on how to use them, I again turned to Market Samurai but this time I used its SEO Competition feature to see what I was up against using buy online lottery tickets as my keywords. This feature gives you a lot of information about your competitors.

Market Samurai SEO2

Apart from PR you’re also given;

  • IC (Index Count):  The number of pages on this domain indexed within Google.
  • BLP (Page Backlinks): The total number of links pointing to a specific URL, not including any links from the website itself.
  • BLD (Domain Backlinks): The total number of external links pointing to any page on that domain, again not including any from the website itself.
  • BLEG ( Backlinks): The total number of links pointing to a webpage from .gov/.edu sites.
  • DMOZ (DMOZ Directory): Whether it’s listed on DMOZ.
  • YAH (Yahoo Directory): Whether it’s listed on Yahoo.
  • Title (Keyword In Title): Whether the webpage <title> tag contains the keyword
  • URL (Keyword in URL): Whether the webpage url contains the keywords.
  • Desc (Keyword in description): Whether the keywords appear in the <meta> description tag.
  • Head (Keyword in header): Whether the words appear in then <h1>, <h2>, <h3> etc. tags within the page content
  • CA (Google Cache Age): The number of days since Google last reindexed the page.

You can even add custom urls to see how you stack up against specific websites. I added as this was the closest one to the domain I had chosen. Comparing the results shows me exactly what I am up against and what I need to do to improve my own future standing.

Naturally I will be using the Flexsqueeze theme as it’s classic features will enable me to produce a great looking site with the minimum of effort. I will also be looking at other lottery sites to promote as the more I can offer my visitors the greater the chance of getting them to join.

Other than lottery sites, what others would you recommend to improve your passive income.

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