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I’ve often wondered about what was the best VPN for MAC users, having a MacBook Pro myself :thumbup_ee: Never really did anything about it though as I use ZenMate
Link to homepage. I wrote all about them in this post. I’ve never had any problem with them at all, although I have noticed that at times the internet is a little slow. But that’s cool as when that happens I just switch to another country.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try MacSentry which es specifically designed for MACs. Yes, that is an affiliate link and those that know me know I would never promote anything that I thought was not up to par.

One thing that I really like about MacSentry is that it was so easy to set up.As you can see from the image below you can select from servers in five major cities.

  1. Amsterdam, NL
  2. Frankfurt, DE
  3. London, UK
  4. Seattle, USA
  5. Washington, USA

So, whilst I’m writing this post in Adelaide Australia it actually appears that I’m in Seattle, USA.

Not only that, because I’m using a VPN any data from my MAC is now encrypted providing a secure connection. I no longer have to worry about someone hacking my identity or anything else that I am now doing online. Heck, even my internet server provider can’t see what I’m up to while surfing the Net!

Best VPN For MAC Users

Privacy is so important to everyone and that is the main reason why using a VPN is becoming so popular! Using a VPN secures your internet activity as well as protecting your sensitive data in the web.

Also, you can connect MacSentry to your iPhone and iPad! Everyone knows that your security is at risk whilst surfing the web. This is especially true when using public WiFi! This article shows how easy it is for cyber criminals to rob you blind whilst using free public WiFi.

If you’re not securing your online presence by using a VPN, it’s probably only a matter of time before your online security is compromised.

Is it the best VPN for Mac users? Not having tested all the VPN’s out there I can’t honestly say. Having tested MacSentry, I can say that it is pretty bloody good.

Edit: This is in reply to Max’s comment below about MacSentry being a “1-off white-label of another VPN service” After getting that comment I wrote to MacSentry and this is the reply I got.

MacSentry is not a white label of another VPN service.  While it’s true that many VPN providers also provide solutions for Macs, MacSentry was developed by a team of experts, running on high quality dedicated servers, to provide a superior VPN experience for Mac users.

MacSentry is a newer service and I can understand your concerns. To help ease your concerns, we would like to offer any reader of WassupBlog a 50% discount on any new 6 month or 1 year subscription simply by using the promo code WUB50OFF. This promo code is good until Feb 1 ’17. 

How cool is that? a 50% discount for any new 6 month or 1 year subscription! That’s pretty bloody good in my book!

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