The List Is All About YOUR Money

When they say the money is in the list they are right on the money! The money is in the list but the problem is that most of the time it’s your money and not the other way around. If you think about it, most of the time, the person whose list you’ve just joined doesn’t care about you at all. The last thing on their mind is making you a fortune because all they’re really interested in is increasing their own. It’s like when you used to get those phone calls telling you that they can show you how you can make a couple of thousand dollars a week. Now they ask for your email address so they can send you the information promising you a followup call. What do you think that followup call is going to be all about? They’re going to try and sell you something, that’s…

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How To Prune Your List Using MailChimp

It’s been well over a month since I wrote the post about pruning my list to get rid of all the deadwood. By deadwood I’m referring to those subscribers who have never bothered, or hardly ever, to read my emails. Normally I’d just let them go to build up my list numbers except that I’m rewarding my list members by placing a link to their site from my List page and I figured it just wasn’t fair to reward them if they weren’t holding up their end.  That post included a youtube video showing my readers how MailChimps star system highlighted the quality of your subscribers. This post has a video which shows how to use that star system to separate the good subscribers from the bad ones. Pruning Your List With MailChimp I have to admit I was surprised how simple the procedure was and I am really glad that I…

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Why Do People Unsubscribe From Your List

I’ve never really liked lists that much, in fact I have disliked them with a passion the reason being that almost every list I have ever joined did nothing but try to coerce me into buying a product that is supposed to make all my dreams come true. There is an old saying, ‘once bitten twice shy’ so you’ll only ever suck me in once. That being the case I have shied away from lists and had even vowed never to start one of my own. I then wrote a post telling everyone why I, the person who has been shouting to the blogosphere how much he hates lists, decided to start one of his own. Since then my list hasn’t gown all that much, it now sits at a huge 35. It would have been 42 but I have had 7 people unsubscribe, which brings me to this post, why did they…

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