Google +1 Showing Others Their Stamp Of Approval

Have you heard of Google’s latest internet invention, something very similar to FaceBooks Like button? Well, don’t be surprised if you haven’t because it only went live on the 1st. of June. I’m talking about Google’s +1 button, pronounced ‘plus one’. By displaying the +1 button on your site you allow your visitors the opportunity you give your site their stamp of approval. This is no different from them Tweeting your post or clicking on any of the other social media buttons that you’re displaying on it, except for one major difference, but before we get into that I’ll let Google introduce their +1 button.

Pretty cool huh? Now to the major difference, by placing the button on your blog you’re not only showing people who visit your blog how popular it is, it also shows up on Google’s search page.

As you can see the search results shows everyone how many people like your site. How cool is that? Whereas before a crappy site can be just in front of you because they’re better at SEO than you are, you can show others that yours is actually better simply because you have more plusses on yours. I’m sure it will also show Google this, which I’m sure will affect the SERPS as they continue to collect the data.

Can anyone use this new feature? Nope, you need a public Google profile so if someone who hasn’t got one clicks on the +1 icon they will get directed to Googles sign on page. Hopefully they liked it enough to join. Naturally there will be people who will try to game the system but I wouldn’t try it, because Google being Google I’m sure they’ve worked out a method to catch out cheats and I’m sure they will make them pay for their despicable efforts.

So how do you place the +1 icon on your blog? Simple, you go to your dashboard and use the ‘add new’ link in the plugins menu, enter Google +1 and install it. Once installed it will display it at the end of the post. I went one further though, I got the code from Google’s +1 page and I entered it in a widget in my sidebar. Not only does this give people another opportunity to give my blog a +1, it shows the value of whatever page their on. Now that is what I call really cool.

Did you like this post? Cool, the you know what to do, hit that +1!

You probably noticed from that image that the search results points to my online lottery ticket blog. In just over a week I am now on page three of Google which shows that the tactics I outlined in my last post is working.

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