Give Them An Apple MacBook Air For Christmas

Out of all the gift giving posts I’ve done so far this is the first one on a product that I actually own. I’m talking about the Apple MacBook Air. I remember the excitement and trepidation I had when I unpacked it. Excitement because it was the laptop I’ve ever owned, not to mention the first Apple Mac computer. Trepidation because I didn’t know if it would do all that I expected it to.

As you can see from my review that was nearly two years ago and it’s still going strong. As for the trepidation, it was totally uncalled for. To date it’s done everything I have asked it to. It even runs Market Samurai, and a whole lot quicker than my PC version, although in defence of the PC I have to add that I’m still running XP  :wink_ee:

I remember well that I was tossing up between the Apple MacBook Air and the Apple iPad. I am so happy that I bought the MacBook Air, especially when I see people trying to type crap on the iPad’s touch screen. It might be OK for small messages but it must be bloody annoying when doing long blog posts. 

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