Language An Important Blogging Factor

Even though I don’t usually accept guest posts, and I get asked by a lot of people if they can do a guest post on this blog, I’ve made an exception for this one. Why? Because it wasn’t your typical post about SEO, keyword research or blogging tips and tricks. Nope, it was all about language an important blogging factor. The importance of language when it comes to blogging. I touched on this subject a couple of years ago when asked the question; Do You Know Your Niche’s Language? So, when Christian approached me with this particular post, I decided to make an exception. I accepted it because I felt it covered a vital subject, one that I think is somewhat lacking online. So, without further ado I give you;

How to Blog for International Audiences

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Learning How To Use Market Samurai

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Are you learning how to use Market Samurai? This post is going to be a short post about how far I’ve gotten with this remarkable software. Let’s say that the answer to that is not very far at all because I’ve yet to fire it up. I’ve been so busy with so many other things I haven’t had time. Having said that I had taken a bit of time to visit the Samurai Dojo.

Language Important When Learning How To Use Market Samurai

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