How To Make The Best Use Of Google

I don't think anyone would argue about how important Google is to most people, whether they're an advertiser, blogger or the multitude of users who rely on the accuracy of Google's search engines. As far as bloggers or web masters are concerned there's basically only two of Googles services we're interested in and strangely enough they are interrelated. As you've probably guessed I'm talking about traffic and the income generated from their Adsense account. Even if you don't use Adsense on you're site I'm sure you're very dependant on the traffic Google sends you, otherwise you wouldn't be spending so much time with SEO, now would you?  :smoke_tb: Which brings me to what this post is all about, how not to piss Google off because doing so can hurt you, like it did me some time ago when Google stripped my PR4 blogs of all their ranking, which just happened to inspire me to write this poem about Google :devil_tb: . Anyway, as most of you know I've been blogging for several years and in that time I've come to learn a bit about Google and what the big boy wants from us and I'm about to share that with you. Google, Seo And Keywords Image via CrunchBase I have to admit I never used to bother too much about keywords because it was all to hard and it ruined the whole blogging experience. That was before I bought Market Samurai which now does all the hard work for me. I'm sure most of you…

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Learning How To Use Market Samurai

This is just going to be a short post about how far I've gotten with Market Samurai. Let's just say that the answer to that is not very far, I've yet to fire it up, because I've been swamped with other things. Still having said that I have taken a bit of time to visit the Samurai Dojo. The Dojo is the training facility where you learn all about keyword research and how to use Market Samurai. Not being the most technically minded person I'm happy to say they keep it very simple. Although they have instructional videos I much prefer to use the written video transcripts as it allows me to absorb it in my own time. I just want to share with you something that I feel is very important when marketing your niche. [highlight]Do You Know Your Niche's Language?[/highlight] I think this is very important because the knowledge may help you to target your niche with greater success than your competitors. In the dojo they used three examples, weddings, World Of Warcraft and golf citing words that others would not normally use but would be significant to those searching for products in those niches. Let's use our own example to illustrate the point. Let's say that we had a niche site that sold mag wheels. I'd say that most people would use mag wheels, hot mag wheels or sporty mag wheels as their keywords. I think it's safe to say that Mag Wheels as a keyword would be one…

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Testing Market Samurai’s Keyword Research Tool

There has been a particular product that I've seen a lot of reviews about all over the net, and I wouldn't be in the least surprised if you've seen them as well. I'm talking about Market Samurai and yes that is an affiliate link that will allow you to download a free copy so you can test it for yourself. So, even though I've been hearing for ages about how all 'these first-time internet marketing "newbies" who have been using this TOP SECRET Market Samurai software to easily capture front-page rankings, traffic and sales in their first few weeks online', why have I waited until now to purchase the software? Well you see things are finally starting to change around here. By the end of next week I will be out of work, after being self employed for some thirty odd years. While I'm not going into details, let's just say that the payout figure was nowhere near what I needed to retire, and while I will be taking some time off for a long deserved rest I will need to find another source of income, and I figured why not blogging? You guys all know how, although I've always known about the importance of keyword research I've never really applied it because I believed it would spoil my blogging experience. Well what if Market Samurai can do all the hard work for me, then I would have the best of both worlds. You may be wondering why I purchased it rather…

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