Where Has All The Spam Gone?

Spam is a blight on blogs. I like to think of spammers as vultures or seagulls hovering above the blogs looking for a tasty morsel that they can descend on and devour. In our case those tasty morsels are dofollow blogs as well as those using CommentLuv and KeyWordLuv. If you're one of those bloggers who are being inundated with spam you should read on because you're going to find this post really interesting. It's because spam has always been a pain is the ass that I'm always on the lookout to find stuff that will help me to control it. Heck, you ask almost any blogger and they'll tell you how monitoring and deleting spam will take up a good portion of their blogging time. In Search Of The Spam Busters Akismet would have to be the first ever plugin I used to combat spamming and it is so good I have it in my spam busting arsenal. Unfortunately as good as it is, it's not quite enough. That's when I installed GASP, to put a stop to all the Robot Spam. And yet it still wasn't enough and it's one of the reasons I put my hand into my cyberspace pocket, i.e. PayPal to purchase CommentLuv Premium which had an updated, more powerful version of GASP installed Enter ComentLuv Premium Spam Buster It's because spammers are always on the lookout to circumvent whatever plugin you're using that we have to thank people like Andy who are keeping track of their…

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What Is The Best Comment System For WordPress Blogs

Yes, the argument for the best comment system for WordPress blogs is continuing but I'm here to tell you, no matter what you read on other blogs, the best comment system for your WordPress blog is the default one. Don't be like all those sheep out there who install third party comment systems like┬áLivefyre, Intense Debate and Disqus just because others are doing it. Why, because if you do, you will get fewer comments. I proved that when I wrote my post on how Disqus is costing people comments. Out of 183 people who took part in the poll, 54% said they would not comment on a blog that used Disqus. It would have been higher but some said they would comment if the blogger was someone they knew. So, if you're a newbie I definitely would stick with the default system. Why the heck would you change when it has all the benefits a commentator would want, not to mention the added benefits from those bloggers who have installed commentluv and keywordluv? Sure some of those comment systems might have bells and whistles but are they worth it when you consider that it could well cost you valuable comments? Then there's also the possibility if your third party comment system bites the dust that it would take all your comments with it! Now there is a horrible thought. I've had people using Disqus email me asking for help because they were scared of losing their comments knowing that their comments were…

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More On LA, Las Vegas & Rewarding Your Readers

In my last two posts I wrote about my trip to the US and I thought I would continue the thread because so many interesting things happened there and I have a lot to share with you. Those posts talked about tipping and good service and I tied them into how we could improve our blogging. It would be unreasonable to expect that no matter where you go in the States they would treat you like pure gold. There were a few places where the service was shocking. The first happened to be in the Bank Of America. As there were a few questionable people hanging around the ATM I decided to go into the bank to withdraw some cash. After walking through this weird system, obviously something to do with security, that involved two doors where only one person was allowed to enter at a time. I approached a female bank teller about withdrawing some cash. Man, what a sour puss, I reckon she must have missed out on getting laid that morning. Anyway, she says she needed to see my passport to which I replied I only had my driver's licence on me, which happened to be acceptable everywhere else we went whilst there, Nope that wasn't acceptable but I was welcome to use the ATM outside. I'm sorry but that made no sense to me whatsoever, it's not like the ATM could check my ID. What really cheesed me off was her condescending attitude. Another occasion of bad service…

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