Market Samurai Update Is It As Good As They Say?

It’s been awhile since my last post on Market Samurai, at least 4 months, and I know you’re probably wondering where things are at. Truth be told I’ve been having a little problem with utilising its full potential. At first I thought it was because my old computer couldn’t handle the power but as it turns out they were having problems of their own.

Anyway they got it resolved and I was able to get a little more into it. As I mentioned in those other posts before Market Samurai I never really bothered about keyword research as I always figured it was a pain in the ass. When it came to deciding which keyword tools I would buy I decided to go for the one that everyone claimed to be the search engine optimisation specialist of keywords tools. I know I made the right choice too, and it’s not just because of all the positive comments I received in those posts from all the happy MS customers.

When I bought MS I had a particular blog in mind, my Sexual Aids blog, as I wanted it to get a whole lot more traffic and I couldn’t do it via the normal blog commenting route because most people don’t like links going to that sort of blog. So I thought keyword research was my best search engine optimisation strategy and Market Samurai the best keywordstool.

Using MS I discovered I was focusing on the wrong keywords so following its lead I decided a small change was necessary and so I focused my strategy on sexual aids as my keywords. While a blog’s changing content has always been a positive as far as search engines are concerned I’ve always felt it limited the SEO importance of the home page. This is because the home page is constantly changing with every new post. Keeping that in mind I included a little narrative in the header and footer including the keywords recommended by Market Samurai.

Since then those keywords, sexual aids, is now ranked #1 both in Bing and Yahoo. No such luck with Google though and the only thing I can think of is that Google places a lot more emphasis on backlinks, and like I said earlier its hard getting people to link to that particular blog. Anyway, if you’re looking for a good comment on your blog and you don’t mind linking to what is probably the only sex blog with good content :winkie: let me know in the comments and I’ll be there before you can say, ‘Sire is one heck of a horny blogger.’ :laugh_tb:

As far as Market Samurai is concerned I’m still feeling my way around but the more I get into it the more I’m liking it. I may even use the domain feature to help me pick a good domain name for a niche site I have in mind. You may have noticed all the words in bold text and how some of them are spelt incorrectly, well it’s not because I’ve gone slack all of a sudden, it’s because I used Market Samurai as the keyword research tools to optimise this post to gain the best SEO advantage possible.

Try Market Samurai now for free!We all know that a lot of the time people misspell words when they do the searches and you can’t just guess what the misspelt words are. Well you could but you could be wasting your time by putting in the wrong words. MS helps you to use the right ones. Naturally you may not want to use them if you feel it will sully your professionalism, but that’s up to you.

If you’re not sure about outlaying the money to buy Market Samurai right now you’ll be happy to know they still have the trial offer. That means you can take it for a test run, as well as getting “4 Brief “How-To” Videos, Sharing How You Can Get More Visitors, with Less Effort” which they throw in as a thank you just for giving it a go.

Naturally as I learn more of the internal workings of Market Samurai I will be doing further updates and if I learn any tips and tricks I’ll be sure to share those with you.

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Punishing Those Who Do Not Adhere To The Comment Policy

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Yep, that’s it, I have had it. From now on, the prescribed punishment for those not adhering to the Comment Policy will be 24 hours in the specially made blogger stocks, where all other bloggers can throw rotten tomatoes and other forms of vile decomposing matter at them. I reckon that there may even be some adventurous among them who will dodge the missiles in their attempt to write some little messages on the foreheads of those miscreants who insist on flouting the rules.

All in all, I must say that the comments on this blog are of a high quality, and that’s because the comment policy exists and I am pretty diligent in making sure that people on the whole stick to the rules. However, it seems that more and more people are ignoring the section that states I require a name and not a keyword. Now don’t give me that crap that you’re sorry and how you didn’t know because you haven’t read the comment policy, because it says as clear as day above the comment form that;

Please leave a comment but remember SPAM will not be tolerated I reserve the right to modify or delete any comments. Please use a Name and not a keyword, if you need to use a keyword follow the KeywordLuv instructions at the bottom of the comment box.

The reason for this is simple, I want to have some sort of idea of who I am talking to.  “Making Money By The Bucket Load” or some other BS keyword does not help m to know who really left the comment.

If you have to leave a keyword do it in the following fashion. John@Better Homes which would input John from Better Homes Says. In this way I get to see who left the comment and you get to leave a keyword. If you do not follow this rule I will have no choice but to throw the first tomato, and I am a bloody good shot.

Keywordluv is a WordPress plugin developed by Stephen Cronin, one that is used by a lot of bloggers, and it is due to this plugin that you can have you cake an eat it to.

Are You A Lazy Blogger?

I read an interesting post the other day by crsenter called Using Keywords For Your Creativity which is basically how to use keywords and phrases creatively in your post. She’s also included a link to a free website that can help you find the answers to the right keywords. As usual, her posts get me to thinking, and I suddenly realised that although I know all the basics about SEO, including the necessity to use the right keywords, I do not actively take the time to source the appropriate words, phrases, linking stratagies etc to make my blogs stand out.

I left a comment on her post saying as much and to my surprise she admitted that;

I don’t research keywords near as much as I should either. I just go with the flow.

At least she does attempt it on occasions, which is more than what I do. The reason I don’t do all the ‘right’ things is because I reckon it just takes all the fun out of blogging and blogging is something that I want to enjoy. I suppose that in essence I must fit into the ‘Lazy Blogger’ category but at least I am a happy lazy blogger.

Although there is a poll on this post I would like you to go beyond just simply casting a vote. I want to hear your opinions and whether or not you adhere to all the SEO rigmarole.


Are You A Lazy Blogger?

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